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  1. Thanks for a great video. I have a question. Why don't Olympic archers use a string peep sight? Many years ago I shot informal indoor target archery at a local range and most of the archers back then at this range used them. This was in the middle 1960's. I shot a Wing Presentation 2 takedown recurve and did quite well with it. Getting the string peep to align with the eye took some time to get adjusted but once that was done it was spot on every time.

  2. I'd like to see a traditional longbow with a sight and stabilizer, and good archer practiced up with it. I bet it would be almost but not quite as good.

  3. In the case of compound bows at Olympics. When the compound bow was born archery was already back at the olympics, and has been rejected ever since on two grownds: compared with the recurve competition it is easier to hit 10s, no discussion there. and the other reason is that compound head-to-head is too similar to recurve events. No new offer.

    Current efforts to bring compound archery to the olympics are centered on field archery (summer or Winter olympics) and indoor (Winter Olympics). Non were voted possitively last COI reunión.

  4. I'm curious as to how riser length is determined. I assume there's an ILF measuring standard, but I'm having a hard time finding anything about it.

  5. First off thank you for taking the time to make all these videos, I'm a competitive rifle shooter and just got into archery to expand in my shooting discipline. I went to a local shop where I live and picked up a Fleetwood bare bow recurve. I was measured and tested, and found that a 62" 30 pound bow fits me just perfectly and gives me a little room to grow on the draw weight side. We tried a 35 and it was too difficult, my arm was shaking before I even got a full draw on it, and the 25 was too easy. After watching this video the only question I really have is how high to the center of the target is the target for olympic shooting? You covered the distance of 70m but not the height.

  6. Hahahaha.. yeah, saying Koreans are the best at archery because of tradition is a gas for sure. Things can easily be appropriated by another culture and then made even better. Look at what Brazilians did to Ju Jitsu to make BJJ. And plenty of top guys aren't even Brazilian and lots of top Muay Thai and Kickboxers are Dutch. It's all about the time you put in and the efficacy of what you train.

  7. mechanically the modern target recurve bow is engineered for increased consistency, and reduced interference; in respect and relation to archers who have become adept in their sense of discipline. I enjoy your videos greatly. very informational and precise. 70+ m targets can be a son-of-a-bitch for the lot of us with any bow really XDDD,

  8. NUSensei – Great summary and much appreciated. I'm a traditional recurve & flat bow (deflex reflex) bow archer @ 35, 42 & 45 pounds. Super archery info, thank you. Stay on the X spot!

  9. Very good presentation covered a lot of good points. In fact my mother was asking about some of points you made while we were watching the Olympic archery such as the stabilisers and the clicker as I do sport recurve myself and I shot traditional. I thought there were gonna be those who would try and argue the accuracy point but I am glad so far there hasn't been. Because as you say there is no competition modern recurve bows will always out shoot traditional bows at such a distance.

  10. I have noticed that there are some events where there are mixed sexes in the games. As bows are regularly created for the shooter, how come there is no mixed event in Archery?

  11. hehe, comments on the accuracy of medieval longbows made me chuckle. we had a shooting at the marks (shooting at flags spread out in a field) practice last week, I won one round with the closest arrow that landed about 30ft from the target mark! Made me chuckle at the time as it's quite a contrast with what you see with Olympic archery!

  12. In the country contest, I saw 2 of the 3 Mexican women using some sort of finger bandages. This was in addition to a tab. It looked cumbersome to me and I'd expect something like that to hinder accuracy in releasing. But they were at the Olympics, so obviously the use of these bandages was intentional and they were doing fine with them. But what are they used for? Finger protection? Extra support? Something else?

  13. Excellent video, as usual 🙂

    However, I'd like to point out one slight – but important – detail about compound bows and Olympic games.

    Compound bows are used in Paralympic games. My favourite compound shooter is Danielle Brown. She has won gold twice in Paralympic Games (Beijing 2008 and London 2012).

  14. I've been wondering, if a concentration and focus is in demand why can't they use some earplugs to boost it a bit? Are they prohibited?

  15. On the topic of spare bows one of the Dutch archers shot a shoot off with his spare in the archery world cup.

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