Overcome Your Horse Riding Fear – FearLESS Friday TV Ep1

Overcome Your Horse Riding Fear – FearLESS Friday TV Ep1

and I'm a Grand Prix dressage rider from Australia and this is my Grand Prix stallion Arbor and fearless Friday I'm so excited this is the very first episode and what I want to do is record an episode every Friday for you for riders that aren't having as much fun in their riding I having fear in their riding I having anxiety in their riding and aren't enjoying their riding as much as they could because of because of fear because of a horrible feeling in their stomach because of nerves because of whatever it is you are like whatever you are on the spectrum of I'm just a little bit nervous too I can't get on a horse because I'm paralyzed with fear hopefully this will help now please forgive me what they say about working with people and animals now this is the very very very first time I've ever written my stallion in a halter hence him going hey you know what let's just go breed some ears over there so please be kind to ABBA because he is thinking maybe he'll go do something else and we've never done this before but I thought it would be cool to ride him in a halter because I wanted to show you guys that I have no control if this horse wants to go breed that mare he can if that horse wants to buck me off he can if that horse was coming he can but here I am smiling and quite excited about it and I wanted to share with you what I do in my mind and the mindset techniques that I use to be okay with all that uncertainty and to be okay with not knowing what's going to happen next so what I've done is I've created a program it's called fearless riding and what it is is it's a twelve part program to get you from understanding your fear and mastering if you to then learning all the NLP techniques to eliminate your fear and play with your fear so it's not an issue for you and then the last part of the program is installing confidence installing trust trust is the big thing and right as I always say to me all I need to trust my horse no I don't trust him I actually don't trust him at all he's ready to go jump that mare but I trust that I can handle it and I trust I'm okay so how can i the program helps you guys realize how you can install trust in you and how you can have trust and confidence in your ability to be able to control the horse so that's where we're going with fearless Friday and if you would like to know more I've just launched it's so exciting I have launched yesterday the fearless riding program and what I've done is I know you guys might be like well what is the program and is it going to be helpful to me because I have a lot of fear in my riding and there's no way just an online course can help so month one is only a dollar you can join out you can join Fripp dollar and it'll be really really easy then you'll be able to see if the programs for you and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it because it's a program that I've taken seven years of um stuff that's happened to me I know what fears like not miss Dalian another stallion backed me off and I broke a bone in my back had to get back on him I've been bucked off at a competition and had green grass stains all over my white breeches I know what it's like I know competition nerves I know it all and now I don't have any of that so I wanted to share my secrets and tools with you guys on how I can enjoy my writing and how I can have fun ah you can see the big Stein style and he's like you know what your hope tire isn't gonna hold me so that's where we're at I look forward to sharing with you next episode and we'll probably go straight into how to control something about cantering because a lot of others have problems with cantering so we'll see you guys next week and if you would like to check out the program go to

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  1. I'm scared to ride a horse ive wanted to for years!i have a aunt that works at a horse stable and she offers to let us (my sibling and I) ride rather this male horse called fonsy or this female called filly they are both amazing horses,i normally try ride by stepping on the boost step thing and just hugging the horse,putting my foot in the stirrup to get confidence,my sister can ride filly and phonsy on her own,she can trot and stuff, but i just cant seem to drop the fear and ride one of them,can anyone give me any advice if you can?

  2. About 5 months ago, i had a bad fall. My horse didn't seem like she wanted to jump and i thought okay, we can just chill, everyone has "off" days, but at the last second, right on the corner of the jump, she leaped up and i was off. I ended up directly under the horse, and i was terrified that the horse would step on me. She didn't. The fall wasn't bad "physically" because i only hit my leg, but it affected me mentally. I took a term of because of financial issues, not because i was scared, but this term, i started again and i haven't been the best. When i'm riding, and the horse starts cantering or trotting suddenly, my body tenses up and i'm terrified that they'll try to jump, or i'll simply just fall off. Even my instructor has noticed that i'm so scared of jumping. I've gotten so much better today, because i actually tried trotting poles on the ground.
    Sorry this whole paragraph is all over the place, but i think it helps to talk, (or write), about stuff, and you seemed like a good person. Even if you don't read it.

  3. As a small girl, I always found it hard to hold onto the reigns, and I always held onto the saddle. I don't know why but I think it might have been because I always felt insecure and uncomfortable on a horse, and still am today!! Lucky for me though, a couple of months back I finally held onto the reigns for the first time EVER!! I was so happy and now I'm watching these ''horse riding fear conquering videos'' and am going to have riding lessons again!!! Much love from the UK!

  4. everything you say about fear is so true! when i first started riding (age 9) until i was about 13 i would ride any horse no questions asked. i was seriously fearless and would give any naughty pony or nutty horse a try, like you said about about Abe, i didn't trust all these horse i got on but i believed if they did anything id handle it. i got my tb mare when i was 14, at first i could ride bareback, hoon around the farm and do anything really. until one day she decided she no longer liked riding on the road. she'd buck, spin around to go home, rear, she did everything to make me petrified of her. it has taken so long to get my confidence back after being more scared then i have ever been in my whole life to even sit on a horse. my "What if" was omg what if she bucks me off or rears and flips with me under her? now, i know shes only going to be silly and spook and try me if I'm riding tense and my thighs are tight. i finally got my confidence back after sooo long. i just hoped and started thinking about what if i can get a nice trot or canter? now my mare still thinks she can get away with stuff and test me like when i had no confidence, it s easy said then done, but i just learnt to get over it. I've just written a novel but what i wanted to share is that if i can get my confidence back on a opinionated and hot TB mare, the same horse who took it all away then anyone can lose their fear.

  5. After 35 years of confident riding, and many falls with a few bruises and scrapes, I had a really bad fall off a green broke mare which broke three bones, and gave me a serious closed head injury. I do not remember the fall. i remember getting on, all seemed ok, then became aware again 2 days later in ICU. I have been back on a horse at walk and trot but I do not have the confidence I use to have and very fearful, I also still have permanent injuries which cause pain during riding, so I have two things to over come. Not remembering what went wrong, or caused the accident is a huge blockage, as how can I prevent it if I dont remember? it seems as if she spooked and bolted, and this has become my fear now. I no longer own the horse I came off, as I could not ride on her ever again, but did get to sit on her once after i recovered. How do you over come a fear that you don't even remember? it's now deep seated in my subconscious, where it has become a reflex, rather than a conscious choice.

  6. Do fresiens (god I always forget how to spell the breed name!) have naturally curly manes and tails or is it from braiding? What about Haflingers?

  7. +YourRidingSuccess I used to have an OTTB that would buck and bolt whenever i took her out XC and now i have a new horse (who is awesome and rarely ever behaves like that) but i am still terrified that she will do something. As a result i am usually to nervous to do anything on XC but i really want to start eventing soon… What can i do?

  8. I recently got thrown off my horse when she reared and landed on my neck and got a concussion and ive realized i have some fear and anxiety. I have a couple questions and i was wondering if you could email me and answer some! If you can, message me at [email protected] Thanks!

  9. Hey, love your videos ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a story to tell and I'm not to sure what to do.I'm 36 & I've been riding for years & years. I've never really hurt myself if I ever fell off, and most of the time it was just I lost my balance when the horse came to a stop and I slid off…well this time it was different…I have had 8 years out of the saddle and on returning and wanting to buy my first horse I test rode a very green and totally unsuitable horse that was only 3, and a warmblood gelding, I lost my inside stirrup in canter and when I asked him to return to trot he didn't & really freaked ..as a result I ended up dismounting him while still in canter & really hurt myself…luckily no broken bones..but worse of all my confidence has been knocked so much I was frightened to get on another horse. I have since taken lessons & have been put on a very quiet old horse, but I still want to buy my own horse but am to scared to get on another unknown horse …how can I find the courage to get on.

  10. Thank you so much for this series! I'm really looking forward to it! My riding experience didn't start out very great and I was forced on a young unbroken horse, long story short I ended up having some really bad falls and scares. I've gotten a new trainer and moved facilities but I'm still really nervous getting on any horse now that they're going to blow. What do you do if you're afraid of getting bucked?

  11. Glad you stuck to your word, and have made this video. ๐Ÿ‘

    Really puts a smile on my face when you start sharing all this wisdom and admitting you are not in control, if he doesn't want you to be. There is something special when you realize "if my horse listens to me, its because he chose to."

    Despite you being a Grand Prix Rider, I see this as like starting from 'square one' again in riding, but without a Bit.

    I believe this series will teach many wise lessons…and I am truly excited to watch your progress. Great job with naming it as well, It fits very well xXx

  12. I had a fall 5 months ago, where a horse took off on me and wasn't responding to seat or any rein aids, 16.2hh tb and in an open paddock. He was heading towards a low fence with a busy road on the other side and i knew he was easily be able to jump over it and knew that he was at the point he just wanted me off so i took one of my feet out of a stirrup and "flopped" off. I ended up going to hospital with a fractured wrist and then later tendonistis in my wrist from it snapping back on impact and a fracture in my spine. Ive only just gotten back on a horse 3 times and have gone backwards. My knees have rolled out so my calves are constantly on, every time the horse i ride (a different on to the one i came off, he is really calm and slow) if he takes one stride more forward than i asked for my body freezes, tenses up, my shoulder come in and i lean forward. My seat has rolled from my seat bones to my crouch and i can't seem to relax myself. I want to ride, i want to get back into show jumping and dressage, finally get out and compete this year again but my body is so tense it is crazy and i don't know what to do.
    Thank you so much if you even read this xx


  13. I used to ride when in my twenties, 30's and never knew fear…now I am older, and am afraid to canter! Although I am confident with this horse and trust her.

  14. I used to be extremely nervous riding any horse when I was younger, but seem to have grown out of it. I just wanted to say that your positivity and happiness inspires me to look for the good in every situation, and to not take any situation for granted. Thanks for being you!

  15. I can't wait to see next weeks episode! Thank you for this series. My trouble is all from an accident with a hyper TB and breaking my back from falling off in the canter.

  16. Thank the lord I never got scared on horses!
    And I have ridden many slightly crazy horses and ponies (people call me and get me to ride their problem horses) and so I ride horses that Buck, rear, spook, bolt, pigroot and crow hop.
    And also the horses that are aggressive on the ground.
    And I have fallen off before but I never let it scare me! Thank the lord I am brave on horses!!
    I love jumping tackless!

  17. I ride in a halter too sometimes!
    I love doing bitless, bridleless, bareback, and completely tackless!!! And I love doing that and then doing dressage and also jumping! It's so fun!

  18. Thank you for making this series! I have recently had a bad fall and now every time I get on a horse I just feel horrible and like I can't do it hopefully this series will help!

  19. I'm so excited about this series.thank you. I used to be so brave then I fell almost 2 years ago. I wasn't badly hurt but it was quite a dramatic fall. I haven't been the same since.

  20. The owner of my riding school is Roz Tippet and she is a grand prix rider as well. Do you know her? Also we have a horse at our riding school who bites a lot and when I tell him off he just tries to bite more….any tips?

  21. hi my name is Emily and i had fall of a horse and i fall on my feet and the pressure want up my back and i have not canter ever sence then.But i cantered one or twice in 2014 but this quoter horse can to my barn i was riding him in the English an he canter off with me and i handled it ok i didn't fall of but i am sitle a little scared of canter some horse do you know what i can do so i am not scared of cantering i fall off at me first canter i was 11years old and i am 13

  22. What an awesome idea! Thank you so much for coming up such brilliant and helpful tools like these programs. You make such a positive impact on so many types of riders, so thank you again xx

  23. Hi tash, I sent you an email and it would be brilliant help if you could respond to my question – Paige ๐Ÿ’—

  24. Awesome! I'm not afraid when I ride, but I'm afraid when I'm going out for a walk with a horse. Two months ago my lease horse wanted to follow another horse and stepped on my foot while turning around. It still hurts! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ He pretty much does whatever he feels like doing and he is so much stronger than I am. I'm afraid he might run off and get hit by a car or something like that. Do you have any tips?

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