20 Replies to “Pistol Shooting. range theatrics”

  1. Your ability to communicate a message in a precise and very down to earth manner is so refreshing. Making things less complicated should be part of the curriculum when teaching "Joe public" shooting and weapon tactics. Thank you. Love the videos..keep them coming.."Get SOME!!!!!"

  2. The only combat training channel I go to. And I only ever fired a 1911 once – not a gun buff but so interesting to learn from you Sir.

  3. Finally, someone who sees that dumb ass shit like I do. Obviously Lucas at T-Rex arms has never been in combat. So, why the theatrics ?

  4. Fucking love you're vids pat mac. Never even heard of the "follow to the ground" shit. Oh my that's bad! What do they do in a failure to stop? Just look at the ground while the baddies shoots back? XD

  5. Boom boom!!!! Good thing we don’t have basements in Florida!!! Best video I have seen all week. Thank you!!!

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