Organik vlog: back to the gun range!!! Draco season

Organik vlog: back to the gun range!!! Draco season

so what bitch I don't care you should have you told me this Cup Alex just swallow it is while the nurse is my mother I'm a possibility I have no fear count drinker was here yeah keeping it show motherfucking organic it says I'm undisputed champion let me see now Uganda unicorn you ever see the inner corner roll up I know you have a bitch and now you're real they know what the fuck it is opening at the gun range bitch let that motherfucker fly count Draco in the building bisque I just can't consume it in one of my fools gave me a piranha higher right with my favorite motherfucker kids keeping their peers you see that good killing back count Drake goes back we're trying bitch house let motherfuckin free blog alert man let my reassure all you learned bad well we just got done working on so rigor mortis so rigor mortis now we chillin for this you to join for him I'm gonna go to the gun range and let that drink we'll talk some more that's gonna be hilarious have we shoot busted wrinkled we gotta get we've the Buster's regular we will get my man Steve wheeze the bus to have motherfucking drink I'll count Draco on a building big hail is the bed we shut them up a pillow right no ice you shit no please ah I bugga bugga bugga babies ever never know is had ever been around to dinner with legend he don't be around I forgot this nigga don't can't be around girls I thought you shot one is in your past I wanna you know what I but never I want okay no I know what I thought about it again the thought kind of popped in my head but you and I thought again oh I did you know I ain't never do that hey no I definitely didn't know no she does God ever bust no Drake oh yeah so we chillin friend do a vlog for my dog tall dark car reviews you know the most viral niggas going right now undisputed champ we all going by rumor on the computer chapel to you tease new remember saying soften it chilled em knock that out I'm going to the gun range bust rate code and let me back in and they call me said come back and gave me a free a couple free session so remember when they called you it was like yeah man we fucked up you know that's cool at least a cadet minute oh yeah it'll give me like a couple rounds and give me some free free um free-range times already said it I need all that many disrespected me you know Sam about the lawyer up on amazing workout with the whole run I was crazy though that's crazy it was hating on the drinking today burs they wear around here so they're like the counselors they're testing a little weak-ass guns and I'm busted by my big killers they did it earlier engineer a CO and he's legal with the motherfucker so they was hating but it's cool this I come to give me some rounds let go you never since I'm sure the Draco also I'm also gonna be seeing about this other gum again whoa y'all gonna see that money show again I'm gonna tell you over there and then like GI Joe part 9 motherfuck 11 healthy that jury them that uh that changing uh take them in the rock yeah Georgie I don't like that secret Lulu got web induce pain I've never seen them like that other than Robocop Robocop only when I got that type of pedigree of weaponry but guess who do now the count risen can't wriggle I swear to God when I doing anywhere that sticks for another Lord join you guys I gotta have arsenal about in December I have a whole goddamn it's a family they're not old fashioned of weapon reparation and I'm their young count Drake I'm gonna do more gun review shit outside shouldn't conquer this shit you know I'm saying goddamn doing Manglish shooting goddamn them for the Dutch they're the biskits I'm gonna do a backflip cannonball crew boom boom I can do all the type of shit let me show y'all my stream Merson oh yeah I'm a type trained American sniper type nigga bitches one of the goddamn one of the first nigga ever listen um I wanted to win like the first nigga ever to shoot a gun I think it makes it easy to get some gunpowder put a little ball a bitch boom talking this stuff going their bitch is called a gun the first one to make it on a musket yeah I am I am dr. Malik my last name is Glock bitch well you talking about Buster shooting ass nigga man I get back to you bitches when I get back to you business by doing a wonder ones you can't do nothing about I swear to God every boy that will help that that uber forgot it where you come from poor daddy that boy delivered that boy came out of nowhere look at him okay I'll take that boy one of the phones that boy sparked he wanted one letter first nigga ever to park the car around the corner really gonna be some news you know what you be in a club Mike had his whole bitch clear yeah cuz you how you wanted to the bottle service girl that in a spa well I wanted you to hanging it up real shit don't go you blah blah let's go don't ever give it a Jewish kid look here cousin fight this is mr. Jeff Ruby for yo see the sun shining on my beard that flavor savor I'm all the way to the gun range bitch with my doorstep wheeze he's one of the ones we've been a shooter Draco like I said this I could come back someone do that you know he was some free shoot for some free rounds and for a couple of free lanes at them so don't be funny a stress reliever man I'd say it's on gotta make sure our practice on my machine so here's Casey in the absent life homie head your fire when I gotta let him fly you feel me someone wasted it by the fucking gun range baby they count Drake on the motherfucking building have no fear count drinker was here you bitch yeah i'm sandra quality fruit so listen like I said make sure you take take heat into your second Amendment right Smith I'm saying don't be afraid you know protect yourself don't be a victim count Drake over there like I said with emotional show this different gun I'm thinking about mile apart by this week you never say hit my comments below attempt without thinking about it I'm stating the CC scorpy like some shit he's forbidden not the carbine but it's a different it's hard I like both though I might get the cardfight orders I let y'all choose and let me know which one I like the best i'ma show it to y'all but up I'm gonna watch the girl raised man let them brothers fly it Draco season with the bookbags him bitch you I want to be more amazed you want a shirt hit my motherfucking email baby I get you all the way together Oh keep it appeared bitch me they're gonna drink oh mr. Koenig my motherfucking beer and play with it it got my goddamn Gucci bag at home as I was traveling the vehicle boss feets body right man it was gone right Angela okay see we want to place I mean no gun time if you want to do muscles I got you they don't sparkling the camera and the scarf in fact which one like both and then you hit the button and shoots a fuel out it's a real live flame toward a goodbye torch anyways that's crazy so I want you yep let's tell your buddies drink cheap beer yeah a beer can launcher I don't know she wasn't sold out of people bother and they'd a need to take her off was this writer they're gonna bet that's the package gun it's a core rifle that we made some modifications to and I'll see how this hooked it up all the way to the extreme yeah that's nice so see these ones that though that's definitely right those are CZs right – yep this isn't just a eight eight ninety nine eight Dylan why Amana know why I'm right wanna know Lee how's the Draco the Draco where you goin tender right in the middle of a plan set them off they on dang ol know what hit him I'm gonna wake this whole building up real fast now know me he nervous I ain't heard nothin man you heard nothing yet hey letting off mister like everyday all day go Drake old man is a different kind of game one of the five people know when you got that you wanted a they want you by people so you could wake up the room watch watch this Oh we're going to finish at the ready is take all time Oh Oh for the fuck the whole room of real both on your school life they came in it it could barely hear you you ready jet oh man come on already on fishing forget it okay great we'll see tasted different times heartbreak larvae miracle more let's have a game before the Terminator go get so excited I guess they coming over here like what does they're gonna do it in a different room you know that Bob I'm so sturdy with his mother yeah he loaded already loaded up just take the safety down what they did I money game do we kill something I boson with the warhead – yeah douche I had I caught one else I come on killed about 15 acres on the code range man that's your one – crazy we saw who bought it shop near that rustic smell that shit was chunked out another big chunk stupid Rupert trunk this one over here I'm tell you I'm about to get next door two weeks is when I hear this easy – that long for the Scorpions did say the same but I got that different muscles I want that alone man for pinion you see that see they spoke on that suggest we split I almost keep that this high look those like relax but that look at that loan no motherfucker that Pinocchio I'm coming for that two weeks y'all sitting with that cz long look at that loan no mana player do we have something all sorts yeah real light blows words though do told me about it's a real life blows horse night you ain't no saint for game is 1200 reliable human blow torch man understand yeah legendary good day Fleur Gonzaga man lost or count Drake old man it's a beautiful day two weeks is coming for the CG scorpion I'm buying them up for the cash very straight out the pocket how that feels you need what you need man I need someone ha ha these are water men but all that motherfucking heat give us two men in the fingerless I know I swear to God I burnt my burn Tina I burnt my fingerprint on grabbing that gun I just got up 1,300 shot that shit was three NBA three so the first couple one it gives you that shake your one for the court like hold on this year real I'm really doing this in its head we got to be sturdy champ but we did that man listen man count Draco season as my daughter please make sure you subscribe there was a motherfucking YouTube chances man understand this my dog he wanted to fucking once our real one of the walls come on man like the first one to have a pullout of piss you know out of calc you don't forget all these nice man up the thing like yeah what is that what is that this in yeah we come into the house for the gun coming to a new town kick door yes high noon first drops when I am sipping whiskey but when the winner draw the first one that wanted no lighter first nigga one upon one the one that's first nigga I wanted the one that first nigga everyone wanted poster so the poster the first thing everyone wanted poster later come get Blackbeard hey coffee up gaodrake on season man subscribe to my nigga channel man you too yeah we here again nigga yeah it's going to be on the water we out nigga three on what organic day man I got my fucking free time at the gun way I forgot I didn't I forgot it had to pay my man we just came through shot for free they gave him a around still got some more rounds left you never say I got shit to do but listen up man make sure you respect and utilize your fucking Second Amendment rights of man drink water you fruit count Draco you see that a bus and see the slow motion shit fuck you see that one farm action come on man I'm a real live black Robocop nigga one of the ones bitch spear

26 Replies to “Organik vlog: back to the gun range!!! Draco season”

  1. Yeah shooting at the floor on a 15 meter target what if the goon was 75 meters away that draco is for the bedroom

  2. This. …that stuff freaks people out.. makes 'em uneasy because they think you don't have control of your piece. You also want to keep the muzzle pointed in a direction away.. the entire 180 degree muzzle end of the gun.. you shouldn't even let it get anywhere near.. a person must remain 90 degrees off the side of the end of the muzzle. You shouldn't bring it any less the 90 degrees.. ?? 2 sides.. the muzzle side.. the shooting end.. and the safe side. No matter how in control you are… it's possible there's a round in it when you didn't think there was one in it. ..It's for effect and show… keep it pointed in an area that always a safe backstop.. even if on safe.. always treat it as though it's loaded. …you could trip… that ONE freak thing. You want to CONTROL that thing, CONTROL muzzle direction at ALL times.

  3. Kicking it wit da Draco. Is a different kinda game no what a mean? Is a pistol but it’s a rifle kinda thang!!! Big Bang! Big flame! Make da bruddah go dang!!!!

  4. The micro Draco is overrated as well as any big fully automatic firearm anyone who knows any gun can get the job done it's just a matter of knowing how to shoot the pistol or rifle semi-auto fully auto and so on

  5. This is a video of what not do at a range . I'm surprised they havent kicked him out the range . . Muzzle is everywhere it shouldn't be . Dude straight acts like he 15

  6. Mudd Lyfe is getting way more views and he looks super dirty. Mechanic dirty. Says a lot of what ppl think of this 🀑 plus Mudd got way less subs.

  7. Do all gun owners a favor and just stop making these videos. You play into the stereotype of irresponsible pant sagging gun owner. You mentioned Terminator rise of the Machines but all your hitting is the floor. Also you should actually try to hit something beyond the distance of 3 feet. No wonder in drive-bys everybody gets hit except the dude you're aiming at….Jesus.


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