Outdoor Functional Circuit training (Park Workout)

Outdoor Functional Circuit training (Park Workout)

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  1. You shiw us the power of Will!!
    (I am new subscriber)
    You didn't let your problem (about the leg 😢😢😢)
    and everyone should respect you!!!
    Continue what are u doing, don't give up, you are motivating a lot of people(including me) and this is GREAT!!!
    and… nice video :p

  2. I hate to break your balls with this question, but what brand of elastic bands are you using? Great video btw! Respect for the jump ropes and sprinting with the prosthetic! 🙂

  3. How often do you do these types of workouts? I really like endurance type training but i'm struggling with how i should implement them within my routine. Would it be too much to do it on an off day?

  4. Great circuit, I'm looking into bands my self. What is the weight resistance you used in this video. Also what do you think of suspension bands, what kind of routine would you put together?

  5. working out has been a part of life for 5 years now. in all these years of research and going through all kind of YouTube content, it's safe to say that this is the most sorted channel in terms of workout content! clean and effective, to the point content. keep it up buddy 🙂

  6. Hey Anthony, what's the pull-up bar/rack you have at the back? Which brand? Is it good for muscle-up?

  7. Hi Anthony, what about that pull up station behind you? Did you build it yourself? Did you buy it? I ask it because I'm interested in building a similar one. Thanksfor your answer in advance .

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