Occlusion – Picket Fence – NBDE Part 1 Boards Study

Occlusion – Picket Fence – NBDE Part 1 Boards Study

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  1. Why didn't you write the small distal cusp of Mandibular 1st molar in the Class 2 Picket fence? So it's not important in this class? If they ask me: The MB cusp of Maxillary 2nd molar articulates with which part of which tooth? Should the answer be the occlusal embrasure between Mandibular M1 and M2? Or should it be that it occludes with the distal cusp of Mandibular 1st Molar

  2. Hi! Your videos were very helpfull for me to pass the boards! Thank you very much! Keep helping others and this will come back to you someday! Again, thank you very much for your help! A tip for those who are studing, download the audio of the videos to listen while you are going to work, workout, jogging or everyelse where, this helped me a lot.

  3. Thank you very much! Do you know what specific dental topics are included in nbde part II test regarding occlusion and anatomy? Should I expect to see same occlusion and articulation question?

  4. The bit (near 16.00) about the "mesial leaning" of the lingual cusps of the maxillary premolars seems to contradict what I learned in intro to occlusion class. For Class I, cusp-to-marginal ridge occlusion, the diagrams they gave me show the lingual cusps of the maxillary premolars occluding with marginal ridges, not distal fossae. Can you direct me to a source that expands on this topic at all?

  5. This video is AMAZING! Thank you! Question: Yesterday I watched some dental anatomy videos that today are now private and then I watched a few today that were private yesterday. Is there a way I can get access to all the private videos? I think there are 3 or 4 videos that I haven't gotten to watch as yet. Thanks SO much!

  6. In the decks they show the picket fence from 1st premolar to 2nd molar and if you add in M-O-O-C-O-C at the tips of the mandibular molars and D-D-C-O-C-O at the tips of the maxillary cusps then you also have the contact points for the Lingual cusps where M= Mesial Ridge D= Distal Ridge O= Occlusal Embrasure and C= Central Fossa… i'm sure you could add on more letters to extend it out to the incisors and third molars

    take it or leave it. lol.


  8. This is really helpful. Great review — although I feel like I've forgotten everything from class haha

  9. Thanx alot for your efforts, but I,m studying from the dental busters and I can,t find this part, can you pls tell me from where and how to study ??? Thanks alot

  10. your videos are amazing . thank you so much for doing it. it is very helpful since I am studying and taking the boards very soon. looking forward to the working/non working video.

  11. hi! your videos are really helpful.thanku so much.i have a request can you upload a video on working and nonworking movements with respect to the supporting and nonsupporting cusps.thanks once again! 

  12. You made a great job! Thank you for videos, I'm constantly reviewing these, soon I'm taking exam. Just one note maybe reasonable to make, MND 1PM contact Mx1PM's MMR and do NOT contact or is slightly out of contact with Mx Canine (make sence since canine has no L cusp but cingulum, which is more apically placed, so MMR is too low to contact it ) 

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