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  1. 36M for a soccer complex and your restaurant sells horrible unhealthy foods full of sugar and fat. Teams are excluded from unused fields? OP should have focused on developing the kids NOT developing a new bigger is better complex..

  2. "when the sun goes down, the play heats up!!!"

    You got that right…over here at the bradford point apartments, i can hear screamin and shit. still, fantastic complex. plus, its got a great trail that goes around it.

  3. why is that goalie at 2;12 wearing oven mits? LOL Oh yeah warm restrooms…that's what im talking about yeah….

  4. @jimseaman17

    It was done by the Media Manager for the Overland Park Fire Department. Please share with others.

  5. @cr9realmad Thanks for your support, and for visiting Overland Park. We hope all other players, coaches and parents feel the same. The complex is less than a year old and staff members are doing a great job.

  6. Fantastic Complex!
    Easy access, Great Fields, Playgrounds, Concessions, Restaurants, Hotels, Skate park and Deanna Rose Farmstead — make sure your club or team makes the trip, you will have a blast!

  7. As this video States – This is the best complex in the Midwest. Great competition – Great family atmosphere – Great Facility! Attend a tournament at this venue you will not be disappointed. Go Columbia Pride Fusion – Bleed Blue

  8. @gewyglop Yes. It is funded from the city's transient guest tax collected from guests to who stay in Overland Park hotels and motels.

  9. Thank you for your support and compliment. Providing kids and parents a great place for soccer with plenty of parking and other nearby attractions were part of our primary objectives.

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