Part 4D – मेरे Biofloc सिस्टम के लिए मैंने कौन सा पंप चुना है? Advance biofloc (TCT)

Part 4D – मेरे Biofloc सिस्टम के लिए मैंने कौन सा पंप चुना है? Advance biofloc (TCT)

Greetings my Friends Friends hope you all are fine In last video we had done question 6 I had made this video together but after 10 – 12 minutes more than that becomes too long so lets start question 7 Some one asked me this its not mine will the tyre puncture pump work? I haven’t tried that yet if anyone tries it let me know the result I will share with everybody thats what i can say Question 8 . If there is electricity problem how will we run the air pump you might have to get Solar system according to the power requirement of the pump It may be costly in starting but the electricity issue will be solved and for that you need to speak with an expert in that field who can suggest you better because solar will work only in day time so where there is no electricity this is an option question 9 to give air do we need any specific pipe or any pipe would do the main pipe running from pump to tank that can be of PVC half or 1 inch PVC pipe after from the PVC pipe to the airstone it comes in 2 types one is the ordinary one normally used in aquariums and the second is the good quality made of Silicon which is flexible and price wise the Silicon tube is may be 4 times expensive if the normal one is 4 to 5 RS per meter then may be the silicon one will be 18 to 20 per meter so there is a price difference but it lasts 10 times longer than the cheap one because in sun the normal pipe will harden but the silicon pipe does not so now the pipe quality is clear question 10. how long the fish can survive without air or if the electricity is lost in Biofloc or the pump is damaged then how long the floc can survive it is an important question my Indonesian contact tells me 8 Hrs some say 6 but then there its only Mangur breed as I said it wont make too much of a difference so to be on the safe side if 3 to 4 hrs the electricity is gone or the pump is un-serviceable then it wouldn’t make much of a difference but if there are longer and regular cuts in electricity so in this instance when I spoke to experts and they say that the fish density should be kept half than full capacity if the person dose not have the solar system so in this way we can manage it question 11 how will we know that the air is more than required very easy check the DO of the tank more than 6 PPM means that the air is more than required question 12 if no DO meter because its expensive how will we find any other way to find ? there is a way what DO does if more than 6 PPM it will reduce the temp. of the tank if more than 6 PPM the water temp will lower so to check DO check the temp also if its less than normal then DO is increased if temp is more than normal then DO is less this way you can judge the DO and you can increase or decrease the air accordingly and now dont say that I dont have a thermometer so we need to have a thermometer for this I am going to make a video for a complete list of things required question 13. will a plastic air connector work the air connector is the piece which connects the silicon tube to PVC pipe it is of 2 types first is the normal one and the other is made of Brass there can be a third one which I may not know so the plastic one may get hardened and the brass one will last longer because its such a small item which can get blocked and this may cause air pressure on the pump and the air is not going to the tank so if we put a good one there will be additional cost but it will be a piece of mind question 14 the last one which air pump should I recommend i did a lot of run around for this for this you have to look in your local market or do an online search and compare and buy the best and if you ask me when I went to buy it so i will tell you a small story I went to the wholesale market of Bombay There is a different market in bombay for everything for example for electrical items you can go to Leaminton Road Grant road you will get all there at good price if you want cutlery items then musafirkhana for imitation jewelry then Jama Masjid and if fish aquarium items then Masjid bandar and if you want to buy any hardware items like water pumps then lohar chal so I went to Lohar chal and I searched everywhere and the airpump which I was looking for I could not get one but I learnt one thing the this kind of pump we will get only in a fish aquarium market and the best one is in Kurla or Thana Thana is also name of place please don’t misunderstand from the Lohar Chal to Thana it is a 1 hour journey in train some of you might be thinking why did I tell long story it’s only for those viewers who are from different states they can understand the distance and places where what is cheap I hope they can benefit from this video and information provided I went to the market in thana so this is not the same day but after 2 or 3 days but we were not able to buy the air pump but the one about which we heard and we wanted to buy did not meet our expectations the LPM and KPA written on the pump is not the actual output of the pump the looks were good it was low noise, cheap the aquarium shop owners they prefer that small aquarium shops they really don’t need the LPM actually I had one in my mind which I wanted to buy I want personally tell the name of the pump then it may cause confusion as I heard good reviews about that pump so I had that in my mind. I wanted to buy it but when I got there and I had a chat with the those big wholesalers I am talking about the big whole sellers in Bombay so what they told me was cleared my mind and instead of that pump which I had in my mind they referred me another the LPM and the KPA were the same for the pump which I went to buy but the price was double and it was a little noisy as well and they told me that but the LPM and the KPA is the actual but it just makes a bit of noise and almost double the price thats why people dont prefer it This one basically it does what it says on the box and when I told them about what I was planning to do fish farming but it’s air pressure is good because the one used by fish aquariums they don’t have much density of fishes in them and they don’t need a lot of air pressure and this was the view of almost all the wholesalers to whom I spoke they actually told me the real facts comparing both the air pumps so i couldn’t buy so I thought to wait a little longer and consult with someone who had experience of using it because someone who Compares and consults is never in a loss so I came back home did a little bit more research and consulted some more experience people and then I finally selected one pump so if you ask me which pump to buy I can only advice that please go to your local market do a bit of research check online compare the prices also see the reviews people have bought online for the pumps and then buy but if you ask me which pump have I chosen I have put down a link in the description box of the pump which I bought you can see it and if you like it then you can buy it because it takes less wattage to run the pump and the KPA and the LPM is good for the size of the pump which is more than sufficient for a 10000 litre tank so friends that’s all in this video and I hope the concept of aeration and air pump is totally clear to you all I needed to make 4 videos only to make you understand the concept of aeration and air pumps now I’ll leave it to your judgement that bioflok which is so complicated how much explanation is needed to understand bioflok In details can it be done in 2 days ? think yourself and then decide if you have come to the channel first time i would request you that please watch the intro video if you are serious about biofloc you can subscribe the channel it will be helpful whenever I post a new video or new information you will get it if you want to give suggestion or any comments you’re most welcome knowledge increases when it is shared be happy and help everybody if this free information can help any one by sharing this video then please do so and yes you can definitely share it with a sister also If you are watching on a mobile then please share it in your group please keep connected because here you will get complete information and training and its FREE thanks and take care.

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  1. Thanks for ur suggestion sir. Even amongst the tank fish farmers RESUN brand air pump seems to be more favourable.. I can also see RESUN LP -100 air pump been used many place. May be u can also look for this sir..

  2. Kia baat Hai sir. Aap ka video dekhne ke baad aesa lgta Hai ke kisi aese expert ka video dekh rahe hain jin ko Kai saal ka anubhao Hu.
    Itni choti choti baat pr bhi Aap ki nzr Hai. Are jugard ek number. Thank you captain sir.

  3. Sir tamil movie jaise aap k video ka suspense bhi last 2 minute main hota hai… Ha ha
    Very very amazing information thank you sir 🙏💕

  4. Thank you captain fantastic. Air pump aur aeration ke bare me jitna aap se sikha Hai us ka 20% bhi kisi ne nahi bataya. Exact Ground report. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Ye Jo air blower ya pump aapne select Kiya hai… Kitne 10000 liters tank ke liye sufficient hai ye too bataya hi nahi…….

  6. आपका जानकारी देने का अंदाज मास्साल्लाह ,आपसे निवेदन है कि आप एक विडियो ऐसा बनाइयेगा जिसमे आप खुद भी दिखें आपको देखने का दिल अब करने लगा है।

  7. Kuch nahi aata h tum log ko bas tarpulin, pump, kaise stand bnega or ut patag chij btate ho views badhane or youtube se paise kamane bas usse jayada kuch nahi

  8. Captain bhai shuru ke videos mei aap bolte the bhai aur bahan sabhi Biofloc kr skte hai aur ab aap boltr ho Biofloc Complicated chiz hai.apne ko fikr hora ke ye khud se ho payega ya nahi🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. By the pump of LPM = 38, KPA = 20, POWER = 20 , How many 10000 litre tank can be run ? I think one only . But i want specifications for 10 tanks of 10000 litre each. Will Lpm , Kpa, power be 10 times ?

  10. Bhaai jaan , Good Fantastic Zordaar, clear cut information diya hai aapne . Aapke video dimaag khol detey hain . All the best and thank you for your advise .

  11. Sir, Bahut barhia information dia hai aap ne, aur apparatus Jo floc measure karte hai kahan milta hai wo bhi bata dijiyega please…

  12. Abhi:
    Sir Feed ke upper yek video bnao plzzzzzz

    1. Type of feed
    2. Good quality of feed
    3. Price of feed
    4. Kon si fish ke liye kon sa feed achha hai ….
    5. Rohu . Fangas. Ktla . Mangur ……..
    6. 500 – 700g hene tk FCR Kya hoga …..
    7. Kitne din me fish sail ke liye redy hoga ………plzzzzzzzz

    In Biofloc
    Bna do ……sir

  13. Captain sir… Did u go to Indonesia ? Wanna join with u…. U said u ll b going. Ur doing good job sir….
    If possible can u share Ur contact number?

  14. मैने अपना सारा काम रोक दिया हुॅ। जब तक आपकी पाठशाला से सारा ज्ञान नही हासिल कर लेता हुॅ। आगे नही बदुगां ।

  15. Hi captain..I request you to provide the link of air stones or diffusers should be used. I bought one, but it is get floated on water.

  16. Bhai me ap ka new subscriber hon
    Or aj ap ke videos dikhe bhot achi the or meri two questions hai
    1 agar deo control kese kare or
    2 agar hum oxygen double kar ke de to koey issue to nh hoga

  17. Sir mera sawal hai ki winter season ne obviously temperature bhot down chala jata hai toh us temperature ko rise krne ke liye kya process kare ????

  18. What if I use silicon pipe in total and not PVC pipe ?? And what should be the normal temperature of the tank if we do not use DO meter ??

  19. Captain sir,
    Please share the address of Oxygen pump market in thane.
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Thank you

  20. I'm very interested to talk with you please message me by Whatsapp or Imo, my number: 01882411161. My name:Sheakh Javed

  21. ACO 003 air pump 10000(ten thousand) liter ke liye kaam karega ya 1000 (one thousand) liter k liye theek hai.

  22. Good going keep it up brother my suggestion don’t suggest Chinese air pumps because when it will stop working don’t no and main thing it has to run for 24/7 it will get heated and dia pharma will get spoiled spares not avilavble in Chinese pumps go for japan made it is expensive one time investment when it get heated automatically it cut of and on just sharing little tips your journey thanks and regards Sameer Ahmed

  23. Assalamualikum.
    Vaija apke video mereko bohut acha laga
    Allah apko age braye ehi duwa mangta hu
    Sir plies apka wathaps nambar dejeye

  24. Sir aapne 10000 ltr water tank k liye 18 wt pump suggest kiya hai to Kya jb hme 5 tank (50000 ltr water) lgana ho to 90 watt ka pump Lena hoga?

  25. Sir mera nam suman biswas, mera number 8926297728. 60000 litter pani me kitna lpm Or kpa motor lange? Agar bolenge to bohot maher bani hoghi

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