Oklahoma Highway Patrol with the Live PD Camera Crew | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 401

Oklahoma Highway Patrol with the Live PD Camera Crew | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 401

so Highway Patrol back up dude back up
okay get on the ground you’re under arrest dude oh geez
let’s just have this guy right there get in the car get in the car okay thank you
bulletproof windows get down on the ground Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to another episode of LSPDFR this episode is subscriber requested by LIVE PD MOBILE and he wanted us to do an Oklahoma Highway Patrol with the live PD
camera crew so we got these two photographers over here and part of the
camera crew and we are gonna be patrolling as an Oklahoma Highway Patrol
today so I hope you guys do enjoy this episode let me know what you guys think
in the comments below and if you have new suggestions of your own types of
throws that you’d like to see let me know down there as well we’ll see how
this patrol goes with this car because I just installed it and as you guys know
every time I try to install a new car things don’t seem to work properly so
anyways let’s get over this way and we’ll get our lights off and we will go
on patrol dispatch you can show me available we are on US Route one right
now in shamash at the Chumash Plaza let’s scroll up there we go
alright we should be good to go people possibly casing for robbery let me see
where is that that is on the other side of the state basically so we are not
gonna respond to that one negative dispatch that call is way too far away
from me we are on US Route one not u.s. route 69 so please show me another call
that is hungry near us either okay we’re just gonna go on the road now maybe do
some traffic as well let me fix my map there we go it was you know blown up in
it wouldn’t let me minimize the map so we’re good so let’s take a left over
this way we’ll just get into the middle of the road here okay you know what
we’re gonna pull this vehicle over dispatch their engine bay is smoking and
we’re getting texture loss already that’s not good with this vehicle being installed as
well and may not be properly working either I don’t know what’s going on
every time I install new vehicles it doesn’t seem to work basically I have
like the standard like seven or eight vehicles and then anything I in so after
that just doesn’t seem to work properly so we’re gonna have to get in front of
this guy here and get him the stop okay dude I need you to stop the vehicle
thank you and we’ll stop here and then let’s go search separates there I would
Patrol man you need to speak with dude don’t try to do that stop out of the
vehicle right now dude let’s go out of the vehicle all right show me your hands
hey you have your ID on you man let’s see Christian Hernandez decides I’m
gonna get a pet check on a Christian Grandes yes Christian this is live PD
camera crew everything is being recorded right now for an episode so you will
probably end up being in on TV a license valid octave warrants okay so the reason
I stopped today was your vehicle is smoking you got a blown-out front tire
let me check the other side as well I’ve dispatch let me get let me get
another Highway Patrol unit over here whoa
dispatch we just had a TC we have two vehicles racing heading north on US
Route one send additional state units after them let me get up another play
check on this I don’t believe I did that yet okay needle marks on the lower lower
arm is what did Highway Patrol back up dude back up okay get out of the ground
you’re under arrest dude you’re on the get on the ground dude you’re under
arrest let’s go stop you stop dude don’t do this I’m gonna get my taser out
here you want to get tased taser taser taser okay buddy you just got tased
especially we need this leads over to three oh don’t tell
me you’re having a heart attack down this match we’re gonna need EMS
down here suspect was tased he has had a heart attack
okay dude now not now this is not looking good for you
oh you don’t ever probably me okay cool so let me just have you stand aside
while I search your vehicle am i searching my camera crew or Who am i
searching Charles right triage okay so that is actually my camera guy hang in
there for a second let’s search the vehicle
no I’m searching him again a little buggy but we’ll ignore that hang in
there baby both hang in there okay so I’m just gonna get a tow truck for this
because it’s kind of bugging out dispense we’re gonna need to get a tow
truck down here to US Route one as well and then this guy we write him a
citation and let him go on his way it’ll let me speak with him now there we go
and let’s call him a taxi all right sir I’m gonna get you a taxi down here then
you’re free to go on your way your friend over there if he’s able to get
revived yeah he’ll be going down to the jail for assaulting a police officer but
you’re you’re free to go man you didn’t cause me any trouble you decided to
cooperate hang in there man all right boys let’s load up and wait for EMS to
get here getting some really good footage today
don’t tell me dang it okay so my camera crew has turned into peds now so I need
to get them over here just gotta go like this go like
that and pet options and then go down to companion go and sing for the other guy and there we go okay I did you’re gonna
get in dispatch EMS is revving on see you now
you guys get a watch out where you’re going geez keep moving I dispatch EMS is
on scene now they’re gonna try to revive the one suspect that assaulted me I
finally got back up on scene took you long enough
all right officer we’re code four on this one I’m just gonna watch traffic
for me thank you all right how you guys doing you getting some good footage on
this one all right it looks good looks good sweet all right so it looks like
they are not able to revive the guy so this officers gonna call for a Mara the
coroner and especially our code four on this one so you can show me available
we’re getting some texture loss which is not very good but that’s all right we’ll
just keep going okay that is some major texture loss either way I hope you guys
are enjoying the episode so far let me know what you guys think in the comments
below and if you have any suggestions for your own types of shows that you
would like to see let me know down look yeah let me know down in the comments
below as well you know maybe kids just subscribing if you haven’t already as
well is hitting that little bell icon in the channel that way stay notified when
the videos do go off I’m rambling on right now anyways uh we are actually
good on gas okay why did that guy stop especially me get up play check
get up here come on Danny this guy’s pulling away from me
it’s a panto license to 9mf s65 eight Cody fish certifications expired
registration no insurance Roger that dispatch we’ll pull them over traffic
violation let’s get our lights on stage three okay for some reason he’s not
pulling over it against I think how the vehicle is installed for some reason it
just not work okay where are you going dude whoa we just brought ended with
somebody let’s pull up here stop right there dude stop right there get out of
the car dude he’s running from us dispatch get in the car boys you got a
pursuit now let’s get the sirens on flip back around this way come on come on
come on let’s go come on hammy let’s do it oh this cart is freaking beautiful
looking though I hope you guys enjoy this episode try and catch up to this
guy now there he is and we’re going to pull in front a
little mayor done mom buddy pulled over okay maybe we’ll be good like that dude stop
right there get on the ground you’re gonna get tased watch your hands taser
to shoot dude stop right now you’re gonna get tased why you try taser taser
taser really dude I’m gonna run on the highway like this don’t watch your hand
shoot are you freaking serious what are you kidding me another freaking suspect
oh fuck okay dispatch we’re gonna need to get
EMS down here oh we’re on the bridge on us round one when there’s a military
base this suspect got tased and had a heart attack as well
is that an ambulance requested whoa what is going on with the car damn okay I
hope you guys are enjoying the episode again damn this is a crazy episode I’m
gonna get some water here while we’re waiting for EMS to get on scene another
crazy day in those scientists all right man how’s it looking we technically were
in Glenn County now yeah anyways we’ll see if he’s ever bad this guy you can
turn the sirens off yeah you could turn them off it’s a little loud all right
guys come on get some good footage here this is really good stuff all right
come on how’s it looking man how’s it looking we’ll see if we Hedley revive
him or not yes all right they were able to revive
him i dispatched EMS was able to revive the guy come on guys let’s get back over
here my taser away and search this vehicle see if he’s got anything illegal
in it guys yeah come on get in here and get some good footage done searching the
vehicle if he’s got anything illegal in there and then it’s gonna begin pulled
down to the impound lot so you know get some good footage of that as well
let’s see passenger side now whole front windshield is destroyed knuckleduster a
grenade okay it’s a hollowed-out grenade so nothing bad there let’s get a tow
truck down here as well dispatch to US Route one Apple eyes come on load up
let’s go we’re gonna be code 4 on this one as soon as the tow truck can get
here let’s flip around this way there we go and come on tow truck work out for
dispatch tow trucks on scene we’re gonna get whoa what did I hit
yikes okay we’re gonna keep heading north on US Route one dispatch Daniel
why does they meal instead of their sirens a gang attack Oh what was that
okay we’re gonna ignore that since we got a gang attack so let’s get our
lights on here squirrel lock and get our life what is going on with the textures
damn okay hold on a second sirens are messing with me there we go and we’re
getting some more texture loss damn okay we’re just gonna drive through this
night sky okay I don’t see the road right now so it’s a
little scary oh boy okay this bit that’s good little good at dispatch we’re foul
half a mile from the suspects location I’m gonna try and get over there yikes I
should just follow the GPS right now because I don’t have any freaking visual
on the road oh boy I don’t know what’s going on with the texture loss this is
happening in the previous episode that 400 episode of Oz PDF are around the
military base which again we are near the military base so I don’t know what’s
up with that why we’re having so much texture loss around here but this mess
we’re having unseen now let’s get additional units over here let’s get on
cinders how we tackle unit we have shots fired our boys you’re gonna want to stay
in cover so put behind the car and try to get some good footage you suck in
shot at all whoa that guy’s swimming okay okay let’s
see where are we going forget this guy down there we got these
guys down here Oklahoma Highway Patrol drop the weapon people
drop the weapon right now especially if I need to get some additional units over
here dude I need you to stop right there we are definitely running on the beach
right now we are not walking on water sir I need you to drop the weapon right
now you’re gonna get shot don’t turn on me do not turn on me watch your hands
dude right now sir stop right there Highway Patrol okay ah let’s get my
taser out here taser taser taser OH shots pour it out shoot drop it dude
okay he’s down dispenser we have one suspect down security is weapon right
now got one guy we’re running way out that way
let’s go back over this way cuz they’re okay where’d the other guy go get he
drowned I think one of the suspects drowned so we’re gonna go back in the
car now man I don’t know what’s going out with this texture loss it’s really
disappointing though okay I didn’t see anything there I literally
see anything let’s try and get down here oh this is scary I really don’t know if
we’re gonna be in water or not Oh what is going on that is sketchy that is so
sketchy oh and something crashed ok LSPD effort
crashed oh and now we got texture back ok so I think we just figured out
something in else PDF are is causing the texture loss let’s try and get over here
because we got the one suspect come on keep going
don’t die on me don’t die me oh that’s not good I just killed the car Oklahoma
Highway Patrol stop right there dude get down on the ground get on the ground
right now Highway Patrol we got this guy right here dude stop right there Highway
Patrol show me your hands show me your hands dude where’d he go okay he’s down okay
oh okay you know what guys I’m gonna leave this episode here it is glitching
out majorly on us right now I’m gonna have to figure out what okay we got more
texture loss over that way I don’t know what’s going out to texture loss in the
last few episodes okay guys I’m gonna leave the episode here like I said I
hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you thought in the comments below
have a great day guess and see you next time maybe kids are subscribing if you
haven’t already and be sure you hit that Bell icon on the channel that wastes
notified when the videos to go up our cast take it easy

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  1. Texture loss or not, that Charger handled everything you threw at it with class! Live PD definitely got some good tape in Los Santos today!

  2. Hey Mike,
    Love the Videos/Episodes as always,
    Could ya use this pack to do a Rockford Hills Patrol? https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/24160-els-unmarked-dodge-charger-and-ford-taurus/

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