31 Replies to “NY buck 2018 with a Recurve Bow”

  1. nice , I got two compound two recurve and a slingbow but I'd rather give m all up and just keep my 55 lb bear recurve !

  2. You've definitely been out West that was decent I never saw anybody do that in the field not here that's wicked cool

  3. Your quiver is full of arrows on the recovery.
    The video of you shooting had zero arrows in the quiver.
    Stupid manipulation and editing.

  4. Are you hunting eastern long island near the Hamptons? Thats wheres all the deer are, especially the big bucks.

  5. That bow looks like a Super-Mag 48”…or a Grizzly…your a big feller & that bow looks small in comparison. Great Vid, Congrats!

  6. You have been bitten, hang up the Matthews, besides that recurve is a lot lighter to carry around. Congrats!

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