Partner Workouts – Circuit Exercise Ideas

Partner Workouts – Circuit Exercise Ideas

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  1. Great ideas..Im a tennis coach, i do mix it up with your exercises a lot when its time to do fitness. I have 2 hour clases this year, how would you recommend to incorporate the fitness part into the class ( i do it perfectly on 1 hour classes), since now its a 2 hour class, like 1 hour pure tennis and then the second hour mixing it up with fitness? or 2 hour mixing it up with fitness every half hour? or any other?

  2. Love your programs! Thank you for doing this. I've started using some of these for my clients and my own workouts!
    Keep up the amazing work

  3. This was super helpful! I was out of ideas for today's boxing class, thank you! I'm definitely trying out the burnout and the punching with the mat!

  4. loving the partner exercises. very fun, challenging, and motivational. definitely will give these are try

  5. Such great ideas!!!!!! Where did you come up with these ideas?!?!?! Thanks again for all the uploads!!!!!!!

  6. the best, hi, I am Brazilian, a physical education teacher, I enjoyed the training and will deploy them here in Brazil. success

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