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  1. The plastic ball (in contrast to the celluloid balls) seems to stop in mid air once it bounces off the table. Plus when I do my forehand top spin, I can't lend force from in the incoming plastic ball, and I must 1. use my own brutal force when I am in mid distance from the table to sustain the same powerful play and 2. lean forward more as the plastic one seems to bounce up in different angles randomly. I play mid range top spin, and this is certainly not that fun for me.

  2. I hate them I find you have to go through the ball more and for me it's harder for some reason to spin the ball.

  3. Aim was to lower the speed of the game, but that is not really achieved, is it?It shows so far little difference with celluliod, is it now for a better environment?

  4. Is the out of roundness of the plastic ball a quality control issue in manufacturing? Were both of your balls ITTF approved?

  5. plastic ball is similar to the bulk balls that you buy at kmart or big w. save money, use those instead.

  6. Just need clarification for my learning ,Was the serve approx during 3:23 –3:40 was illegal? because you threw the ball towards the body ?

  7. Unless you've already beat up the nittaku ball in games and drills I think it's a "formality sake" thing to test the roundness by spinning it on the table. I mean have you seen the video on how they make these nittaku balls? They check literally each ball. It's not going to be a 3 star if it has just a minor issue with it.

  8. I personally think that the Dunlop club match table tennis ball is the best table tennis ball ever ball.

  9. HII Ping skills i need your help can u please tell me Sports 101 Shield 3 Star Ping Pong Ball or check out it is avilable in flipkart.com is it good for play table tennis.

  10. I always thought that there couldn't be much difference in the tt balls, but when my friend came over to play with his Nittaku SHA balls they didn't have the same sound or bounce as my Nittaku Premium ones and even the Palio ones were not as easy to spin with as the NP balls
    (I also noticed over a course of about 3-4 months that Buterfly balls would get cracked far more than Nittaku ones)

  11. I yesterday destroyed three plastic balls in one game. That never happened before with the old type of balls in years. So either those ones didn't have the quality and a more advanced type of plastic balls should have been used or plastic balls just aren't that resistant.
    If that's the case, then the whole reason to use those type of balls is more or less obsolete.
    Any other experiences here?

  12. You guys need to get a lot more lighting equipment for much better video quality, especially in the high frame rate shots.

  13. Hi jeet,now for rubber,you now need a grippy as possible topsheet.You need a medium to hard sponge, soft is out now dead feel, and i would tend to lean towards a harder sponge.With my coaching we have been doing extensive work in this area.Have found the new rakza x fantastic for the new ball, we haven't found better yet although the boys with tenergy 05 are still producing very good results as this has always been a harder stiffer type rubber which was to springy for the old ball but now with the new slower ball you now have better control with the 05,remember try to get harder grippy top sheet as in  rakza x, and harder sponge rakza x we love it.

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