Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson is Reinventing Fencing: Reda For the World

Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson is Reinventing Fencing: Reda For the World

you see I'm wearing a suit today yeah you know why I'm wearing a suit you wanted to look super goofy yeah I did because you're an Olympian and you're also a fencer and I feel like fencing is fancy so I wanted to be like fancy you killed it so do you know whose Stretch Armstrong is yeah is Lin do you but you'd even see his movie though right oh let me just tell you something I'm stretching myself stayed up and watched so much three musketeers so we can understand your world you think maybe you should have watched the stretcher Bobby I kind of I look better than that over time I'm a visual kinesthetic person you know I want to see how he's working the tables that's perfect because that's what he's doing he's gonna show you how to work the tables I'm pretty sure he's gonna win an Olympic medal so if you DJ with your Olympic medal huh that would be sick you don't have an Olympic medal you were in the Olympics before and you didn't get a medal fourth place you're like 12 feet long well don't you just sit there and say be Chinese guy you want to wait so guys six seven beat you so what he did he just stood there with the sword out like that left-handed which is innovative – you should tell me that dude's left-handed and the first thing that goes to my head is like you guys would be like all up on each other with the swords and go there's something I got to tell you I'm not left-handed we live like in Yago Montoya in Princess Bride what do you call it is it called like a fight a match it's a good point about about yeah but a masters in it and once you get tough with the foil that's it you got a point and that's it how many points you got to get through you have to say a couple of things in French before you start yeah prep it's ready la is fenced so if you're wrecking and American kiss are you saying ready but if you don't say it in the competition do you get points deducted no cuz I don't say we have like referees who said here's my thing with fencing I feel like it needs to have a little bit more blood action going Hawking about blood reason why our stuff is all white is because it used to be first blood so bloodshot and white the most see that's I was saying it that if the shoes for black it would be sick and the man's got to go how do go to you all you got any scars from fencing yeah all my hands I just went through my hand I to get like this is a scar from when the thing went to me right there I poked my ankle you broke your ankle yep dancing with my life it's like the new drug you get you get up yes and like this doesn't feel good but if you're getting no it's a metal whip to Google Doc how they died they got stabbed what do they like handle ten so this is how we register point so this noise if this doesn't it is noise it won't go off but in olden days there was no electric so imagine this breaking and adjourned into a giant knife if this about to say break this to happen that would be the sharpest thing ever so why is this all like weird like that so you put your thumb like that too easy so put it on like this right got it if that's it it's kind of off to the side I feel like my husband so I like it like that so I want a little bit of an angle thumbs way okay you won't have this lightly get in line we've been with you front you like that yeah like that and they won't anyone go to squat then you can get down now what I like that style and I saw some footage of you like whipping the thing around like that you know so you go you hit people like Kevin you can't do any better or you go to know what other moves do you do that you just do you do that under your arm but I have my legs on my back this is big one I really long when super flexible starting to see if I was a fencer I think I would just have it in my I would just literally walk around you could go you have you slept anybody in your face with my glove and then pull it out I'd be like oh god I don't yeah you got the dyed hair you got the tattoos are you looked at in your community is kind of like a Dennis Rodman but or you looked at as kind of more like a Michael Jordan yeah I mean which one is it are you Dennis or are you Michael oh my goodness your stretch is gonna give you a DJ lesson like I know you have my number and we talk once in a while if you don't win an Olympic medal don't ever talk to me again because I don't hang out with losers you have to get the Olympic medal it's got to be a gold one cuz you got to be in the club teach em how to do this all wrong not sister I just like maybe I should not have agreed to this so I know fencing is all about technique so DJing so kind of like message using the wrist and the arm weight stretch for the record though to you but jump from right onto the record here not only we'd have you on like people were paper no before you can drive the car you got to get a permit permit eg a permit I've already got the DJ permit because good you're down with us pervert yeah we're throwing you into the deep end right here you'll be able to adjust movement so that you can hear the Jigga Jigga Jigga right can't say la oh look it is feeder arena – it's really improvement we're not gonna mix two different records right at us it's wait you're not ready that's next week we're not gonna mix we're gonna cut from one to the other seamlessly stretch give an example what you're talking about so we can see I'm gonna yeah so you're like but yes if you just mix a record so record you just like that so your virginity I did that I got exactly it's coming G in in that you want to be blue it exactly good job Oh oh damn what we need you to do now is you need to give stretch like a parry lesson some of them are good men but listen we'll turn stretch just be careful because she's got to go to the Olympics if you lose an eye it's no big deal if he loses it a night it's a crime it's a problem yep and then go to local squat that's little bit perfect you're gonna leave with your front leg dominantly like this and with your back leg alright chill dude ain't gonna shoot out into a punished by god yes yes all right so now I'm gonna get on do you ready one he's got blue tank mask all right and then you push off and then you try and hit them in the chest you're gonna angle the blade like that yeah so when I Lunger you exactly and then you're gonna slowly hit me how much ice right there yeah yeah then try it oh let me hit you in the head with this sword a bunch of times in like other ovens the mask is like a telling him to go the mask is like a normal mask illegal target good that'll be all by the way why would that be off target I hit him right in the chin and that I thought maybe you can hit him in the leg or you can hit him in the arm but the other weapons where you can do you got three to four not a lot see you are straight right yeah yeah you wanna even lose your front leg up straight I like that there we go you're open on it in one one don't please don't hit me in the eye you're gonna hit me in the eye this good movies where do you see fencing in the future and where do you see yourself in the future I see fencing all my content TV for self I see them it's at leagues to have teams they would have that established in Europe and Asia know if they want to be pioneering rate fencing that niche for north nothing like no one's good want to see someone to fencing like oh don't pull crazy yeah that's fun so like style like we want to see some style in there so that's well so you're like I'm bringing style to the game yeah that was like people who own something is not what I thought so when you're doing like the behind the back and between the legs and all that stuff do people kind of look down on what you're doing in the community you don't say you're like oh he's making it like a mockery almost he's making a joke of it where he's going behind the back and doing all this weird stuff oh yeah this is like ooh the one that's what I'm saying so go on Sports change but then you got the people who young and they were like oh hell you know you want to be like mom they don't want to be like Tony what's the past these are some serious questions right now are you ready who would win in a fight d'Artagnan or puss-in-boots orphan Zorro or in Yago Montoya I don't know go through as I go Xaro okay who went in a fight Yoda or Legolas Yoda these are funds for your mind Li mu Bai or gently and Hiro Oh Dylan one more the RZA versus the GZA sword fight the genius or the RZA stretch ray you're going with the resin on that one I'll go I'll go this way Oh a sharper so look you got a DJ let's enjoy really you're on the ones in the twos you're on you wait listen we set up your career your future is for a pure I think he was a little nervous getting on there cuz you know the hair like but I wanted to impress a legend that's why I was like a little brother no you did good one on this one were you impressed by his DJ skills out of the fencing club and we're gonna go DJ I guess hi miles America baby yes a little bit yeah but seriously good luck in Brazil and make us proud and if you do not win a medal do not call me

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  1. Honestly fuck the guy interviewing. I’m trying to learn about Miles and this guy makes me want to shoot my head ( aka stop the video )

  2. Actually it would break flat if not then you would be kicked out of the tournament the fencing regulation swords break flat

  3. oh come on. i wanted to see how hes gonna reinvent fencing. not about why hes in a suit and some dj thing.

  4. The people from vice are retarded. I wish they could at least sound like they knew what they are talking about

  5. Agreed, cut the fake comedy Vice. Could of been a great interview with another more knowledgeable interviewer.

  6. Who is this douchebag interviewer? He's trying so hard to be funny and he SUCKS!! Is this about Miles or the idiot doing the interview?

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