30 Replies to “Old vs Modern – Taekwondo sparring training drills”

  1. Like everything else nowadays because everybody wants to win and nobody wants to lose and actually learn something it’s been totally gayafide🤣🤣🤣

  2. I remember when the electronic sparring equipment was being introduced many years ago. There were so issues with it. Yet the TKD powers that be continued to use the electronic equipment and now we have what you see on the right side of the video today.

  3. My eyes never left the left side of the screen lol, and when I forced them to watch the right It was disappointing.

  4. I hate how new Taekwondo as turned into a ‘Fencing’ like style, I wish they would revert back to old sparring.

  5. Honestly i am training teakwando 2018 and our teacher never goes easy on us
    I once heard a whitebelt kid screaming and crying
    "I am gonna die " from the pain 😂😂

  6. Old traditional training for Taekwondo is the way to go. My school is the closest to it in my area. Left side trains like warriors!

  7. Current Taekwondo should be called Boring kwondo or pop kwondo. I am angry and thoughtful because a beautiful martial art like this has became a joke . There is no martial art. Now i do capoeira and kickboxing

  8. I train tdk on the left side and im new getting my orange belt i never seen the right side traing before all i know is the left side is still alive

  9. OH man, I remember training and getting my 2nd Dan almost twenty years ago. I too was fortunate to train under the old sparring style. The new sparring rules due to electronic armor scoring is a joke.

  10. Modern Style is Based on scoring 3Point in effective Highkicks in a pointstop system ballerina battle and old style on hurting opponent en kick air out of lungs or smashing eardrums

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