Paramore – Fences (Official Audio)

Paramore – Fences (Official Audio)

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  1. I'll never that chick, I'm never THAT chick that goes "oh they were so much better then" but… WOW they were do much better then.

  2. Irresponsible friend- (dancing on the tables) “THIS IS MY ROARING, ROARING TWENTYs” (falls of table)
    Me- “that’s what you get”
    Me- “we’ve all gotta grow up sometimes”
    Irresponsible friend- “Yeah yeah well your just a mess!”
    Me- “nothing compares to a quiet evening alone” (try’s to drag away from karaoke)
    Iresponsabls friend- “with champagne cocaine gasoline!”
    Other friend (who didn’t want to come) “I hate to say I told you so”
    Me (praying) “ if there’s a future we want it now”

  3. "With every breathe that you breathe in" ahhh! the tone of her voice there is angelic! And then she can sing THIS, aggressive and everything! HOW does she do it!?

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