Piers Morgan Fires Assault Rifles At Texas Gun Range

Piers Morgan Fires Assault Rifles At Texas Gun Range

22 Replies to “Piers Morgan Fires Assault Rifles At Texas Gun Range”

  1. all he did the whole time was try to make it sound easy to buy an automatic weapon. he obviously has no idea how hard it is, not to mention most criminals aren't going to pay $45,000 for a gun to shoot 50 people then off themselves. if they had $45,000 laying around they probably wouldn't have any reason to go suicidal maniac in the first place. go back to England and mind your own business.

  2. Tyranical enforcers are doung it in the name of duty.. shooting us.. THEIR FUCKING CITIZENS

    Thry dont care about us Americans theyre scared of us and they think they control us which is hilarious.. we make them…

  3. Why would a civilian need one of these? Read the constitution and the forefathers letters and you will understand why and there is no such thing as gun control it’s actually illegal for States and federal government to infringe on natural born rights

  4. "…and I can buy that from you?"
    "You could"

    end interview

    That's CNN and the gun grabbers for you. Only give part of the story. Yes, you could buy that Browning. IF you pass an anal exam by the ATF. IF you had $50k + all fees & tax stamp cash. IF your local LEOs sign off on you having it.

  5. No one should have EVER let this Brit PRICK shoot any guns or a damn INTERVIEW, don't confuse him with facts he has his mind made up(dumb ass Brit)

  6. Of course he would pick a moron to show him the guns. A shotgun like that is about as good as a baseball bat. I hate when people get a shotgun because you don't have to aim, morons.

  7. Piers keeps asking but why do you need this and why do you need that? That’s the same problem with government! They are always trying to take the place of God. Isn’t that why God stuck a boot in Satan’s ass?

  8. Piers….wake up fool. The biggest threat to the US isn't the US military but South American drug cartels…and they buy weapons en masse from international arms dealers!! What's stopping MS-13 from launching a mass attack across the border into the US? US citizens with semi-auto firearms and a US President Trump who'll wipe Mexico out!!

  9. Why would we need one of those(m2 50cal)? cause none of your damn business!!! that's why you chip tooth tea drinking wanker…if your so disappointed in American go back the UK ya tosser!!!

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