Part 3C – Part 3B पर महत्वपूर्ण बिंदु. (Important Points on Part 3B) Advance Biofloc (TCT)

Part 3C – Part 3B पर महत्वपूर्ण बिंदु. (Important Points on Part 3B) Advance Biofloc (TCT)

Greetings Friends . How Are you ? Thanks for liking the Previous Video I am happy to tell you That in our family we have members from 19 other countries and I need help from all of you because team work is best we need to add english subtitles in our videos so that other people can understand also I have limited time to make videos and if I start putting subtitles then it will be next to impossible for me so guys I need your help because in the coming videos Science and English will be required any of our friends know Hindi and english and know how to make subtitles and who want to help people want to help me ether they are in India or outside India Please come forward Friend some points from last video Point no. 1 In last video One of our friend felt who probably live outside India He felt that I am making fun of someone No my friend I was not making fun of anybody and I made it clear before the video in the disclaimer All the Indians know that which actor I was trying to copy so I am not trying to make fun of anybody because everyone is equal to me and I respect everybody no matter who he is and lives in any corner of the world all are my brothers I want to mention one more thing I want to answer his comments many people are feeling that the previous tank part is finished No , Actually the tank part 2A, 2B , 2C its not finished yet there is 2D AND 2E still to come for many people’s demand there is confusion about tarpaulin and I thought to clear that Tarpaulin and aerator after these topics we are going back on tank and we will take some history of Biofloc so that it is easier for you to understand so the topic of tank is not finished and because of the cold peak season is ending so I am not focusing on that so I am taking other things and some of our friends dont need information on tanks as they have the tanks or they have made them already and they more information on the tank material and aerator so I thought lets take this topic before tanks third point that some of our brothers think that I am acting to speak to someone else and making a fool out of them No my friend this is a way of getting your word to the other person May be you have heard of Ventriloquism if not then please do a google search you will get it the fourth point which is very important and it is good also only one brother asked that the number of Tarpaulin tank maker whom you haven’t met, then how are you recommending him very good and intelligent question and I am happy that someone asked it because maybe more people will be thinking about it so its good lets clear that actually it would have been a waste of time but I will say it now Friends when I was trying to find out that where we can buy the round tarpaulin because many of our friends had raised the same question that where we can buy the round tarpaulin and the person only raises the question when he does not have an answer so while finding the answer to this question someone gave me the number of a person from nasik and somebody shared his number also and this person had already ordered 10 Tarpaulins so I WhatsApp him there was no reply for 24 hours and then I called him and asked him the price and he gave me the price after 2 days and the price was RS 3500 for 425 GSM means he’s going to give us 10000 L tank in the price of RS3500 and then I asked him that are you the manufacturer or do you buy the material and then make it and I haven’t received a reply till date means either the person is not interested or he doesn’t want to tell now you calculate for 4 metre diameter and 4ft height tank how much tarpaulin is required please see the calculations on screen 2 ft is for overlap that means you atleast need a 25 sq feet tarpaulin adding 2 sq ft extra for bottom joining and side overlap joining which will give us an approx 27sq fts of Tarpaulin and then I saw the price list which I got ti from the last manufacturer in video part 3A there is no size for 27 X 27 there is one size smaller 27 X 24ft the price of 425 gsm is Rs 5832 you can check it also now you calculate if the cost of tarpaulin alone is 5832 how can he sell it at 3500 after making it round shape think yourself after all the calculations and no response from the Tarpaulin maker from Nasik I rejected him may be he is not giving the correct item certainly not he cant sell at a loss so my friends i suggest things which I am ready to buy myself this is my funda If I’m not satisfied then how can I recommend you so I came across one person who makes round Tarpaulins but it was a wrong number and then I found this person’s phone number I called him he was busy and then he rang me back it was a long chat and I got the answers to all my questions and the best thing that I like about him that he is buying tarpaulin from the same company which we showed on the previous video and I was satisfied that the material is good and hence the tank will be of good quality and I cross checked it with the company owner who manufactures the tarpaulin he confirmed that this person buys the material from him so when I was totally satisfied that we will get a good quality tarpaulin tank then only I shared his number with you even after this you tell me one thing that you want to buy sweets and then what you will do you will go to the shop and then taste it if you feel like eating it then you order it so my friends you go you see then and if you feel like it is worth and then you can do bargaining and if you like it then you buy it or you buy it from somewhere else actually I didn’t want to say all these things because these things are only a waste of time but if somebody has a question or a doubt then it becomes necessary to clear all doubts so the question was asked by only one person But other people can also think the same way so it was important to clear all the doubts so I would like to thank again the person who actually brought this up and give me an opportunity to bring this matter to you thank you my friend so my friends some topics that I wanted to discuss thanks for all your love and trust in me I will post another video in which there will be some other topics we haven’t discussed yet so friends in next video we’re going to the scientific details means we will talk about the science involved in biofloc why aeration is required for what reasons and how much in 10000 litre tank which type of aerator is needed is giving more air good or bad along with this we will look at the history of bioflok so that we can get a little idea about it if you are serious about bioflok then please subscribe the channel so that when I post and new information and you will get it any questions or comments are most welcome any suggestions also be happy and always try to help others and if this information is helpful to anyone then please share with others

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  1. Are captain sir Kia baat kr di aap ne. Hum sb logo ko aap pr Pura Pura bharosa hai. Lekin ye bohot achcha Kia aap ne. Kisi ko bolne layk hi nahi chora ke koi bol sake. Aese bkwas comments bhakt log hi krte hunge. Aap tension Mt lijiye. 👍👍👍

  2. Sir , myself Vishal Singh, Inspector of Income Tax from Nashik..
    Actually, his name is Subhas Badgujar. He is a very nice Gye.. only due to old age and being dependent on his son.. his response rate is poor..

    By d be, his son is also a good Gye.. I have personally meet both of them. Went through the sample and then ordered..

  3. कियु की जो बात फ़ोन पर होगी वो चैटिंग से नहीं होगी

  4. Hi ..captain sir, machli ke feed ke baare mein jankari dijiye.. Kitna vajan ke machli ko Kitna feed Dena chahiye iska koi chart de sakeTo samajhne me aur Aasani hogi…

  5. Bhai, mujhe tarpolin tank lena hai, mujhe unka mobile number dijiye.
    unka dukan kaha hai? Please reply. My ,,,7016174770

  6. If you don't mind, please tell in which video you gave the contact number of that person who makes the circular tarpaulins.

  7. 13 foot ka base hoga round wala..
    Kyun ki ek square may circle nikal ta hai…
    Or side wall ek strip say banaygi…
    Only 4/5 feet × jitna bhi circumference hai….I think 5× 15.2 feet hoga.

    Means 27 square feet may 2 tank banega bhai….ek nahi… Aap kHud ek paper ko bhai…
    Or 4 inch ka round base banao.
    Jaisay apnay previous video may banaya thaa…kua apko 27×27 inch ka paper laga..4 inch × 1.5 inch ka tank bananay???

  8. Walaikum salam Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Janab Shaikhi Bhai. Aap ki video control temperature is a unique information provider hai please keep it up. Please feel free to contact me on my email: [email protected]

  9. Sir g 10,000 ltr tank me bio flock banane k liye kya kya itom aur kitna matra dena hoga like – Raw salt, Molasis, chuna, and probiotic etc.

  10. सर जी ये बताये एक biofloc बना ने में टोटल कितना खर्च आता है

  11. Sir, agar biofloc tank se 15 se 1 month me 10% water nakal kar fresh water bharenge. Fir uske floc. Ko maintain kaise karna hai. Kitna amount me kya use karna hai. Probiotic molasses kaha se purchase kare. floc mixture kaise banta hai . In subject pe video banaye. I am waiting for ur videos.

  12. Its a Kind request, Captain Bhai. Please Talk on specific things; There are Many questions in your comment section why don't you answer them (If you can)
    Its good for your channel!

  13. Good day captain: Thanking you for the good work that you are doing , pls correct the price of tarpaulin tank in this video, you dont need 648 sqft hdpe sheet to make 10000 litre tank, the bottom peice is (13.12ft *13.12ft=173sqft , the side wall is (42ft * 5ft=210 sqft) total is 173+210= 383sqft *. @ price of rs 9/sqft = rs1767/- . the whatsapp guy charged you DOUBLE for welding and profit. the next guy may quote 4 times, these guys dry the hay when sun shines , pls check and , correct yours is a good channel . PS. you need only 200 – 250 gsm hdpe because there is an outer layer thick pvc sheet ,

  14. I could not understand your calculation of requirement of tarpaulin at 7:30 for 4m dia tank of height 4 feet +2 extra width. It would be 22/7*13.12*6 = 247.41 Sq.ft. Considering additional quantity for overlapping, it may be about 250 SFT. May please reconcile. You gave a rate of Rs 5,832 for a sheet of size 27×24 ie rate per sft is 5832/(27×24)=Rs 9 per SFT. There will be wastage to a tune of 30% while cutting circular portion from the rectangular sheet. So the area of sheet required is about 22/7×13.12*13.12/4*1.30 + 22/7×13.12 ×6

  15. Sir mumbai ka weather toh biofloc ke liye ideal hoga … waha itni sardi nhi padti hai … but aap btao me bhopal me isko kr sakta hu kya coz yaha per 4*C tk temperature chala jata hai winter me … pls suggest

  16. Captain Sir aap ki awaj Amir Khan se milti julti kyo hai? Anyway, I am an English Stenographer and my mother tongue is Hindi. I assure you that I can help you in writing English subtitles for your videos. [email protected] Mobile and whatsapp: 9971502606

  17. Captain sir, aap shrip (prowns) k bare kab video share karenge… Sirji pls jalde share kijiye.. mera telegram no 9689748877

  18. I am from bangladesh….i really do this.. You help me lot sir….if i made this and produce fish i never b forgate you sir…

  19. अस्सलाम अलैकुम व.र.ब. बायोफ्लाॅक फार्म को कितना खर्च आता है. हमारे यहां गर्मी 47-48 रहती है. क्या यहां बायोफ्लाॅक फार्म मुमकिन है. 7588042988

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