Old School Taekwondo

Old School Taekwondo

Oh protectors firing to exercise joint sparring while wearing protectors just like actual fighting striking every possible glow that is the discipline for becoming familiar with the sense of distance timing and technics with tension as good as that of actual competition and for increasing the fighting spirit so as not to be afraid of the opponent while catching the strong and weak points of techniques you

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  1. I miss old school Taekwondo. I trained in it back in the day. We were taught to fight not foot fence like today. We had guys in class that could fold tractor tires with their kicks. True story.

  2. 2nd generation 19870's,80,s,90's tkd, the best!! modern wtf tkd is tiptapkwondo foot fencing, I'd rather do ITF than modern olympic!! I'm a 6th Dan 2nd generation taught in 1988, 1st dan 1992

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