PIPISTRELLO; Playing on the Tiger / War Thunder. The Shooting Range 92

PIPISTRELLO; Playing on the Tiger / War Thunder. The Shooting Range 92

43 Replies to “PIPISTRELLO; Playing on the Tiger / War Thunder. The Shooting Range 92”

  1. when i try to carry less rounds it always says i wont be able to use them anymore even in other battles

  2. Are we ever going to see Flak shells for the 8.8 cm Flak 37? a lot of German tankers would be very pleased

  3. would we be able to get ground forces?
    like if our tank was damaged and you had to abandon it you could be able to be be just the person,
    even tbe same that when you dont die on a crash landing you could fight back with a pistol
    or maybe just have a part for soldiers with an AT loadout for realistic or simulator battes

  4. Can you guys please add the M1a1 delta or something and a2 sep variants and also add the latest MBTs from the available countries

  5. What is with this dick of a presenter and his shitty Asian impersonations? Who at War thunder gave this the green light? It’s like something from a crappy carry on film.

  6. For the tiger:Angle you'r armor,ambush and if you are bottom tier hold J wait 5 minutes and go to the next battle.

  7. Will you add East German tanks to there German tec tree? It would be really interesting if you did!

  8. I like the old shooting range thumbnails better, bit hard to distinguish the shooting range from other videos like your turtorials now.

  9. Hey GainJin, are you already testing the LAV or IFV in game yet because there some LAV i really want to play in modern era like Bradly M2 or the FOX FV-271

  10. Since from the mid Sixties it was all about electronic warfare, and actually the game does not implement anything about this, will you kindly stop adding modern vehicles?
    I think the actual game works just fine with ww2 vehicles.
    aaaand… Mr Marchetti is correctly pronounced like Marketti, as well as Macchi is like Makki 🙂

  11. Could it be so your gun barrel doesn't phase through solid and obviously hard objects such as walls, the ground or other vehicles, and instead put a collision zone around gun barrels so it can be damaged or break if you for example go ram another tank headfirst at 30 km/h with your barrel down. (Not to mention this is also a stupid and obviously unrealisticly used tactic in the game).

  12. I have I ww2 history project and I need the real specifications of tanks and planes. If you read this I'll give my email and give more details.

  13. Y can I make a long range tanks into short range / right in front of then like the 8,8 flak (btw best tank in the game) and the su-152

  14. hey gaijin when do you plan to fix the karelia map in top tier? since it is horrible to start the game at the western point and that 20 seconds after the game starts you are shot from the other spawn and you are out of the game.

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