22 Replies to “Optimization Problem #4 – Max Area Enclosed by Rectangular Fence”

  1. Gotta love it when all the math instructors that post on youtube use the same video editing software and place all the sound onto the subwoofer channel. Yes, it's just you guys, it's rare I find a video about Chemistry or anything else where they blended all the audio together into the subwoofer channel. Find a computer with more than a stereo configuration (someone actually using a different connection for the subwoofer to the back of their computer,) and see how it sounds for yourself trying to hear a voice on a subwoofer. How can you be that good with math but that poor using a computer?

  2. After you’ve found the function to represent the area of the rectangle, being that the function is a downward opening parabola, wouldn’t the maximum x-value simply be the x-value of the vertex ( in which case we could use the equation x=-b/2a which is -1000/-4, or 125) ?

  3. Thanks so much dude. This helped tons. I have a really bad math teacher who doesn't teach. U should come sub

  4. 500/2 = 250 now that you have another 250 left over divide by 2 again 125 and those are your sides. IRL application

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