Part 5A – Biofloc में Temperature नियंत्रित करने के लिए की गई भयानक गलती. Advance Biofloc

Part 5A – Biofloc में Temperature नियंत्रित करने के लिए की गई भयानक गलती. Advance Biofloc

Greetings my friend friends how are you ? alright A very warm welcome on captain Muhammad’s vlogs Now friends we are going to start the study session second stage Learning with practical I would like to thank all our subscribers That they are working alongside me on each and every topic And commenting on the same But some of our guests Not all only a few whose numbers are
Maybe 0.05% They are a bit worried And they want to learn everything in one go Tell us show us where is your farm Etc etc etc And the style of commenting is a bit strange It is more of a taunt and seems less like a question Normally I don’t comment off the topic But they are also our guests And they have a right too so I thought I will solve the problems today So to those few people I want to say Please tell me something If someone else has lunch will that fill my stomach ? no No I have to eat and then only my tummy will be full On a second instance Even if you watch a person flying a plane for 10 years And understand all about how to fly the plane Even if you watch the captain flying the plane Will you be able to fly it No my friend Forget about the plane you won’t be able to learn how to ride a bicycle So friends who are just bystanders Please try to be in the real world I mean that you won’t get any knowledge just by looking at those videos Because that can make you happy for just a while But it won’t get you anywhere And I’m not talking about those Youtube channels which are giving the real information People who are doing real time experiments and sharing their knowledge even if they make a mistake they do share it Human error is a possibility and it can happen But I’m talking about those dodgy channels And i have already spoken about the tarpaulin and the aerator in detail

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  1. Sir ji jab maine wo wala video dekha to dimag me🤔🤔🤔 jhatka sa laga ki temperature itna various kaise ho sakta hey jab ki dono side se khula hua hey feer tank dhak que diya gaya jab temperature 21 degree ka hay to sir hum 19year se fish palan kar raha hu biofloc nahi to kya hua temperature ka feel to ghar may daily use hone wale drinking filter water se andaja laga hi saktey hey. Jai hind sir appne thatya ka kulasa kar diya hey hum fish farme ke oor se sailut👃👃👃⚘⚘⚘

  2. maine ek solution nikala hai pata nahi sahi hai ya galat bataiyega….
    main poly house bana ke fresh air ke liye thoda sa green net laga raha hun uske baad ek room heater 40℃ pe set karke chalu kar diya to temperature control ho sakta hai kya?
    40℃ pe oxygen ko bhi koi nuksan nahi hoga aur pani ka temperature bhi shayad 25 se 30℃ tak rahega…
    please reply with proper solution….

  3. Aisa hi hai to Purushotam se Training Lena ya fir Tumhaara gyaan sunaa baraabar hai….

    Bcoz both of you have theoretical knowledge…. Correct me if I'm wrong..😁😁

  4. Thanks for video … Me bhi thoda khus huwa tha pk Ji ka temperature maintenance dekhke.. But it seems it is jhol… By increasing dissolve oxygen in water, temperature of water will always be less than atmospheric temperature is true as I tried to experiment myself with small air pump.. 10 liter pani me bhai log try Kar skate he khud, with low air pump…
    But there is also another relation that temperature of air bubbles through pump is more if pressure is increased..
    Sir what do you think will this be practicle to maintain temperature by increasing pressure of air flow?

  5. sir muje machli ka koi experience nahi hai matlap akbar v nahi kia to biofloc training lene ke bat main kar paunga? please sir reply

  6. कैप्टन सर किसानों के साथ जो खिलवाड़ कर रहा है उसके साथ ऊपरवाला खिलवाड़ करता है कृपया करके अगर जानकारी ही देना है तो सही जानकारी दें कोई किसी के भावनाओं के साथ खिलवाड़ मत करें

  7. Sir Aap bioflock ka video kam bana rahe Ho dusre ki burai jayda Kar rahe ho pahale apna probiotic banawo fir dusre ko bolana itnae din se aap kaha the Aap q nahi banye reply dijiye ga

  8. Why are jealous man….. 5 minutes of your lecture and then criticizing for another 10 minutes…. I think you need to get life… Agar aapko kuch patta hai to batao…. Machli ke jaan ke lie chinta na kare… Aur aapni kalakari band kare

  9. How we can make bio flock in tank, and what should be quantity of materials in 10000 ltr tank like molasis,salt,lime,etc plz help me.

  10. As Salam o alaikum.
    Bhai mai may tarpaulin wale say baat ki wo bhi bahut Aachey admi hai aur ab is waqt un k paas 3, 4, 6, Mt ka size available hai aur bahut hi munasib aur fixed prise par hai


  12. Capton Sahab Mai Dr. Rajesh Kumar. Thanks for Aapka public ka ankhe Khol di.

    I am also starting own farm but need your. Guidelines so please share your contact . I want talk to me. my email . [email protected]

  13. Purshottam showed that there was increase in temperature of water acheived by covering the tank and having shed in his farm. The reasons are scientifically baseless.

    Having shed decreases the solar intensity falling into pond. Solar radiation has energy, blocking solar radiation doesnot increase temperature, it has opposite effect, instead it decrease temperature of system by blocking the amount of radiation falling in tank.

    His second reason of covering was also baseless because he has used net to cover his tank if you notice the video. Even if he had totally sealed the tank, he has used constant aeration and air needs to escape, and when air escapes from system, it also takes away the evaporative heat from system.

    Using shed and covering from all sides at night has however one positive effect, the airflow inside the system is reduced. This has slightly helped in maintaining temperature but this doesnot increase the temperature. Also, installation of two halogen bulbs at two ends had provided some heat during night.

    The reason why he acheived the rise in temperature is because of the blower. The blower he was using is high power blower supposed to supply air for multiple tanks. But he only supplied air to few tanks using the same blower. As a result, the air pressure increased, as a result the temperature of air blowing out from blower got hot. A 1 HP blower blowing air at 100 m3/h can increase the temperature of output air by about 15-20 degree.

    The details about blower and air temperature can be obtained at

    The formula is P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2. The volume of air in the system is constant as the pipes don't expand. When the volume of air is constant, V1 V2 gets cancelled, so the formula becomes T2= P2/P1. Which means if the pressure in output is 10 times the input, the temperature of output air is increased by 10. We however need to know what blower and at what rate is he blowing air to confirm our assumption.

  14. Captain sub,, app ne to kisika wat lagadia. Bohot e baria bola ap ne. App ka sub vido mee dektaho, Bangladesh (Chittagong) see. Wi are also start pilot project with a susseccfull biofloc developer in Chittagong, app vi use jantahe. We discussed so many time about you with him, bohot accha kam karraha he app, dowa he apke liya.

  15. Bhai poly house nhi dekha hAi kya ??? Usme bahar temperature or under ke temp me 4 ya 5 degree c ka difference hota hai jo purusotam ji ne btaya tha or unhone jo temperature dikhya anpe farm pr o inside water and environment ka tha yar undr bahr nhi

  16. Bhai floc bna Na bane tum entertainment bhadiya kar rahe ho me 24 hours hot blower chala raha hu tab bhi 22 degrees maintain rakhna muskil ho raha h

  17. Captain blog ke index temperature control koi topic hi nhi or hr video Ka heading advance temperature control technology dete hai how funny yarrr

  18. What is the worsh TDS level where no one can use that water for biofloc fish farming. And is there any way to fix TDS level of water.??????

  19. Walekumasslam captain sahab mai biofloc set up lagana chahta hoon material sab kahan milega aap kya help kar saktey hain

  20. Sir,
    You discussed only loope hole about tempreature control method But you did not discuss how can we control tempreature .
    So it's kindly request to u please discuss about it .

  21. Hello sir sabse pahle me apka shukriya krna chahta hun ki ap ka vedio abhi tk mili sabhi jankariyo se jyada knowledgable tha but sir mera ek doudt he so mind mat kariyega please ki apke is vedio me temprature controle karne ke liye kya krna hoga and mene apke sabhi vedio dekha he apke vedio no. 5 B me apne sayad Caco3 ki quantity miss kr di he and chawal ke pani ke baad me kis cheej ka mixture apne banaya he so please aap reply kr do iff u dont mind have a nice day

  22. good night. I'm Brazilian and I'm creating tilapia in bioflocos. Congratulations on the videos. Do you use calcium carbonate and heated milk for probiotic formation? What is the proportion of each? Is the milk heated to what temperature?

  23. Assalamualaikum bhai captain sahib mujhe aap se urgent baa karni hai aap ko allah rasool ka wasta my no 8879146509

  24. बडी खतरनाक क्लास लगा दि रामदेव जी की हाहाहाहाहाहाहाहाहा चूरन खिला दिया रामदेव को उन्ही का

  25. Hello sir mai harpreet Singh, AAJ mane dupaher se app video dekh raha hu, zindgi me aaj tak kisine is thara se nai samjaiea jis thara se app ne samja deaa hai mujhe bohat acha laga thanksyou so much sir

  26. Hlw sir.. Actually in our state (odisha) where a huge variation occurs on temperature…In weather to weather it varies from 10-40 degree so in that sense how can I control temember to 26-32 degree..

  27. bai agar pani gara hogaya tohamlok kiya karo, agar pani kom koro to ammonia bartahe, agar pani baraliya to gara hotohe, ,,,,, keya karo

  28. Sir, garmi ke dino me 40-45Deg or thandi me 7Deg tak ho jati he isme temperature ko control karne ka ki upai he jara bataye sir.


  30. Sir in biofloc we can keep prawns of fresh water. If yes then which prawns we can keep n rate wise which prawns is expensive in market

  31. Sir Tank ko Cover karke halogen laga Kar Temperature thand me control Kiya ja Sakta hai??????

  32. Good job👌👍….. अस्सलाम अलैकुम व रहमतुल्ला हे व बरकातहू भाई साहब बहुत बढ़िया और बहुत अच्छे तरीके से समझा रहे हो मैं प्रयोग करने से पहले आपकी सारी सीरीज 50 50 बार देखूंगा उसके बाद ही इंशाल्लाह प्रयोग करूंगा

  33. Bhai aap sahi Musalman ho. Duniya ko pata chalna chahiye ke sahi Musalman kya hota hai. Allah aapko salamt rakhe

  34. Hi captain,
    Thanks for your email .  
    O what an appropriate adjectives you have chosen.
    The word to is used in different situation and different position but the motto is one to reach his goals, to inspire his team ,to give a positive inspiration , to run a vehicles in a positive way to reach his follower to his destination safely etc.
    I hope or better to say you are performing the same role through u tube.i believe that you  are creating a golden era in bft. So better to say it is a golden tube,no not coated by gold,only made by gold with 24 carrot. In India and aboard your u tube follower what a knowledge,scientific description,perception etc.are aquaring —- "hat's off' to you. I don't know how older you and what is your profession,it does not matter only i believe you are a man of almighty.l have a little knowledge on Koran,bible,and gita where from i take some knowledge in my daily life which help me to take a good decisions.some time you mention your good name "
    Mohammed"—-in English it means praised,commendable and laudable that means your quality begins with Thankfullness,wise and compasionate.
    About me i want to inform you that i know very little About microbiology and biotechnology.i did my p.hd.Inmicrobiology,post doc.inmicro.and biotechnology.
    I did a lot of works in llt kgp and then i joined as a head of the biology a Cambridge university institution in Bangladesh ,l have published many papers in national and international of my paper which is published in international journal. which is related to lactic acid production.this lactobac. Species is able to convert starch to lactic acid by performing two stage fermentation at a time and it is able to produce more lactic acid that is this species is a homo lactic fermenter, all other lb species are heterolactic fer.this species is kept in atcc USA .except this bacteria all others produce lactic acid useing sugar or molasses as a carbon sourse but this one breaks down starch, a complex sugar to lactic acid.In my experiment l used rotten potato as a carbon source.think about this weather applicable in bft or not.

    At present i have a small fram where i do some work on ornamental fish breeding and some research work on newly lounch food, related to different types of fishes (fcr,pcr,water parameter,protein,fattacid analysis etc).depends on companies requirement.

    May god bless you.
    Mai Allah ko e a bollunga allha ap ka bhala kare Ku app etna logo ka bhala chahet ho.

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    Hi captain,
    Thanks for your em

    inail .  me
    O what Ang

  35. M from Mumbai, Mohammad Ali Road . I want to start Biofloc . I have a place in Kolkata. Can we meet personally?

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