Perfect Butterfly Technique with Viktor Bromer | Gillette World Sport

Perfect Butterfly Technique with Viktor Bromer | Gillette World Sport

Victor brahmer is the current 200-meter butterfly European champion covering four lengths of the 50 meter pool in just one minute fifty five point two nine seconds to take goal we join him to see what it takes to master what is arguably the most difficult swimming stroke swimming is a really close port I mean sometimes the difference between getting a medal I'm not getting a medal is 100 point of a second so every day you just have to focus on getting each and every detail of your workout and then and your daily schedule right just to hope that that will make the difference the most important thing for me when I walk in to practice is to set a goal for myself what do I want to accomplish with this specific set if I've done it before I try to think back anything what did I do then I want to improve that if I never done it before I say to myself I want to do good in this I want to be good at that one I want to finish strong I want to keep up the pace from the beginning something like that the program for this morning was a technical recovery workout so we we started off with a short warm up with a bit of sprinting just to get the muscles going and yet to wake up then we did a small technical subset really focusing on specific things in our stroke in my instance I really have to focus on the high elbow right now so every single drill I did was to focus on the high elbow then a long aerobic main set butterfly is considered the toughest stroke of them all so it wouldn't be physically possible to do an entire set in butterfly would simply be too much of strain on the body so we do all the other strokes to work out like to get in shape and to relax between the hard sets of butterfly every single tough set and every single pace that we I swim butterfly in and I swim different distances in butterfly it between 25 meters at a time and 200 meters at a time everything that has to be quality work is in butterfly working on fitness and strength is fundamental to butterfly but athletes must also perfect their individual technique by breaking down the stroke and focusing on the minut details since I moved here to work with my new coach we've been working on getting my butterfly stroke wider when I'm underwater like I came here and I was pulling really narrow and when you do that you don't catch as much water and you're not as strong when you get all the way like right under your body so to make it easier to swim long sets of butterfly and to do the 200 butterfly in competition we've been working on getting my stroke wider and wider to really make the difference I mean I haven't really gotten any stronger but because we've moved my hands out I've been able to use my strength much more efficiently so it's all about efficiency when we're talking about what butterfly and that's what we've been working on since I came here efficiency victors will do everything he can do to be as smooth as possible with us but we've dose is a little bit different than most swimmers you have to be on the brake to keep him back because he's on 22 more so I think it's the focus he has had on improving himself and focus on the process to be better I think that's exactly what we have to do for this Asian instead of not focusing too much on the results at the Olympics but more what he has to do to swim faster when it's done for the tentacle those swimmers must be able to identify small weaknesses to target in their training it's also important to recognize the strengths that already give them the edge I would say I'm a strong finisher I'm good at keeping a really fast pace the first 100 but then progressing through the the last 100 my personal best in the 100 butterfly it's only 1 or 2 seconds faster than what I will go out in in the 200 meter so you cannot call me a sprinter at all I'm really a pace a good pace and good good finish

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  1. this guy's shoulders are incredibly flexible. Notice how low his head sinks while the arms are close to the surface

  2. I start my 4th year of competitive swimming on November 13th, 2018!😃😃😱🏊 And I am so excited to get back in the water!😃

  3. I swim the 100m butterflystroke for my high school swim team… Today at Pratice my coach told me that my butterflystroke is stronger than last years! 😃 👍 my big goal for swimmimg is to beat my 100m butterflystroke time and defently keep on improving my butterflystroke! I really love the butterflystroke! ❤ 🏊

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