PHA Training AKA Circuit Training on Steroids

PHA Training AKA Circuit Training on Steroids

in the words of British philosopher Thomas Hobbes this could be nasty brutish and short and the words of Josh Bryant this is like you're getting thrown in the can in Tijuana and some cross-eyed looking bastard wants to do the toe-to-toe Mambo you got stuff yeah that's right you're good so you had the peripheral heart action training there we're gonna put the foot sets reps all that stuff's you guys can see it so what we did is you go you go from each exercise to each exercise as fast as you can and you repeat that three times so we did that for two sequences or you know that's a good that's a very tough workout to do that for two sequences you're doing all the different exercises I mean eventually you could evolve and do if you started trance more regularly like three or four even because I obviously learned about this by doing research and stuff because the Fred Hatfield and I talked about it a couple times in Nashville I see a trainer in Nashville and what happened was I was there is I I wasn't training like serious strength athletes and bodybuilders like now it's more regular people but they're willing to work really hard but I said look I need three days a week I'm not gonna cardio my own I don't have time for it I'm like a doctor I'll come in five in the morning those types and they wanted to get you didn't want to just gain strength they wanted just to endurance or ice to do as we go like this we have four quarters I'd call it we do like we do like four super sets so we do start off save it and you know you might do like a bench press and then like some sort of rowing movement with it and then at some sort of core exercise then they'd hop on a treadmill and they'd run for two minutes then we keep doing that we do that you know twice through four different super sets like that so called four quarter so kept their heart rate up the whole time and got good results that way it wasn't like anybody was gonna win the Olympia or when the Boston Marathon but for like you know accomplishing a lot of objectives that work pretty well this is you know right way before it even got a master's degree or knowing a lot about exercise science but it worked pretty well so now this is the next level type of circuit training so this is good for somebody it doesn't have a lot of time to work out you can't work out very often you know you're past the powerlifting days or whatever and you just want to you know get something get your heart healthy things like that is a great exercise for working shoten here we go one two three four good five six seven hey nine yep that's it you're good peripheral heart action training was a favorite strategy of bodybuilders cutting in the 1960s this is like circuit training on steroids so no more just sitting down on cushy machines pink dumbbells we're gonna go heavy we want to go hard and you're it's gonna be amazing what's gonna happen okay eight to ten on pull-ups yep this system of bodybuilding circuit training was popularized by Bob Gaja and mr. universe and mr. America winner in the 1960s the idea is to maximize circulation of blood through the blue the body during the entire workout which is done by attacking the smaller muscles around the heart first then moving outward this system is vigorous and requires continued intense exercise for a prolonged period of time without any rest because of this poorly the poorly conditioned athlete or the faint of heart will be very challenging probably to avoid this training system we're gonna use both compound and isolation exercise but you have to have those compound exercise to maximize efficiency the goal is the shunt blood up and down the body and this is extremely taxing on the cardiovascular system but the obvious benefits are a reduction in body fan of course improved metabolic rate here we go come on let's go champ here we go come on all day yep yep come on all that good yep come on yeah come on three more two more last one good Josh surprised me with it because I had been asking him actually what we were gonna be doing today and he he refused to tell me until I showed up today for that reason alone because he knew if I were to be mentally prepared to try to I probably suck myself out not show up but it was great you guys will see obviously during that first sequence that we did like man you don't realize how tough it is until you go through that first time and then after that it's like holy crap I got more but after the second one he he asked me if I wanted to quit but I'm not a quitter I ended up just kind of we revived I knew I knew that I knew that if I asked me one to quit he wouldn't so like some person I might be like you know what you're not gonna quit but with him you'd have to use reverse psychology so hey you know what not filling today we can you know bow out and get good on the video and he got irate about not quitting so emotional intelligence he ought to know to deal with different personalities I know with him you say hey dude you wanted to stop now you know what fun good video look fine ball along I knew he'd keep going yeah he's a smart man he knows he knows me very well good good come on yep okay triceps fine good here we go playboy come on let's go yes yep rtl baby come on come on all day here we go yep come on yeah come on let's go champ here we go hey all day here we go yeah nasty brutish and short but this guy's if you're ready for a kick-ass workout seriously give this workout a try you will not be disappointed I had a lot of fun thank you so so much thank you start really man I appreciate it every time

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  1. Dr. Bob Gadja & Dr. Lance Dreher are Godfathers of PHA PHA, Helped save my Spine from being wheelchair bond

  2. Great vid, josh. How long should i take to complete this? I know everyones different but just wondering if you had a ballpark range.


  3. Very well shot and loaded with information. As most gym goers have zero goals and zero contests planned, this is the type of workout that 98% of the gym going population should be doing. As for serious bodybuilders such as Jonathan demonstrated masterfully, this type of training is great to tie the whole body together as one by working exercises that cause blood to surge throughout the entire body. This method of training also builds incredible mental toughness. Great work Jailhouse Gents.

  4. Phenomenal content Josh, this being a little outside the wheelhouse especially. This looks like something I will try after the bulk for a recomp!b thank you.

  5. How many days a week would you do this. Would there be a benefit to trying this fasted . I've actually been doing something similar 1st thing in the morning fasted. I've LOST 30lbs since Feb 23rd. I'm not sure how much muscle I'm loosing but body fat is melting off. I love this work . I do 5days of this a week with 2days sprinting burpees jumping jacks ext.. for my rest days.

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