20 Replies to “Only Once: Oregon Archery Ram Hunt”

  1. Nice job guys……frick all these haters on here,watching from The Big Island Of Hawaii. Mouflon sheep and wild boars over here…CHEERZ

  2. Shooting at that range with that wind with a bow on a trophy animal and then showing it slowly die…what the hell, guys? Have some respect. It's not too late to delete this video.

  3. Congratulations, I drew a 2017 big horn tag for the steens and was successful on day 12 of a 14 day hunt. Best hunting thrill of my life!

  4. Damn people saying a long shot … 60 yards isn't long in my opinion hell of a shot moving and for all you knew a follow up shot … congrats fellas … let the arm chair side liners say what they wanna say

  5. Nice. I am surprise by the size of the animal, I thought they were a lot smaller like a goat but they seem to have a lot of mass. What is the meat like? Also what does a standard ram generally weigh?

  6. Wow- you have got to be kidding me with that shot. Drilled him wile moving.!! I know some might say it was unethical, but I think you just led him and it worked out perfectly. Thanks for sharing your Once-in-a-Lifetime hunt with us all..!!

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