24 Replies to “Perfect Shot”

  1. Crossfit has nothing to do with being good at competition shooting. Almost all of the best shooters in the world do not workout alot or they are overweight. They get good by practicing shooting skills repeatedly.

  2. I find it so funny how competition shooting now turned into lets put on an optic and see who can shoot the fastest. I'm competed in the 80's where optics weren't used and it was solely about using your front sight on the gun.

  3. I just started this at 65. Great for my brain figuring out the stages, great friends, we all root for each other, and we run a lot in doing this………so if you don't like it go away. Besides Shannon Smith on this video was in Iraq for 6 years. He doesn't need a gun to kick your ass. And know what? He's the nicest most humble guy you would ever meet.

  4. Alright my fellow 1911 users, be sure to link your Glock buddies and show them what the top dogs are using.

  5. Crossfit has always been pretty diverse. If your not a fan of shooting, and not just because you haven't had the chance to give it a try, just wait a day and watch the next videos. Nothing against you if you don't like shooting, just not sure why such a simple video has created such a violent reaction.

  6. ??? I really don't understand why Crossfit is related to gun Target ? I already saw videos of Rich Froning Sooting for fun. I said why not, that's a part of what he likes, but a whole video on a Crossfit chanel? why ? Everybody like crossfit, that's our common point but not everyone like like Guns,  Cheerz from France

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