PIRATE FRAN – Daily Crossfit Workout

PIRATE FRAN – Daily Crossfit Workout

what's going on everybody welcome back to some daily content where we're gonna watch me suffer through a workout and today we're calling it pirate Frank might be asking yourself what the heck is pirate Fran well I figured a pirate has it a peg leg right cuz like maybe he got his leg blown off and so if a pirate has a peg leg was a peg in that leg and you used that peg to come aboard so we're using a peg board and Fran I know that is just a lot of connections and for some of you that's way too deep way too intelligent anyways let's go ahead and get started this workout it's really quick we're calling it pirate friend because of a really really stupid reason here we go we are off in three two one and I am grabbing the bar so honestly we're just throwing pegboard Fran this is kind of like from the games in 2016 of course they use 135 pound barbell now I decided to sub out with a 95 pound barbell because it's a lot faster it's a different workout you know if you do a workout 135 then you don't work out 95 it's a completely different animal like something you may already know that so honestly what the workout is just go back and discuss a little fast it is 21:59 of thrusters and a321 of pegboard the peg boards in the back for those you had have asked me you've actually asked me this before why is the peg board so far off the floor I mean I had to use a pad to step up to it and that's actually a good question so when we first put that pegboard up at c3 I told them hey I want the pegboard high enough where at all person could use it because you know if you make it really really short then you know tall people have to like keep their feet off the ground it's kind of a pain to but so they made it that tall I think I actually gave them that measurement I think I actually told them like 7 feet and what I didn't realize was how tall 7 feet was and it's kind of hard to jump on the pegs and start so usually we put a little mat below it to save ourselves especially since that pegboard on the top of that peg is like about 20 feet in the air that's pretty high up there now a little less than 20 feet I think and so it's pretty high and if you fall the top of that sucker I want to pad below e to catch myself so let's quickly discuss this workout you know we're almost pretty much through the workout my goal boy in this workout first of all was to be sub 3 minutes I thought maybe I could go sub 3 you know cuz like you know the first time you might be doing Fran your goal might be to go sub 3 you know that's most people's goals is if they're competitive this go sub 3 on Fran and so I said you know I'd go sub 3 on Fran on this pirate Fran if I just saw about pegboards the problem that I noticed early on was the fact that the peg boards take a lot longer than pull up so I can't go back and look at my splits I wish I would have but there's a waste of time right there if you go back and look at it for wasted that waste of time to go back to look at it I think my peg boards I think I averaged my pegboard to take about 14 seconds per rep so if we were routed to say 15 that that's essentially like a 45 seconds worth of peg boards in the round of three right so that end of itself you take that and add it to 30 seconds for two and then 15 seconds for one you're looking at a minute 30 90 seconds total for pegboards not including transition time and that is a lot of time that you can't really it's really hard to recover and so I wasn't able to make three minutes to see how close I was but I wasn't able to make it I didn't really waste a whole lot of time you know I'm going to hit the bar straight back to the board the only time I wasted need to lock that first strip out the only time I really wasted was of course the pulling my knee sleeves down was really that comes down to it so this is pirate Fran so I'm calling it it's because legit because obviously there's a peg in it there's a peg board and Pirates have pegs for legs so it makes total sense so we're finished up last pegboard struggle bus city guys struggle bus City there it is coming on down I think I finished around 3:21 there it is so a little bit obviously slower in three minutes um shoot for 7/3 that wasn't gonna happen that pegboards they take too long good well no it's all work out fun to do really quick if you guys give it a try let me know some good scaling option something we always discuss that I kind of forgot cuz the three minute workouts so for fascism can't wait discuss a whole lot in it um scaling options obviously and the thrust there should be about 95 pounds you know that's keep it at the same pulling 59 or 75 pounds fear a female I think it's 85 or 65 whatever it is for a girl don't get it for pegboards if you I mean it's only 3 2 1 pegboard so even if you aren't proficient at them so let's say you can do a pegboard which is amazing at them and you can't maybe do three touch and go still do three to one peg boards you can still do them there's not going to be as fast right the workout overall will be as quick if you can't do peg boards if you can't do peg boards honestly usually what I tell people is it comes down to can it legitimately not do a full pegboard because if I can't do a full pegboard then maybe make them go halfway up the pegboard half way down it's still better to do a movement or to do that movement even if you can't do the full movement so like even if you can't climb a 15-foot rope it's still better to practice climbing maybe an 8-foot rope or eight foot up the rope an eight foot down then doing something completely different that may not transfer over as well so even if you can't do a cello even if you can't do a full pegboard just do a half paper it's still a legitimate rep just maybe just do three to one of hack pegboards you know go up halfway and and down halfway or I'm sorry have the whole board go up halfway and down and that's one rep that's totally fun anyways thanks for watching guys thanks for hanging out you guys later if you want to watch the video just like this click right here other than that see you guys later bye

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  1. I thought pirate meant it was extra haaaarrrrrrd!!!

    Not sure if anyone else is laughing but I sure am! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. If that's a small pad, what does a big pad look like. I guess the sayings true, all things are bigger in America.

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