Office Shooting Range

Office Shooting Range

so in honor the health energy potion release Eli and I are going to show you how to build your own target range in your office for airsoft pistols first we put the hinges on now we are screwing the carpet today will provide the shock absorption against the airsoft BB's does it matter if there's a little slack and in fact that can be good good looking like this but before that is important nothing like to constructing an entire support system out a zip ties not going anywhere have a hang down the easier it's gonna be that's pretty effective river all right this looks straight no some type of office target shoot that's Eli's and that's mine well look at that you can almost do a direct comparison to who's been working more I just do this all day long so fun

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  1. @ManaPotions wow that is preety cool. hope u have good luck with your company. that looks like a cool job. i so want a job there

  2. @ManaPotions hey wherd you buy that respond with a link and is that a desert eagle and green gas is basicl propand i playarisfot alloy and i have co2 gun that is smith & wesson that looks like g18

  3. when you shoot a real pistol you don't hold your right arm straight you bend it a bit. cuz it would hurt when the recoil pushes your elbow into your shoulder.

  4. This is probably one of the awesome-est videos ever. I mean, I like where I work but an office shooting range?! I need an application! Hah!

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