Planting Living Fence Uprights for Free

Planting Living Fence Uprights for Free

hey guys I'm redoing my living fence not redoing it but boosting it a little bit so what I do is I have a long screwdriver in the ground to make the hole like that and we're going to put it I have just a little slip it doesn't need to be rooted the only important thing is make sure you have water in that spot so I'm gonna take out my screwdriver put the little thing in and voila there's your your next upright or your living fence another one right here again it's not a special tool it's just a long screwdriver another stick put it in and that's how you put in your uprights for your living fence I need to put in a couple more you can see this screwdriver slip in and the longer it is the better because the the soil at the ground at that level the deeper you go the moisture the soil is but sometimes there's a limit like if you have a lot of rocks that can make it hard and it does help if you have the end a little pointy and then that's it there we are I'm a little bit late doing it this year it's better to do it in the spring just as everything is um still really wet but there it is there's the living fence and I use it for shade for the Ducks I use it as a windbreak for the garden and I use it to build up organic matter in the soil as the leaves drop it mulch is everything we also feed the rabbits and the goats from this I trim this several times a year and all the trimmings they either go into the hot bed or they go to the rabbits or they go to the goats if you're interested in rabbits or goats or ducks I do have the ebooks for those on the Etsy channel no on the Etsy store dirt patch heaven on Etsy I will put the link in there and I'll try and show you how I water this yeah I use drip lines but I don't I don't purchase the drip lines can you see that that's an old hose and this is supposed to be flipped but this is just an old hose that's been clips that goes over that to create a drip line and you use your oldest nastiest hoses to do that and it just works really well and I wonder if I can find the spot where I closed it for you so you can see it is it right here and then you just use duct tape yes bend it over and close it with duct tape or you can get one of those fancy twisty live things but you don't have to so if this is how things are looking and again if you're interested in those ebooks they are on the Etsy store and I will put a link in the description and thank you for supporting your channel I hope it's helpful I'll talk to you later

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  1. Here in Texas I would never plant any cane other than sugar cane..Cane can aggressively take over a property. Seen it bulldozed to try to get rid of it …

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