28 Replies to “Perfecting Your Timing – Table Tennis (HD)”

  1. You should do your own version of the USATT Hope Tour. Our club in the Pacific Northwest would love to have you visit and inspire young players.

  2. Nice videos Brian, I learn as lot from them and also share them with my colleagues so everyone can learn to as well and get better 🙂

    Thank you for the effort you've put on all these videos, they are really great!

  3. I have a question coach +DynamicTableTennisTV when trying to return a long-chop with top spin, is it best to hit it before the top of the bounce? at the top of the bounce? or after the top?

  4. I like his coach talk..btw the music is even more inspiring 😛 …please can someone tell where this music is from?

  5. Man thanks a lot for this video. It was incredibly helpfull. I trust my coach but I gotta admit he's not a very good coach or maybe he's not too experienced in coaching beginners but we never talked about this since I started and that was almost 2 months ago. Thank a lot man 🙂

  6. Brian, i wish i lived near you so you could train me, nevertheless i am inspired by your play, good luck and one day i hope to meet you. thanks for the video tips.

  7. hello brian , your understanding of TT is amazing . You make it so easy when it comes to explaining the TT fundamentals . Where are you located ? Hope we can play sometime

  8. Great. I look forward to coaching you, and I know the other players are ready to see you. See you soon my friend.

  9. @Good55552 That is BJ. I think you played him in the tournament. Are you coming to America this year?

  10. @Good55552 Hey Boris. I can't remember his name, but you beat him before when you were here. He is the boy with the long hair.

  11. Hay brian, have you used the 43mm training balls before and if so what do you think of them?
    They are surpose to increase the rallies for practice but dont know if they are a good idea to get use to and whether or not it will affect competition play.

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