Pete Wentz Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Pete Wentz Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

what sorry buddies joking complex were New York City at Stadium goods with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz gonna do some sneaker shopping today gonna see what he's feeling what he's not and then hopefully he's gonna buy some sneakers sure let's go P one brand that's not represented here but we should talk about his Supra talk about like Chad Muska Terry Kennedy in that movement back in California yeah Chad is crazy in a good way in a great way it was at the time I think super forward-thinking like they were going high and like military before it was like on trend like like I'm like at that point in my life I was like I want to shoot this like almost unwearable they were doing all kinds of crazy stuff early and then in 2009 you had your own super Vader that released CCS yeah what was it like to get your own shoe it was super cool uh honestly we did that one like it's in you know Jordan colors yeah I mean I did a vans like a 101 or like we made like 200 shoes that I just gave to my friends that I still have in my garage a lot of them but it's fun to like make your own tree I can only imagine how fun it would be to like be able to create the body and then like have people like you know line up in tents to wear it stuff like that I'm not not there but that's pretty cool Pete New York City the air force one is such an iconic silhouette but when we talk about Callie vans really stick out you know you're wearing vans right now these are designed by my nine-year-old they look cool just bronzed just drew on awesome talk about your love for vans and what it means to like Cali skate culture and everything yeah I mean vans is is one of the easiest like casual wear but you can wear them with kind of anything you know and one of the things I love about where I live is you wake up and the weather's gonna be basically this all day you know or whatever and so Vance it's kind of like the perfect thing to accompany that you know our drummer Andy Hurley wears vans slip-ons all day every day for like the past 17 years that's crazy talk about new collaborations we see Jerry Lorenzo's fear of God fear of God ones are dope you want to know what I was going to the Cubs Dodgers game playoff game mm-hmm and I was like real mad because I was late and I was like I can't get in and I was like cheating you know that comes in the wrong lane you know whenever and Jerry Lorenzo let me in in front of him and I was like wow like like superior to nice yeah but these are these are awesome I think the collaborations are really cool to me shoes are kind of like art like the art on your wall like my taste is gonna be different than someone else's taste and you gotta like want to like look at it every day when you wake up and I think this is the same as shoes like there's a lot of shoes that I like love that I have a cause Air Force Ones but they just look really weird of my feet for some reason so like I just have them yeah I love them and I love cause I love it and stoked but I just like don't know if I can wear them Pete what do you remember about Nike ESPYs in that era so our band was signed to this label but then jay-z became the president of the label and he wouldn't him and Beyonce would come out to like our little shows like Webster Hall I got really really remember it was just wow cuz like we were like just this like a little punk band and then we would take picture with you know jay-z after or whatever and we're like what sure does he wear we could figure it out and it was like whatever 2003 or something is like oh babe like we figured it out and then we were like just rock all like and we went like too crazy you know I mean it was like all over print like it was just too much but I remember um Joe and our band had the he'd got the Tiffany's and we all thought he was like falling like crazy Pete throughout the years you've been around Kanye you're a big fan of his sneakers do you remember the easy two Nikes you warm out they went online and how that came about yeah man these are dope I thought it was like I felt like the back of the future influence and like it always felt like straps and glowing and yeah that stuff which is Kanye's awesome because I think he approaches everything is like a like pure artist like the money doesn't matter what culture is doing doesn't matter which is like really important for our society that there's somebody who's not doing that you want to know what's crazy really to me that I think about is Axl Rose back in the day he used to wear those converse weapons that had Axl on it I'm like he was kind of like Kanye but like back in the day like it's like I'll just wear like a kilt and a catcher's garters yeah I guess like crazy you're a big fan of these as well yeah what of the adidas Kanye silhouettes are your favorite I like most of them to be honest with you I think they're really interesting and you know like the 350s are obviously like super comfortable they're kind of just like wearing slippers or whatever yeah the power phase is I think are the raddest and that's maybe like the dad and me or something you know my shoes are in though yeah my mind i litter you can't wear anymore because they smell so crazy because I like just wore them but they look great you know yeah when see no is my runway oh yeah [Laughter] Pete you're from Chicago and you're also a rock star the Jordan ones were big rock stars shoot back in the 80s and being from Chicago what does it like to see that crossover of two cultures that started it all we don't know which is crazy I couldn't have him and I wanted him you know I mean and I got him and I wore him we went to Uganda we shot this video in Uganda and I'm kidding this is crazy red clay on him that just like wouldn't come out and they'd just look crazy forever there's like no dope or shoe you know I mean he's talked about some other designs you like – Jordan – what are your favorites when it comes to that I like the just on ones there's something about it that like reminds me of like and I think it's probably on purpose like he's like I should know like inspired vibe to it you know but they're easy to wear I like that they're monochromatic I mean Jordans are just awesome Pete what some people may not know is you play tennis a lot a lot I play all day if I could I don't have any responsibilities that's all I would really oh yeah six hours for sure Wow and do you play like a few times a week or even more every day Wow my play doesn't seem like I played as much but we had Roger Federer on the show oh yeah he did a Jordan three for a tennis shoe what do you think about the crossover of tennis now and a basketball iconic silhouette like the Jordan three tennis the interest it's like an interesting spot like where you can like flex a little bit you know I think that I mean Roger so so iconic and such a good player that I think he can kind of do whatever I saw him definitely warming up in the off-white which is pretty crazy to do yeah these are clean and like every like the crazy thing is I think that there's like there's people that like worship Roger like you know like and so there's people I know that would just buy these just because it's him and who wouldn't know nothing about Jordans or whatever for sure I think they're awesome I also think that US Adidas tennis kit then Pro mate is like super sick and super clean definitely well we talked about everything now is the easy part you get the browser shells pick out what sneakers you want to buy cool all right Brandon I'm gonna get the Presto's you have those I also wanted to get the fear of God vans in this car away you got those got you and it's Agassi so your total will be two thousand seven hundred forty nine and nine cents all right cool thank you thank you you're lucky so Pete thanks so much for coming through make sure everyone checks out Fall Out Boy's new album mania available everywhere

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  1. 7:41 you can see his heart drop just through his face, and that "alright cool" sounded like he was trying to seem chill about it but was disappointed

  2. I thought the title said "Pete wentz goes sneaker shopping with a complex" and was genuinely curious as to what complex Pete Wentz would need for shoe shopping? Like, an inferiority complex? Or maybe a superiority complex? I guess we'll never know…

  3. There’s a shoe by his shoulder at 2:54 that’s like a black nike high top with a holo swoosh that I NEED. Anyone know the name??? Been googling with no luck

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