OLF: Women's Soccer Co-Captain Won't Visit 'F***ing' WH, Trump Invites Team Anyway

OLF: Women's Soccer Co-Captain Won't Visit 'F***ing' WH, Trump Invites Team Anyway

look no one wants a team any team that represents the USA globally to do well more than me I love this country and I still hope they win but the u.s. women's soccer team along with the media have made the 2019 Women's World Cup more about empowerment and politics than what it should be about competition at the highest level of sports hey folks thanks for joining me once again here on out of left field from our CTV I'm Nick king goddess so the co-captain of the women's national soccer team Megan Rapinoe was interviewed on Tuesday about possibly going to the White House if the team should win the World Cup and she had this to say no not going the White House we're not gonna be invited I doubt it I could not concentrate on what this old man was saying no we're not gonna be invited I doubt it excuse me folks hold just a minute no oh what do we have here hot off the presses just reported today Wednesday as I'm filming this the day after Rapinoe displayed what a strong woman she was care president Trump invited the team to the White House and they haven't even won the damn thing yet so who's the bigger person Megan ass in all seriousness rapido basically just disinvited herself and her team from the White House presidents don't have to do that but they have because they know that sports unites the people or at least it used to listen I understand that rapido has never been a fan of Trump or perceivably the US for that matter she repeatedly takes a knee during the national anthem while playing in a professional women's soccer league and has refused to sing along or put her hand on her heart when the national anthem is being played before games during this Women's World Cup my only question to that is why would you want to represent the US if you don't like the biggest global symbol a national anthem of your country if it's so terrible here should Rapinoe even be allowed to represent the country she can play all the soccer she wants on a professional level for whichever team she wants I honestly don't care because I've never watched to be honest I haven't watched a minute of the Lok Women's World Cup but when you're selected to represent your country on an international stage let alone be the co-captain maybe you could represent your country by showing a little class on said stage you don't have to like Trump heck hate him all you want that's your right as an American well that's your right of center then the big tech companies will just unjustly erase you but I digress but go ahead heydo way they're going to anyway whether people accept it or not because if they don't the petulant children are going to let out a big cry until they get their way there's a little thing called integrity that the modern athlete knows very little about there are exceptions but they are far from the rule real quick on a side note I told you a few weeks ago I spoke about the story that people in the NBA were actively trying to get rid of the work owner because it's a racist term they say pertaining to slavery well they officially did it the NBA now refers to its owners as governor's joke supposedly LeBron James said late last year that owners have a slave mentality because they say quote this is my team you do what the f I tell you all to do or we'll get rid of y'all so what you're telling me LeBron is there acting like owners of businesses it's funny coming from someone like LeBron because he's never had to work a real job in his entire life what in the hell would he know about slavery that type of mentality is what the rest of us deal with every single day get over it we all have bosses if we don't do the job that the owner is paying us to do why should we keep our jobs nothing to do with slavery so LeBron you kind of sound like a racist that's all for this week if you like this video share it whether it's on YouTube or Facebook the big tech companies have been ramping up their censorship so I guess hit the notification bell on YouTube if that still matters so you can watch MRC TV video sooner than later who knows if it'll be here tomorrow for MRC TV I'm Nick and goddess

33 Replies to “OLF: Women's Soccer Co-Captain Won't Visit 'F***ing' WH, Trump Invites Team Anyway”

  1. I hope, the want to be men, women's team gets the Trump Karma. Remember Lindsey Vonn? Badmouth our president, and she fell, and she blamed our president. Lindsey Vonn where are you. 🤣 That's how f-ed up they are. On a side note every one of these YouTube videos, they have Rapinoe on the front page. It's going to be so sweet when they lose. You know even if they win they'll lose . They are really hated. Only loved by there blind lemmings . And that disease is rampant .

  2. They complain about not getting paid ,they complain about low ratings
    Hmmmm i wonder why
    what a idiot ! ! ! Hope they get there ass’s kicked

  3. Please do a video review of the video. What about the Gender Work Place Hours Gap? This video totally destroys the Gender Pay Gap Feminist myth.

  4. Nobody wants that dike at the white house anyway , I hope they get Thier ass kicked and come home as a bunch of losers they are. The freaking lgt&q's are such an embarrassment to the USA they're are a bunch of laugh at fools just trying to be famous by picking a fight with Trump who really don't give a good fuck if you go to White House are not he'll just get some winners to replace you bunch of fagget life losers.

  5. soccer? a game where the score is 0 to 0. you can go to dinner, have a drink, come back & the score is still 0 to 0. BORING!!!

  6. First of all does anyone even know or watch women’s kickball? Secondly since this happened I have decided to become a huge fan of French women’s Soccer and put up posters of the French team and flag at my work to show support for the yellow vests! The US team can rot! The French women are prettier anyway!

  7. I've got to say….I am not a sports fan, never have been….BUT I love your opinion and how you express it. So here I am listening/watching and cheering you on! Keep it up and am looking forward to another song from ya! 👍🇺🇸

  8. I’m guessing she ‘assumed’ an invitation was coming. Is she in an entitlement mode? Why would she be? Because they play soccer?

  9. The Co captain has invited failure for her team if she feels as she does then why does she play for a country team? Let's remember it's a game, they kick a ball around they don't save lives, they don't build great things, they don't employ millions of people, they kick a ball around the same thing I did as a kid, big deal, shut up and enjoy getting to play a game for pay…………………..

  10. every conservative should boycott the entertainment industry. No movies, sports etc…This is the only way we can strip out the politics and put the entertainment back in.

  11. The owners are owners and players are well compensated employees. The Governor decision was asinine and I will stop watching the NBA as a result. There are much better things to spend my time and money on than pumping up the liberal coffers.

  12. This team is disgusting! Want ted them to win but their attitude representing our country is totally disrespectful! No longer interested in their success. Hope they lose. Don’t deserve any respect! You don’t have to like the current President but this is your country. Why you and your team just leave our country for good. Wouldn’t be missed. Losers!

  13. The referee gave the U.S. the win against Spain. With the players' attitude I hope France beats the shit out of them Friday.

  14. If you want to represent this country, you better respect it! If you disrespect the three biggest things that represent this country on the world stage: it's President, it's flag, it's anthem…then you have NO PLACE being on that team or competing under it's name. BYE!

  15. Like Trump has time to be even noticing and criticising a female athlete because she thinks he is a dickhead, and properly so. Like the team could give a shit about the pumped up prick in the White House.

  16. Those Fools only spite themselves of a great opportunity, they criticize the President yet they allow HATRED to control their lives, what pathetic loosers they really are.

  17. You nailed it!! I have never wished our sports teams bad luck but holy moly if they're going to be representing us that poorly, I hope they get their asses handed to them.

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