Outdoor Archery Tips

Outdoor Archery Tips

hi I'm through awhile then now that it's getting warmer outside we're all heading outside the sugar bows I just want to give you a few tips on how to take care of yourself and get yourself ready for this great outdoor season first thing is practice you got to practice to do well so one of the things that I always struggle with is dealing with the weather it can be windy it can be calm understanding how when you're shooting outside in the wind it's super tough to understand if you've shot good or bad but know what you're working on always have something there that you're working on to try and improve and get better because I always struggle when I come outside it's windy and I shoot a score and I'm like was that good or bad and you don't have anybody there to reference off so always just keep trying something keep working on making it better one of the big things outside because it's warm well I'm practicing I take lots of water make sure I got electrolytes to take care of myself nothing worse than getting a headache from not having enough fluids in you just one of the other parts of the outside while I'm practicing and one of the last things I do when I come in I will hop on the treadmill and run for one mile a day every day that's kind of been one of my goals this summer and it just keeps my legs in shape I think your base is so important in archery that people just don't understand that so if you keep that good and strong it really helps like on a day-to you're spending all side o they outside shooting you could handle it and it doesn't make you any weaker next is equipment play with your equipment outside of in the wind I like a little more holding weight I hold about 20 pounds I feel that that helps clean up any bad releases and in the wind without moving and certain things moving that extra weight helps clean up a lot of stuff I know there's a lot of guys that can shoot these seven eight pound whole anyway I can't do it to me the success I've had and the luck I've had through outside has been with the extra holding weight and I think that's just a big part of it and the equipment also where I've run into this year I've had a little experience I've got a new bow the Matthews TRX I love it to death but I keep a lot of my old arrows and so my 450 extends that I've had really good success with this year I have had to change a little bit I needed to weaken them up I went from a hundred grand point to 140 and it still was a little on the stiff side so the bow is tuned inside which I really would like to get that arrows down the middle a little more so in fact yesterday I spent the day building arrows and I built them about two and a half inches longer kept 140 gram points in them and it's been able to move the rest a little more inside which is accomplished what I want so well I'm out there what I'm seeing is when I make a good shot it doesn't go as far as it did with the bad shots and everything in that way when it's that when I'm playing with the arrow so that's kind of why I'm going to achieve with that and last but not least is the tournaments I have a lot of people asked about how to shooting the win so one of the things that I deal with a lot is I tell people to be patient yes I have been caught in the winning if you sure archery enough there will be enough things you'll see it all happen and but the biggest thing I learned in the wind is be patient find the breaks in it learn to listen for things listen to the banners around watch the windsock learn to readings because there are a lot of times there are breaks and you can get a couple of good arrows in and just do that to get your good shot in and be strong and aggressive another part is setting good goals when you're at the tournament people always go man I want to shoot this score and the hard part is when it's outside you don't know what the weather's gonna be so don't set something up that you're gonna fail because everything changed look at it and just say I want to go out and make good shots be prepared execute and and stand if you want to be the double qualifier make sure you work hard on that score watch work hard to see where it's at and where it's gonna be because in the wind you just don't know if it's a 10 point win or a 50 point win I've been in both so you just keep working at it and last but not least out of all the things at the tournament again hydration hydration hydration I drink a lot of water I do carry in my bag with me drip drop and I found a new one called liquid IV both which have worked amazingly awesome they've helped me get through a lot and I think those are just really crucial points because at the end of the day when it's super hot and we're determent we want to be successful this outdoor season it really matters how strong our body can handle and how good we are when it's all said and done I hope this helps you out a lot thanks a lot for watching and listening and supporting me thanks my sponsors which it couldn't happen without you and have a good day

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  1. Glad to see you back on here, I just got my GOAT release in the mail today! My wife and I just started shooting competitions and we are looking forward to possibly meeting you at nationals in Dublin, Ohio.

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