Pimp My M107A1 (50 CAL SNIPER) – Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

Pimp My M107A1 (50 CAL SNIPER) – Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

you just know if you see this you are absolutely screwed oh oh oh yeah today's gonna be a lovely day so in the previous video I asked you guys what you would like to see me pimp in this video and this got the most likes so this is what we're pimping it is the m10 7 a 1 yeah that's the one this is my favorite anti-materiel rifle and this is I don't even know what I can improve on this to be honest because let's face it it is a body perfect I just want to try one thing before I even start the pimping if I put a scope over here can I put another scope right in front ah all what a shame that was gonna work okay well whatever it could have worked but it doesn't work let's go to 8x and lets you a target over there there we go safety off oh oh yeah and it is also semi-automatic which is actually automatic I don't know it's semi-automatic yes it is so I don't need to do that all the time but it's fun to do it anyway this is the thing we're gonna pimp today what am I supposed to do with this it is perfect as it is so let's just remove the scope here for now I might use two scopes or something let me just let me just let me just get a feel for this this already has a really long rail here that we can use and utilize but other than that I don't read it actually you know what I want to do I just want to put this on um two of these where are they these guys yes these ones actually do help a lot like that there you go and we can put this bad boy where's the footsies just like that and we're gonna pimp it oh oh this is gonna be actually no one let's just put these ones Oh I didn't know I could do that okay so we can put okay fine let's do that nice so now we have we have some we can actually just can i yeah okay so I can actually that is so cool right let's get on with the bloody pimp in now what the hell do I want to do oh great just what I'm recording my neighbor is gonna start drilling in the wall that's a perfect timing that's bloody perfect timing ain't no sound like the sound when somebody's drilling into the wall right next to you best thing ever and I don't know if this is gonna be cool or not but this sure zel is starting to look like something pretty cool I also changed the gravity to playful cuz why the hell not why not have it as playful if you can't have it as playful oh yeah this is starting to have a little bit of a shape then what Oh what I was thinking in my brain was I could have circles around the weapon getting bigger as we go backwards and then have it filled with lasers yeah I don't know if that's gonna work though but I'm gonna do something like that at least that's the plan it might change still because I changed my mind a lot when I do stuff so I could potentially just end up ruining this completely I think that's pretty good I think that's good enough I think that's that's but that's good enough so now we have a tiny circle in front and a bigger one at the back and we still haven't even started with the rest of the attachments okay but I can't use this one in yours we need to figure out another way to aim with this thing or we could just you know aim with lasers you first strap on like 2,000 of these here and all this is not probably gonna be completely 100% symmetrical but it's gonna be something close enough right that's what I'm aiming for something close enough oh my god I've put so many parts on this already this if this turns out to be anything like the previous previous videos that I've done this thing is gonna lag like hell the previous ones that I built they were pretty you know pretty computer intensive as well and if this this turns out to be anything like it it's just gonna it's just gonna kill my computer and if the video turns out to just die at some point it's because I've ran out of computing power look at it look at it from the front oh that's a scary sight oh yeah I like this I don't think I'm gonna do the whole circle around I think I might just leave it like that and then we're gonna attach like two more big wings like this you know what I think that's the structure done oh I'm loving it I'd just like to see if I strap like a thousand lasers on this what it will look like so why don't I just do that bun Allen a pin oh you can see a red circle over there that's pretty cool so that means the lasers are actually working we need a few more though just a few more it is done well it's not done completely but light I mean I mean I've trimmed it to the wow that is amazing there's actually no lasers in the front here and the tiny one I don't know if I want to put lasers there maybe I'll put just flashlights I don't know so what can I pick this up without the whole thing lagging okay I can oh dear God that's the pattern we have right now yes I'm gonna improve it some more though we're gonna make it a little bit more badass because why the hell not I can't do that let's just put it somewhere so we can see the laser sights there we go so now we can see them on the on the wood there so we can just follow I don't know can I put one of these in the way just like well I can look I can obscure the vision of the lasers oh that's so cool nice oh yeah yeah oh yes did you guys miss these my own homemade footsies oh yes they're back and they're here to keep this fifty-caliber monstrosity on its foot so I'm gonna try and see if it even works and if the game stuck if the game for some reason right now decides to not work I'm so sorry move that there you go now we can actually grab it then we can drop it down and it can stand on its own two feet that's that was the plan okay so I've done some things to this we have a bunch of lasers we have these guys over here we have a couple of rails up here we have the footsies we have some things going in front there I'm gonna attach a little bit more and then we're gonna start putting on the attachments to make this thing look snazzy as hell there's not much I can do to this because it needs as I said in the beginning pretty much perfect so there's not much I can do to this even even though I have some amazing pimping skills like really really amazing pimping skills okay let's add a couple more things to it I think this is pretty much it I think I'm gonna start attaching stuff to this now to make it look good but in terms of just rail adapters this is pretty much it we have I'm gonna keep the lasers there cuz that is absolutely freaking amazing and we can use the lasers to aim at targets we don't have to have any sights on this thing at all we have the lasers to do that for us the only thing we need to remember is to actually just hit with the lasers where there's no laser that's the only thing we need to remember to hit where there's no laser do I want to just start with the you know the the micro torches cuz I love these small little bad boys and I could put them on anything so I actually put it down on its own to footsies again because if I have it on its own you know it's gonna just tilt over as soon as I touch stuff so I'm gonna have it like that just so I can put stuff on it without the whole weapon just flying off ah a bunch of torches is what spices this thing up look at it you just know if you see this you are absolutely screwed because if somebody gets too close to it it's such such a heat source that it will it'll melt anything that comes in its it should be called heat source that's what it should be called but it's all orders yet if you guys have a name for it leave it in the comments and if it's good enough I might even ping that cuz you know I need name from a things I know I know torches are really fun so I had to add I had it I had to add a few more you know over here to the side because you might have predators coming from the side and that's where these coming you know you need to you need to actually burn the Predators in on this yeah ok that's my excuse a couple of flashlights on both legs so we can see where we're aiming if it's if it's too dark the laser pointer us are doing its thing but it's not actually illuminating the area it's just pointing out where where where the nozzle is pointed so we need their flashlights to show us the way and we need a muzzle device we need a baby we need to make one of those I just want to see if it actually even works I just want to find out if they'd even work because there's some of these that don't even work so you know you need to be you need to know which one's work and which ones oh boy we have a little bit of a problem no it's fine it's fine we can do it ok here we go oh it's lagging the game I completely forgot that it's fine oh it works let's see if we can hit a target it shouldn't be that hard we have so many laser sights oh but we have another problem you just need to align it like that yep that's easy let's see if we can hit the target up there oh my god these laser sights are absolutely doing their job come on yes yes alright so I'm blaming my I'm blaming my headset for not being able to hit that properly get it out nice in the trash Oh amazing right so what else do I want to add to this monstrosity all but of course but of course we need rainbow flags you all know that the weapon is not complete without the bloody rainbow flags the rainbow flies is is what makes this rifle shine it's what brings out the lovely colors of what this rifle the weapon is gonna bring it's gonna bring a lot of love and and it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna make people feel things they've never felt before there you go do more flags just to bring out the colors yep I really like these guys so we're gonna put these ones on here as well don't know where we're gonna put them though cuz there's a lot of actually you know what I know exactly where I want to put them they are symmetrical and they are glitching into each other but that is it's fine it's fine this is like camouflage for this for this thing it's like camouflage if I take this into the woods now people might think this is an elk I love Alex even live in the woods that's how dumb I am come on work with me there you go nice lovely stuff so now we have some some decorations here to make this run I've put so much stuff on this already it's not even gonna render badly we need we need to we need the Red Nosed or that the red dots thingy here as well because without this you know it's just not completed today it goes and now we have to do I actually see that from the distance I do oh it looks adorable slightly scary but adorable those two eyes and then some are those antlers I don't know what they are I think they're antlers and then we have you know the torches and the giant silencer there we go now we have the bulbs here as well to add a little bit of color if you if you if you will and I think this is the only weapon to have all the colors here that's really cool that's a new thing every weapon so far has had these porches on them but that's just because I absolutely love the torches so they're gonna be I'm pretty much I think every weapon I'm gonna build ever do I want some places to hold this weapon and not just I think I need somewhere to hold it oh yeah I know exactly where I want to put some put some swirl grips or whatever can I put this on here I think I can all I can of course I can why wouldn't I be able do I need to have it facing that way I think I do so we're gonna put it over everything didn't work oh now oh boy okay and I can't remove it brilliant okay it's gonna be stuck there now oh I just ruined the weapon I just ruin the weapon we're gonna put another four grid over there because I'm right-handed so I'm gonna hold this thing with my right turn and this thing with my life and and why don't we oh crap I think I just did a really big boo-boo I have a slight problem right now because mm-hmm because I added the the grip underneath where the magazine should go I might have a little bit of an issue feeding rounds into this thing so we're gonna see how that works okay and in you go yes it works it might not be the most grave graceful thing but it bloody works okay remove the footsies and grab it oh boy oh haha it even shines up towards the aliens that's how bright this thing is it is brighter than the Sun luck Can I grab this without the whole gun going haywire hmm I can okay nice so we can actually I must admit that these antlers here they are a little bit in the way but just a little bit and and there's there's a lot of stuff here that that makes this weapon slightly not so practical if we put it in in in in easy words oh I love this it's gonna lag now when I'm teleporting over here okay it's fine we need to put this on the table please don't fall off please don't fall off please don't fall off okay right I think we need to put some stuff in the bin here to make this thing a little bit easier to render please don't die please game don't die don't die don't please render please oh no the game might have just died on me I still hear the sounds though I still hear the birds chirping and I still hear hear the wind in my ears some there might be some hope that it's still gonna load but Aled later oh this is bad know it loaded holy balls okay thank freakin God for that okay put this down over here and don't fly off and it's saved yes it is saved I can now grab it without being scared to death so it took like a good three minutes before this thing actually loaded up we've made three different weapons does it have any more rounds in it it does okay let's just fire off a few more before this thing is called if before we call this a day and that was just that was just about it and we need to put it like that and then just like that so this is basically just a dumb reload if you guys want to see me do a dumb reload like this video if it gets more than 2,000 likes I'll do a dumb reload video okay so I'm pretty sure this is everything I'm gonna attach to this thing I know that there's some rails down here that I didn't really use but that's just because there's so much else going on in this thing and I absolutely love it so if you have any ideas on how you would like to see me paint a weapon and which weapon you would like to see me pimp in the future video leave all your thoughts down below and whichever has the most likes is the one I'm gonna do that was the the 50 caliber paint and I do hope you enjoyed this and I'm just I'm just gonna leave it right here so I'm gonna take this to the back here with me if you guys don't mind I'm just gonna empty out this cuz that's gonna be used for something else

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  1. Almost 80,000 subscribers whackycast is the greatest. The weapon you have made is amazing I'm really liking these pimp my weapon videos.

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