Picnic on the Soccer Field – Cities Skylines Let's Play #7

Picnic on the Soccer Field – Cities Skylines Let's Play #7

hey guys are gone here and we are back in city skylines and last time we made this new industrial area right now there is not a whole lot of buildings in it yet so we don't really know if the old traffic part of it is going to work so what we are going to do is fill this in more because as you can see our industrial demand is still pretty high even though we've built quite a lot of industrial ready I'm going to continue on this side to just meet this because this is the shortest like this is the shortest route back onto the highway I'm also going to speed up time more so we can see the influence on our demand quicker I said starts building look it's already going down what I also want to do this episode is complete at least extending this this side of off the road to the ghost and what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to zone our city and I'm going to see what kind of name it comes up with otherwise if it's not good I am thinking for now maybe I'm gonna call briarville I just some stupid thought came into my head no this is definitely not Empire square i'm going to call it breyer for some reason i want to name this i film wanting to name it for a while now right field it's done okay if anyone can come up with a better name or I come up with a better name we could change it at some point for now it's briarville so that is out of the way also i have gotten some more parks it's too bad these don't have previews car park agricultural field zero agricultural fields i think all all of these are why are the other 10 these two actually have previews look I've got a soccer field is that cool and I've got as well a skate park I think this would be pretty cool um let's see okay where do we need a park still I think right out here we can actually make a soccer field it's not in the center of town so so not everyone will be like bother grated knowings and all that stuff it's like near the highway it's actually what I see a lot over here as well like they're like on pretty much soccer like clubs and stuff during like on the first road app from the highway this is pretty much that I think this will do just fine let's see how this is going I think we can add even more because our demand is going down but we could go lower with this let's see let's zone this as well I've actually not got any feedback on if you guys liked the format I did last episode so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one if there's a bunch of dull moments to know I'll do the last one if it's just excitement all the way through then i'll i'll stick with a long one yeah this neighborhood I don't know why we didn't use these nice roads before I guess they're more expensive is the upkeep higher as well and the upkeep is high so what I'm thinking we can always upgrade these okay so for now the oh power deficit we've already got what is this an oil power plant I don't want to start burning oil and all that bad stuff that's for now we'll just just do that gets us out of the yellow again we are making five thousand-plus right now which is really good the money is flowing in it's piling up I don't even know what to keep it right now in contrast to how we were doing before this is just amazing I'm gonna let me see I'm gonna draw I'm gonna prep freeform I'm going to draw a road from here I'm gonna aim this so that all these houses just like end up right on the coast of this that'll be cool here we go his own all this good stuff I do I have noticed that the AI like in this game the driving AI is a lot better from sub cydia as I say that traffic is piling up like crazy we need to change it in an intersection to make this free flow onto the road instead of having to go through an intersection because this is just madness I don't know like it's like it's because I made these one ways everyone wants to go to hear is now like turning off like this I'm debating whether or not i think im gonna make these two ways again see if that helps at this point this industrial park especially this one the other one we made to last right now this is such a mess that I don't even know where to start that's the that is the big problem so what I'm gonna do right now is this what I really should do is make this an overpass I should do that going to do that right now I'm going to pause it though upset every single freaking person who is driving here right now let's make it a straight one doesn't like that okay what I'm going to do now is I'm going to do this and this is gonna up so much stuff but it will be for the better because now this will be a this first initial intersection will not be a part of the of the big road everyone who needs to turn off can turn off and can like continue like this if they want to come on do it start using this come on please please we're all these guys going are they all going right if mmm I'm just messing around with this at this trend this to this this to this and that makes that wrote longer to make this longer so they might use this instead think they are yes here we go and 6,500 people we did it the garbage incinerator finally all these policies I don't care about and high-density zoning that is something for when downtown comes up University metro stations this this is what I've been waiting for all my life the incinerator plant in sin deity the garbage burning facility yes we are going to set this dump to empty which means they can empty it all into the incinerator which costs 1400 week holy that has a lot of money um this is gonna output power really oh and actually outputs powerful call the burning stuff we just didn't assume they were actually considering environments or anything like a goal since they're burning garbage it turns out they actually do want to produce energy off of it so that's good industrial demand is through the roof like never before oh my god this is so bad I see what's happening here I've messed up in a major way great I've made these two lanes so this is not a roundabout anymore and above all this is now around about with traffic lights and that is something you do not want I need to make this into six lane road six link one way road even as you can see right now i'm upgrading to railroads into one way roads that came with that with the last update and also i think this might work ctrl T gives me a tool traffic lights I traffic lights I've got a real roundabout again let's see how this flows now oh my god it's come on yes I think we should separate these as well to make the mall independent so no one has to cross over I think that'd be good I think that'd be really good right now it's already working better what we are going to do is make like I said make his independent so what I'm going to do is roll these of that why is this thing oh my god I made this the wrong way well it doesn't matter right now because there's no traffic outside that explains quite a lot to be honest and what is going to happen is that owing so sushi so at this game stuck this is going to turn over yes we did it and now all that's left is to connect this thing back up again which I never had to demolish in the first place and here we go here we go this doesn't have to cross over ever again which is amazing when people actually do have to go that way I forgot that's maybe why everything was piling up massively over there as well because people have to like turn around to come this wine but now they don't have to anymore yeah everything's solved I think we should do is let's look at this for brief moment okay no I'm not gonna hang on to this too long okay so everyone who comes off this no wait everyone who comes out of this place from here from this side and let's go back on the highway it's bet either has to come this way and I see all the way around interfere with all this traffic or just come out over here and turn off straight away so we're going to make this one way this way we are going to make this one way that way so anyone who has to be like close by over here just has to turn off at the first intersection I think this is the best way let's see if it works yep all these guys can just turn off on here not interfering with any traffic whatsoever but almost no traffic whatsoever this is for him like a dream oh this is never gonna stop is it always gonna forget this I am so mad at my seven-year people are leaving their houses behind and it's all my fault no this is on fire what's up but this is slow speed let's watch this probably on time building doesn't to damage here it goes as far as already out pretty much almost chimneys on fire there we go and they've done and they're off back to whatever that is called in English um fire station of course I'm forgetting words sorry my bad look I would love a house like this just on on this side of the river side of the river that is actually not made out of because I would not like to live on this side of the river so guys this is going to be this episode I hope you guys liked it we expend it way over here well this is zone this is expanding as we speak we we put more industry in here to fulfill the demand for industry my soccer field out here I don't know what they're doing this is retarded they're picnicking oh my god it is a customer site guys keep that in mind if is what is even doing this is not picnicking but the trap is he doing I have no idea what he is doing opening a basket and closing it again anyway guys see you guys next time

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