Our Wyoming Life Ranch – 360 Video Tour

Our Wyoming Life Ranch – 360 Video Tour

hi I’m Mike get ready for something
completely new as we dive into 360 video right here on our Wyoming Life welcome back thanks for joining us once
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explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary every day around here something
new is going on and I’ve got a little bit of a break here to tell you about a
new idea that we have here on our wyoming life technology is always
evolving and it’s it still does just with just like any other times and
especially with youtube and one of the ways that we’ve been looking at doing
things is through 360 video now this wouldn’t be something that we could do
all the time obviously but it’s something that we could incorporate into
brandings preg checking you know that kind of thing when we’re sorting cabs
and stuff like that so I thought we’d just give it a try this weekend and just
see how it works now here’s the here’s the rub the camera that we would need to
do this cost anywhere between 500 to $1,000 I’ve contacted GoPro to see if
they will be willing to let us use a camera for a little while and I ever
heard anything back from them yet so what I did was I went to Walley world
and found this camera now this is a 50 dollar 360 camera and whether it works
or not is really not the huge question we know it’s not going to be the best
quality in the world but it is going to give you the opportunity to see what a
360 video on the ranch would look like up in the corner you’re gonna see if
you’re watching this on a desktop you’re gonna see a little cursor type deal that
has four arrows in it now you can either grab the screen if you’re watching on a
desktop and drag the screen around or you can use those cursors to actually
look around me this camera shoots 360 degrees all the way around if you’re
watching on your phone or any other mobile device including a tablet you can
actually move your phone so you can move your phone around and you can actually
look around the countryside as I sitting here talking also if you’re
watching if you’re watching on a desktop I believe most desktops are gonna or
most browsers are gonna allow you to use your mouse to scroll in and out and zoom
in and out on the video so this is 360 video like I said we’re looking at using
it during brandings and anytime that we’re in a Corral where there’s a lot
going on in a lot of different directions maybe this might be a good
time to do paying might work we could always strap it onto a tractor but like
I said we want to get a better quality camera to do this then we’re using right
now but rather than go out and spend the money and find out that you guys aren’t
interested in it anyway figured we just do it the cheap way and do a little test
run of the whole thing so here’s the plan for today I’m gonna take this
camera around with me I’ve got to go back and check on some gates and some
stuff going into different Corral’s these guys will be heading down to
summer pasture before too long so what we’re gonna do is we’re actually going
to drive that route taking them back to summer past year we’re going to stop in
different pastures set up the 360 camera let you take a look around and I’ll
narrate my way through it if I need to but we’ll kind of show you what we’re
doing where we’re going and hopefully get a good test of this thing and get
you guys a good idea of what the 360 camera experience would be all about so
I’ve got the four-wheeler sitting right here obviously as you can see if you
move the screen that way we’re gonna jump on it and we’re going to take off
down the road a little bit and go down and look at system look at some summer
pasture we go so the basics of this thing are pretty
simple if you have a smart TV though this may not work for you some Smart TVs
work and some don’t if it doesn’t work on your TV you may
actually have to go to a computer for it to work on the computer you can use your
mouse to look around just grab the screen and move it or use the cursors up
in the upper left and on your phone you can move your phone around or you can
use your finger to move the screen back and forth 180 degrees vertically and 360
degrees around horizontally one thing to keep in mind when you are touching your
screen is that you may accidentally pause this video a few times that’ll
happen just click it again to unpause so this past year is what we call the
cut across basically the whole point it’s not huge it’s about a hundred acres
or so and goes up over this hill aways but when we bring the cows from where
they’re at now in their home pasture up this way we bring them through the cut
across here so that they don’t mess with the hay fields which are right over here
there are about a hundred and seventy acres of hay fields right here that they
actually just go right around when it’s time to move them down to summer
pastures so they won’t spend much time in this past year but it is definitely
on the way as we leave the cut across pasture past
year we head in to the heifer pasture this pasture here is called the heifer
past year mostly because it pretty much houses heifers most of the time and
there’s another cut across at the other end of the cut across to get around the
heifer pasture if we need to but we’re going to drive through the heifer
pasture and head towards what we call the one legged windmill past year and
you’ll see why in just a minute so this is what we call the one legged
windmill past year it’s kind of a bowl down in here but it’s great for runoff
which really does catch down in this in this pasture here so there is a lot of
standing water a lot of reservoirs that the cows can drink out of while they’re
down here they’ll spend probably the month of July maybe in this pasture
depending on how much grass there is until they move down to their summer
pasture which is the giant part of the ranch that most people never see and
that is where they will spend their entire summer let’s go check it out so this is literally the beginning of
summer pasture for the cows there are thousands of acres down here making up
well more than what probably 2/3 of the ranches down here and this will be where
they will spend their entire summer this is where the calves were will will grow
and where the cows will care for their cows and get in trouble and do
everything else that cows do all that’s gonna happen right down here I got a
couple things that I want to show you throughout throughout this this pasture
they’re not really things that I can really talk about maybe I’ll figure out
something to say about them but we have one that I’d like to do is I’d like to
take you up to the top of what is probably the highest point on the ranch
I’d like to to go up there and get some 360 footage from up there and then we
have an old windmill that’s all the way back and a few homesteads that we might
be able to take a look at as well so we are gonna head that way up on top of
that hill which I hope you can see and then we’re gonna head way back that way
to take a look at some of the oldest structures on the ranch so come on so this is one of the hi I’m over here
just spin around there you go this is one of the highest points on the ranch
especially back here in the summer pasture this is the highest point in the
summer faster or not I look at it I think that those hills up by our house
are actually higher than where we sit now but this is a great place to come up
and sit and look for animals you know if you’re missing a cow this is a good
place to come and do it or come and look for not to miss her but you know
sometimes it’s a good place to come and miss people too so not a bad place to
hang out at all this is probably one of the more peaceful places on the ranch
feel free have a look around our next stop is way down there
about I don’t know how far away mile maybe maybe a mile away we’re gonna head
down there we’re gonna check out an old windmill that still works still pumps
water I really don’t have any idea how old it is but I know we’ve put a lot of
work into keeping it working I’m gonna head down that way and take a
look at that little girl this is one of the earliest structures
here on the ranch built back in the early 1900s this windmill provided water
for god-knows-what livestock they could have
irrigated out of it who knows and it still stands and it still works even
though they are very high maintenance at some point I would like to replace a
couple of the windmills on the place with with solar-powered water wells but
for now this thing is just it’s a piece of history and even if we did take it
out and replace it with a with a solar-powered well or something I would
try to save it I’ve talked to Erin about it I would like to move it up by the
house and at least have it set up to continue doing its thing maybe it’s not
pumping of water but it’ll it’ll always spin this is Wyoming after all back this
way we have one more one more one more stop to make and that is at the original
homestead back here on this sectional land so we’re gonna head over that way
and take a look this homestead was originally built and
want to say like 1922 or something like that but this is the oldest homestead
that’s still actually any part of it left on the ranch there’s a couple more
homesteads that kind of look something like this that are a little bit tore
down but her a lot toured out but most of them were actually taken out and
removed so this one you can still see the walls are still here that the roof
is still here obviously and underneath here who knows what is here I’ve always
been tempted to do a little excavating but at the same time if I do that that
kind of feels like you know like digging up a grave kind of thing that makes any
sense so as we take a look at this very oldest on the ranch we now take a look
at the newest and that is this 360 video technology like I said in the beginning
of the video this camera is a POS but it does give us the gist of what we will be
looking at if we decided to invest in doing this and this is where we need
your help well I need your help because Aaron thinks it’s silly I’m a goofball
for for tech and gadgets and things like that so I think it would be kind of cool
to have during branding or you know anything anything where there’s multiple
things going on at once ER scenery you might like to look at as I’m yammering
on you can kind of you know drift away but that’s up to you you let us know if
you think this is something that you would like to see done better on the
ranch because obviously if we if we decide to do it we’re gonna get a better
camera we’re gonna we’re gonna put some effort into it and and make it work so
this is totally up to you you let us know in the comments whether or not you
like this being able to look around the 360 technology of me is just awesome and
and I hope that you enjoyed it even if we never do it again it’s something that
I can say that I’m that I’ve definitely done so thanks for coming out with me
today taking a look through the passengers as we’re gonna be moving cows
down here before too long that’s generally the path they’re gonna take
we’re gonna be down here with them as we continue exploring the ranch life and
escaping the ordinary please subscribe join us again on Tuesday for a brand new
video and coming up next week the debut of our brand new weekly live stream it’s
called the weekly roundup it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I hope that you can
join us on Thursday at 7 p.m. mountain time right here on YouTube until then
have a great week and thanks for joining us in our why only live

100 Replies to “Our Wyoming Life Ranch – 360 Video Tour”

  1. Thank you all for the support of the 360 camera, as I figured it wasn't for everyone but I think that if I can get a better quality camera it may be worth doing in the future. Look forward to more 360 degree surprises from OWL!

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    Is it possible to pick a "home" position and lock it there?
    PS; I love the drone views you sometimes have and feel that is a better place to spend money.

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  12. Hi mike. If you do start to use this camera or a better 360 camera you should try to get in contact with a virtual reality head set company and sell them with your merchandise. You could also add an our Wyoming life logo on them. Just a thought

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  17. It's not a bad thing but I don't know that it offers enough value for you to invest a lot of money and use it on a regular basis. You do a great job with your normal video shooting. I'd say just stick with that and keep this cheap one around for the random time that 360* actually is useful.

  18. not sure if this is worth a true 2 cents but for 50.00 bucks mike this cam not that bad i think being able have a good load up to you tube makes it good or what

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    Looking across the ranch all the time might get boring
    But putting it in the Middle of alot of action will be very entertaining.
    How about using the drone to fly over the ranch as a project?

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    Wow, you blew my mind. Thanks for the experience. And my God Bless Your Dreams, and They will Happen. 🙏

  23. I could live without the 360° but I did enjoy being able to have an entire view of the surroundings…and I did use I it throughout the entirety of the video…Thanks for what you do to provide us with the videoes.

  24. Speak with this camera it's the best this is more than enough for the people to see save your money on something that you can use for the farm

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  26. I like it. looking forward to a better quality view. The key will be to balance the use of it. Thanks,

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  34. I thought it was great! It really showed how wide open it is out there. I don't think you need to do it all the time so don't go out and break the bank for it, but I agree better quality camera would make a big difference and it would be interesting when showing an activity where the action is all around. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. Cheers.

  35. Interesting and well worth while, IMO.

    On the other hand, with all the cool toys, how do you guys find time to ranch? 🙂

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    I seen you had cattle guards crossing just wondering how do you move your cattle from pasture to pasture cause I know cattle won’t cross them

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    God Bless Joe

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