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  1. Your timming is terrible. Your step is half a swing early how do you get the shoe out of your hand. Looks awkward 🤨

  2. The problem with the block is that you cant see the stake. Should use a variation of 2 blocks with a board or rope across. Just my idea…or a sledge hammer or thin board just to the right of your line of sight of the pin. Need to work on my arch.

  3. Horseshoes, a great game that always seems to lure in the nicest of people. Also a game that is free to practice and reach your fullest potential, along with getting great exercise. I think you are a pretty good player, you might get your backswing a little higher so you wont have to force the shoe all 40 feet, and it helps line up left and right and helps with the follow through? but also do what feels comfortable to you. Most of your shoes come in open and that is the one most important thing.

  4. well im going to the world tourny in cedar rapids, IA i pitch a 62% with a 3/4 turn. started off throwing a flip and was about 45% went and got some ez-grip's and my first tourny pitched 56%. but nobody can hang with alan francis i dont care who you are, he's like a 12 time world champ, glad i dont have to pitch him

  5. Your backswing looks really forced. I'd try to relax your arm more and make your backswing smoother. But hey, whatever works for you!!

  6. I am a beginner.I tried the block thing, it realy helps. I bet with a frend almost everyday $1.00 a I think I can beat him now. Thanks

  7. Hey, you are gripping the shoe too tight, loosen your fingers up and try holding a little bit higher on the shoe, ive got a about 65-70 ringer % no need to grip the whole shoe.. will also help with a smoother turn and better release

  8. i play horseshoes too, but i am at a 12% right now—i am getting better though0—i have done a few sanctioned tourneys—come check my shoe vid out

    amber lea

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