Packing Fencing Materials On Young Mules: Vlog #5

Packing Fencing Materials On Young Mules: Vlog #5

hurry up oh yeah that's pack settle just broke we've got four pack mules I'm gonna go packs meals we've got 6:30 post notice the deals with T post pull rolls of our wire we're going in to bear Creek packing them in 30 built the faints hopefully try to keep everyone alive at least eight miles in eight miles back hurry up that's pack settle just broke your [Laughter] horses we're afraid of it Bronk first don't cry everybody that white point right over there so clear over there that far Mountain you can barely see that white point there's gonna be a flat at the bottom of it we're going to you he's just tying them so tired so this meal right here you giving out we're gonna switch packs took off dunk Canyon it go yeah our backup meal he gone we'll go get another meal because your horse is an idiot three quarters of the way at the top of the hill we lost a meal we had one give out on us but other than that things are going good things are going surprisingly a lot better than I thought [Laughter] [Laughter] we got a subject on our hands don't get tied up and nothing why hey hold him right there hey Louie hold his head going this way big toe and I'm gonna be on this side so why don't you trade you got that this one extra high school about apart tops good how was he coming up the hill Thank You Lily got the wire he don't like that noise [Laughter] finally made it here to the destination of the post we got a bunch right here and a bunch down there in the trees

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  1. When we packed off our mules they freaked out, but not this bad. They got used to it after about 5 minutes!🤠

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