hi scrubs I hope you're well survivor we're starting tails night we're going to clam our Dooley Logan rewards here got six hundred iron for doing lot no I one thing I want to tell you guys is that this game is actually out on Steam and I'll leave a link below to thought for anybody's interest in playing this on pc i might actually include a clip of the pc version so you can actually see it looks really really good so i have only just made the kind all i'm not i haven't done anything with it yet and i we're gonna check to see what horses there are available to catch them and i do I have enough orbs i should have enough orbs for this one so let's catch this one okay steady yep don't run away I don't run away okay there we go all right and it'll sell not one no I over here at my stables I have actually got a new horse to show you guys and this is an epic I call it really recently so this is lavender she's one of the unicorns she's an epic unicorn she needs to be leveled up a little bit so I've seen some apples and I've been leveling up blue rose I've got blue rose to level 25 with his 203 stamina so right now I need to see him thing with these apples but give them to lavender someone get her leveled up a little bit because I only called her yesterday and I haven't actually used under the apples on her yet so this would be good to get her started anyway there we go okay level 10 you should have a couple more levels in this think easily enough okay there's level 12 count I think we'll get to the 13 he's enough yeah we did okay maybe if we're lucky we'll get to level 14 there we go okay we're still good alright here goes okay 15 right I'm hoping we're gonna run apples too soon okay she's not gonna be justice comes most ominously rosebud didn't think I was gonna help with just enough apples okay so if you used all the apples we can use up she's on 139 nice level 17 so I'm pretty pleased without actually Fox love still have 13 days he's still on 29 and I we have a one of our diely here today so craft 10 Sol's okay so did I go the right place no here okay I think it's just one more thanks violet ran your true friend I can't believe you would send your time crafting silence instead imagine the Quicksilver weekender oh heck I forgot oh no hurry there's still time but what about the celestial Guardians I'll tell you after the first event bye hurry okay so we've got to go on enter competition nine let's have a look so finish all tiers in the level 13 horse show Quicksilver I've actually have already done these because I was trying to get as many apples as I could to level my horses but we need to care I think we're gonna care for blue rose so let's watch her so once we get you nice and clean we're going to take you in to do the competition alright there we go okay let's clean you up no do I have enough shoes I think I'm eared like a bunch of shoes cuz I've been trying to get as much crafting and mining done and everything as I can don't have as many warps as I would like at the moment oh the silly thing okay you're ready to go think you've got all the talk on you need yes you do okay so we're gonna go and do these okay so the Quicksilver I wanted someone that we need to do okay oh yeah I'm halfway through this don't know whether to do this one because I find I was getting very close to not being able to do these okay I suppose we'll try there's no harm in trying I will say how we get on right let's go blue rose okay that was not Korean to be honest we are kind of startling with Stallman I think I'm gonna start having to put apples back into blue rose unless I can get lavender higher and I soon you got one star on that night let's see so we need to finish all tiers with what least warm star okay so we still got a couple more to do I think I'm gonna put the apples on blue rose here because I don't think the lavender has really got enough stamina just yet so we'll feed Leros these apples and hoping that there's just enough to get us the next level oh this is so close right whew that was really really close okay so we just got to level 26 which is good and I'm gonna give the rest these loss tools to lavender and we want to put one of the blankets on Glaros here just to kind of regenerate her stung a little bit foster might take foxglove in but we'll just clean up Fox but first Fox love it you need a little bit of cleaning done there we go okay clean your feet there we go we'll give you a good clean bed as well cats put the stone are we seriously run out ahead oh my god right okay hold on hopefully I have enough this doesn't last very long at this point right okay please please please please hum enough to finish this right okay right we're good now horseshoes okay there okay what we'll try is I'm going to check fossil in this competition I know Fox stuff does not have enough really to do this competition but if I can just get one star it'll not matter too much if I do knock a couple of fences don't I think because that's all we need is we just need the one star so I'm not gonna product too much if we don't do this perfectly I can come back later and do it again whenever my horse has got higher stamina and I've got better attack and get the three star so we'll just do that let's that will be the plan for this because there's a lot of fences in this no right we're gonna give these apples to lavender okay that'll not level her up again unfortunately though nice blue rose is going on the way to recovery at night something I do want to do here is go into the competitions collect the rewards for all the competitions that we have got three stars in so I haven't collected any of these so this is the one for the first one so I'm going to clean them out okay I some iron some wood I'm a subtle let's go claim this one next it's more wood that iron another subtle okay let's clean this one as well so we got the brown subtle some word and cotton this time okay so four five we've got pattern mask cotton an Arn okay for number six we have another mask some wood and iron okay for each we have another mask opal and cotton okay for nine we have some urn cotton add some light props okay for ten we have some more wood stone and tiger print green land 11 here we have earned opal that's my leg wraps okay so collected all of the reward items that I can collect from finishing those competitions okay Sibley Rose has got oh there's some in the box we're gonna put this saddle back on so if we can get the Persian saddle here right she's already got all of the other tack that she needs I'm gonna so we're going to retry that competition because unfortunately we didn't manage to get one star in the competition when we did it so this time we need to make sure that we do so that we can continue on so well let's go okay so let's see how we did in that competition okay so one star two stars okay great that means we've done enough to complete that I mean also got some apples from that it's probably nothing just tell me what you know okay back when the first horse came to earth they brought with them the celestial herbs a gift to mankind two horses Aria on Boreas or Santa's guardians each course chose one found the insurance of Secrets them think or crafting you mean I've related to these families I don't know it's just a story whenever someone tells it it always ends with and that's why on a clear night over the northland you see the aurora borealis the tree left by or Boreas when they first came to our planet as an orphan I was pretended I was so damn high a part of something bigger Oh Who am I kidding okay so we've actually leveled up as well okay so the next quest that will have is finish all tiers in Quicksilver at finals at least one star but I think we're going to have to level up our horses a little bit more before just quite ready for that but I'm gonna give the rest of the apples here to lavender and hopefully that will get her to level 19 if we're lucky I think we yeah we're just our will give some more to blue actually no we'll keep giving love and are these ones give who the rest of us right now that might get her a little bit higher up for this better to have a couple of horses that can do competitions rather than just one and I'm in scrubs I'm gonna leave it there I hope you sad little bit

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  1. You make leveling up look so easy…..
    Do you think you could help me? I'm stuck on lvl 18 :/
    Also I know some cool glitches, so if you want I can teach you them

  2. Hi certain i love your horses they are beautiful i am level 8 i hope i meet you one day my name in the game is alice ring.

  3. I just started playing yesterday! I play on Steam and my player name is Sara Flynn! Hopefully we can meet sometime!

  4. Hi cretin, I'm on level 9 and I need some help getting on level 13! Can you give me some advice please??

  5. Hi Cretin i just recorded my first Horse riding tales lets play i enjoyed your lets play so much 😍 Do you collect Schleich horses ?

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