100 Replies to “Pelosi suggests “mowing the grass” instead of building border wall”

  1. "Retired border guard" and that should say it all! Sounds more like a shill meant to push an agenda! But then that's really not news either!

  2. Joy Reid from (C)linton (N)ews (N)etwork Obviously didn't hear Pelosi's suggestion of "Mowing the grass" At the Boarder. Joy Reid said she's saying that sounds Racist to Mad Maxine, Maybe Pelosi's thinks a Mexican should Mow the grass!!

  3. What a dumb rich bitch. And your state is falling apart. When it crumbles. What are gonna say then bitch

  4. Commentators can't keep a straight face with this stupidity
    Keep Nancy please she's singlehandedly turning democrats to republicans lol

  5. Lol , Let ms Pelosi go cut grass, she just trying to keep up with all of this and wants us to be beautiful– haha

  6. Dems, they are stand up comedians except when Trump gives a state of the union show Americans are wining under Republican leadership, then the poor babies sit in black losers all

  7. dumb question: based on her rhetoric, has anyone thought to 5150 her dumb, biased, stupid, ridiculous ass? She is insane……wake up………

  8. Lmao …… so do we plug the tunnels with the grass we mow down ….What kind of drugs is she doing …..

  9. This lady Pelosi is impractical and too idealistic… Having no walls at a border especially if your neighbour’s a poor country is like building a beautiful and expensive house facing the slums with no doors. 😂 How inviting…

  10. Yes, mowing the lawn is where those coyotes hide and if she mows it we can help those illegals and coyotes come in the US more illegally. The only problem is how does a person mow grass in the desert where there is no grass ?

  11. hey there pelosi,
    If the wall is too high or not civilized I do have a suggestion or two.
    Remove the walls, trees, bushes and security from the perimeter of your houses, apartments, working areas and living spaces.
    Mow the grass.
    Remove the guns from your armed security agents and guards.
    Send your security to protect the homeless.
    Take the BART or the city bus to work and to home.
    You can partake of the obama care forced tax and purchase without the benefit of the tax payers supporting you.
    And please, redistribute your millions of dollars to the poor, homeless and illegal immigrants for a greater dispersion of the wealth inequality.
    Easy enough? Theses are some of the things that you want to force upon the citizens of this country.

  12. Nancy with her 100 million worth , her gated community her botoxed face wearing all that makeup at this elder age has no idea whatsoever how regular people dealing with crimes theft drug dealers in the street.

  13. Q: What's the difference between Nancy Pelosi and the Panama Canal?
    A: The Panama Canal is a BUSY DITCH.

  14. Keep all Democrats including Nancy Pelosi exactly in positions they have now! Trump will win 2020 by 97%-3% and keep republicans in control for so many years people will have to go to google dictionary to find out what democrat means!

  15. demon rat lying Marxist bastards, is what the demon rat bastards have always been, they need gods judgement on all of them, they have had their chance to repent. their future is in gods hand.

  16. Osama would be laughing his arse off.. flying planes into buildings is bullshit.. he now knows that he wouldn't have to get all those virgins for the martyrs… Because America is destroying itself from within…

    Pelosi, Waters and Warren.. all mental patients and apparently roaming free!!

  17. Grease the existing wall and throw pelosi over it with her friends!! Or throw her into Mexico and mow the grass!😂

  18. See now that is a capitalist solution if I ever heard one! If everyone mows their own lawn then there won't be any work for illegal alliens! Works for me!

  19. democrats are like muslims. They will do and say anything to sabotage the republican conservative reality. assholes who believe the demonrats and liberals deserve their chosen mascot, the jackass, I mean donkey.

  20. AWWWW MAN!!!!!!!!
    We come ALL this way to sneak across the border into America! But we can't cross over because they MOWED the GRASS!!!! Dang it!

  21. Most of the drugs that come from Mexico aren't smuggled. The cartels pay border patrol agents and have even worked with the CIA in getting drugs across. If you think building a wall is going to stop the flow of drugs, then you are very naive.

  22. Bolseveck dems are losing money trafficking traffickers. Remember SHE LOSES MONEY. AND POWER. BOLSHEVIK DEMS ARE DESTROYING MY COUNRTY

  23. Nancy,means bring in the grass from mexico,and Don t build a wall,Nancy is a disgrace to America ! Nancy,is nuts!

  24. NANCY PELOSI JUST PROVED HOW STUPID SHE REALLY IS SHE HAS LOST HER MIND oops darn caps she must be made to step down from her position immediately

  25. `She is so out of touch with what is happening it is pathetic. I cant believe anyone can be in politicd doing their job for decades and is so against the American people and the Constitution. She is not qualified or mentally stable enough to be speaker. She is not mentally competent enough to be in office much less speaker.

  26. Nancy Pelosi wants open borders, closing the bothers means her profits will stop immediately, she’s a corrupted crook I think she’s in business with the Narcos from Mexico she should be investigated

  27. God help us. Look at what the Democrats are doing. Trump was elected and they are trying to push him out. Take our guns. Take over.

  28. Her remarks about mowing the grass go in line with Let them eat cake” Pelosi perhaps needs a morning wake up cocktail 🍸!

  29. Alright now let's get Homeland Security, and ice, some lawn mowers and landscapers, this way we can catch all the people coming across the border, if you mow the grass it should be easier for them to come across

  30. We have diseases back in this country that haven't existed for 100 years….from all these unveted traffice across our boarders.

  31. Migrants all need to be trained on American life skills. This Americans do through the public school system grades 1-12.  In times of dearth, Humans, like all animals, migrate to clean water,, the problem is when they find clean water, they will reproduce fast as rabbits, rodents kangaroos etc, resulting in strivings towards "many hands do light
    work" and there are no predators in America to slow down the birth rate. Therefore the rise of cartels and murdering gangs that are looking for profit, are

  32. If pelosi feels mowing grass at the border is the thing to do, give her a push-mower and send her down there! And don't pay her until it has been done to Trump's liking.

  33. Why not get another goat, all ready have a goat in the White house, its a abbriveation for,…. greatest of all time… ,,, Goat,

  34. What a frigging Idiot. Thank You President Trump for nominating this clown to speaker of the house. Never interfere with the enemy when in the process of destroying themselves.

  35. Hi folks where did you get the fruit cake from and she probably still believes that it is the answer? Get rid as it's clear that she is full of something that makes her thirsty and irrational too.
    Mr. D. Kennedy UK 1st 🇬🇧 Scots 2nd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  36. The woman needs her head examined democrats should check her into a mental facility along with W hoopie Goldberg they could smoke the tall grass together!!!

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