Our first time at a Shooting Range!!! & We made HOT WINGS!

Our first time at a Shooting Range!!! & We made HOT WINGS!

good morning good morning good morning good morning oh my god no no say what's good being crew well that's good being crew issue boy B and today you gonna do it we gonna do a few little dancing you're gonna do baby we gonna go to the girl range we gonna do some wings probably cuz we gonna watch the football game and we just have a good day so we hope you guys ready to come along with us today look she's still too sleepy it's alright baby it's okay it's okay yeah get up yeah go brush your teeth get out do our list Oh cuz I'm sticking out still got my own embryos so so yeah everybody get up and we gonna start our day man we just wanted to start the vlog I just want to wake her up in a lot actually so I clearly be for my breakfast I'm gonna eat me some Froot Loops something in my you don't like now I know why she like these oh boy she hope you don't make of y'all take a little to the make up clean hey yo y'all like these bread these are the best series in the river produce with marshmallows you got Froot Loops and you got marshmallows tdpy solution by the time shots once one time that's our favorite little series they got going all right not ever since uh which Carly what's the name of it green leaf I'm the best cereal maker in the world I can bake I know I can make the mysterious miss weaves ear things to sleep do you think I can't I'm telling you we've had to go somewhere to get some yeah I got another one where I get some oatmeal go get the wings – could let holiday I'm excited to go to this memory y'all cuz we never been to the gun range all right so we refine interest and of course as always we're waiting on the Queen as always we turn the light off makes you feel don't try to blame me in this singing that beautiful anyway lose this weight I've been waiting know about 30 years I mean just like hey I saw the first stop is no just to clear things up you we are not promoting violence at all is just something that we wanted to experience it is also something that you know you need to know how to do this in case you need to know how to protect yourself one day something like this so we're not promoting violence never we ever come over others not probably violence so we're gonna go first to the gun range everyone go to Walmart then we got a good you got to get the stuff to make for the wings ever gonna make for the game you need to pick up where else need if you go from Walmart [Laughter] are you guys you can see we're in the range now you watch the video right now too much dang we getting ourselves together we let the experience [Applause] [Applause] that makes giant pig mr. food I don't then while you got got it water up all right real sturdy we go there you go all right Josh so I had to tell my life I had to bet I could scratch it off but I don't know it weird feeling like I was always on peeing like when we first got there I'm like checking my shoulders like everybody here got good watching my surroundings look at my oh yeah I had fun though man it was our first time shooting you know it was it was a great experience I'm glad to have experiences with her and just it's a great release to just go to a range you know and just do something different you know just fine you know some fun and different so comfortable to be around them because that first time like everybody has good we should have gotten that number of something so that we could come to the gun range with them again cuz they they really very very helpful so so shots of him his name was actually Brandon it was cool right so maybe they'll be here next time we come if we come again and I don't know it's a next time next we better go to Walmart you'll get this stuff is the game yeah we are in Walmart and we're looking for pizza we like their little market side pizzas but they don't have what we usually get we either get like pepperoni or the meet trio but they don't have anything to do I mean five we can try it you say they could do on camera yeah soon we're gonna try as you just saying that cuz we got a week ago usually they have good I got the Pentium might be good let's just try it then it's if I don't like it you'll eat it even maybe come here for pizza we do this every time yeah always right now we need chicken I know that we can make the wings do we have barbecue sauce also sauces we need we have your hat yeah we got married a chipper he's like you best at picking the chicken so you cookie because sometimes I'd be having some nasty looking cheeky come on just say look if I can't do this all the time you pick one up put it in the basket and then still be looking come on pushing that basket girl Stewart oh yeah Oh Stewart oh yeah nobody got something last I remember yeah we got some last time oh cool eh yeah we the best cool a makers in the world we really we really make the disc lay in the world yeah I'm telling y'all girl like you need try to be relayed so that's what I use for never letting me lead down a feel for it it was harder yeah what's the best kool-aid flavor huckleberry Phoenix that is it if y'all haven't tried that please try you probably judging it by the name Charcot very thin but it's so good you guys that's what we usually get and we mixed it too you know I don't like watermelon watermelon be tasting like Jolly Rancher cule and I don't like it who likes Jolly Rancher kool-aid if you like your drink if you like your drink to cover I like to come in if you like your drink the tastes like jelly right I mean I like Jolly Ranchers the actual candy you know that used to be my favorite candy I totally forgot when you make kool-aid make sure that you not you that you're not using the same kind you know what I'm saying like yeah make sure yeah but what don't meet always get shocked there's been any thanks with something so we do like strawberry strawberry strawberry fans are killing you next you gotta get their own sauces cuz it's our first time trying call me Bill yeah we've never tried never tried everybody say you try it they're out of the milk we usually get so that's why we're that's what it's like don't even think about getting almond so we gonna try it we get omni-benevolent they've got like I'm coming for those I like it so we don't like the last thing we have to get you a banana we also may get some smoothies today so today today smoothie we and football in Papa huh what is the better Saturday nothing who's memory I did my thing to be the same was our first I like this is literally a first time ever shooting a gun like ever not just at that gun range just ever it was pretty fun I don't know that I'll ever do it again yeah you like this so now we're gonna pick I don't know what good bananas look like cuz I don't typically eat bananas I think you should get these no now tell a good banana gotta be like I like the ones that don't be too green but they be just enough you could if they took green and it'd be too hard what did they like you know together that's better yeah yeah we're done looking this is our bass because all again and we're finally we finally home we had a blast where I had to I had a good time I guess it but uh you ever now oh is it dark so so if I do now but you're starting to use Wayne Wang and by the cubanos the game actually should be owing somebody gonna turn gay oh well ours at 4:40 I don't know the Odyssey dismiss sure yeah and almost arthelene and anyone do they like I'm over here acting a fool so guys today on my DIY Channel I'm gonna show you guys how to watch a poem so first are you gonna be my recorder first you need to make sure you don't want anything in the way and then you get you a good sponge seem right is nice it's a little soaking wet right now run your water get it to a good temperature that you need it I like it three more you know I let some water sit in the bowl and then you ready back do that again probably repeat that for about two or three times you know this is the last time I'll be doing it and pour it out next ingredient you need it leads you some dishwashing liquid we used on loved on it gets shared which is very yeah I don't know why she talking so proper ladies like you see yeah yeah alright yeah first you gotta put it down up any how to clean above I think even annexing the bows I don't know some people IV stand dirty dishes you gotta keep the clean house in a clean diaper on you're thinking two things that's already cleaning your house is a bathroom in the kitchen everything should be clean but if anything in the bathroom in the kitchen trolley being cleaner completed all the steps that Brendan ignored you have a clean boat the dude was just like the real good when she put the dawn in their yards all right I'm gonna air dry now I'm just gonna dry it off because I might be using for the chicken I do like when I dishes air dry but right now we're ready to eat so about to you about to make our way to our to put in the dishwasher but you know it ain't so I think all right so I'm right now I'm prepping the wings I don't see how what I see the dilip quick our cvd first revenue and then I'm gonna start my sauce and my about to put the pizza in the yeah we never tried that kind way that I do my wings is the way I think my wings though is I don't really put them in any like any flour or anything cuz there's hot wings I don't we like to have my crystal so as soon as I finish these know my just you know put the knives in there he knows this and I just played like four in a to Tom cuz we got like a little smaller fire fryer and I just took those out so that's how they look like when they come in out when you coming up and it's before I make my sauce that's just then without the sauce and all that stuff what are you doing we got the we got the piece that going in here how long piece in a tighten them in there you feel me sorry yeah we get it in we're doing that you feel oh yeah so we I just recently just made the sauce and I want to show you how to start cuz I want y'all know exactly you know how I make my wienie trying to steal my recipe yeah yeah is it these are my the barbecue thing so I put them in a mixing bowl and they're not just mix them up until you're saying here there you go have the camera for me baby uh-huh mix them open today they good and really you know I like my saw the wings to be wit but do not watch my beautiful these things are edges you can live singing oh look at that look at that oh alright so now I just finished my sauce you feeling me not it's the mova of a high Buffalo barbecue whatever he didn't came up with but it'd be really look at this bliss that's it alright and then of course you gotta do is listen at the end look at it oh look at oh look how beautiful look how beautiful so we got that we got things done we got a piece of dying yeah just took that out the piece is done tain't I put that thing in there that's finito is all right now y'all a Shaka see I'm making a little you know the drink you feel me I got some pineapple some peaches some strawberry some bananas and some juice up enough courts and I'm at the playing this mic that's a nice little smoothie you feel me and you feel me your boy is a really really show mi over there is gonna be very very very spleen this much until ER they they sleep on my degree but they think that my daiquiri not gonna taste that good we are the ninja batter imma let it blend are you done yeah I'm done all right I'm gonna taste it you put a moment of truth you guys I'm gonna get ready go yeah they ready actually there was a statistic well I gotta be the test taker wait I said test the test a taster all right so Maya don't be the taste tester cuz she can't say what you say that baby oh hey go here so much you can't say you know hey it is good good good it's good I like it great great you see using it thank you that's the wrong no come on community come on be animated I don't know was that supposed to give me a straw see it's good it needs more flavor where would we add though no that's sugar no but I can't guess what fruit yeah I think the banana for sure maybe a Denise Nene but see a drape it doesn't know looting it has that only taste like apples yeah we figured out how to make apples then put it all together it tastes like Apple yeah then is trying to play me yaaaa but as I can see all the cooks empty the thing empty today it was good our faces I fixed this smoothie it looks good anyway yeah hook hope you guys enjoyed this vlog we gonna catch you guys next time I think we gonna do with a mukbang next yeah Andy combo and I think that's when I got to wear this thanks Jersey not pushing me oh but you know I can't you guys next time you know what time it is ma you guys next time peace

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  1. This is my first time commenting but I've been following your channel for quite some time. I love you guys! Almond milk is that deal..takes some getting used to. Oh and you have to try grape koolaid mixed with lemonade. It'll change your life! ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Almond and even Coconut ๐Ÿฅฅ milk is awesome too!! But I hate coconut shavings ๐Ÿ˜‚Iโ€™m weird

  3. Everytime I go into Walmart I leave out with way more than what I originally went for too lol, btw I just love y'all!!!

  4. yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa Brendon show em how its done…… its ok maya i felt like that my first time too but we are beautiful queens and we gotta protect ourselves when our kings are not around….. so its gun or taser? lmao

  5. I like my almond milk vanilla sweetened. dont know the brand, but its good with cereal and making sweets. But idk i'd cook dinner with it. Maybe regular and unsweetened almond milk for cookin???

  6. #NotificationGang this was an awesome video! I have never been and I am now interested in going! Love y'all ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ

  7. #noficationgang๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช and happy founders day maya๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ’žpretty gurls do it better๐Ÿคฉ!

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