PLASTIC PLAYGROUND 2019! A week at the largest wakeboard contest | The Peacock Brothers

PLASTIC PLAYGROUND 2019! A week at the largest wakeboard contest | The Peacock Brothers

so what has just gone down we have just got back from plastic playgrounds one of the biggest wakeboarding competitions on the circuit it was a crazy a few days all the guys were over and a lot went down which you guys are about to see so I started off the week Liam was heavy practicing for plastic playground and I decided that I was going to take my good friend Georgia to learn how to wakeboard are you ready Georgia so we made it to JB's ski today I'm gonna be surprising Georgia here I'm going to teach her how to wakeboard but Georgia there is a catch you have to ride in all of my equipment so you're gonna be wearing my wetsuit lifejacket helmet and wakeboard as well and like a little bit of life just came out of you are you ready to do this yeah let's do it I've got I've got your wetsuit you know how to put a wetsuit on I'll show you how to change your Amazon and then see how you look as your wetsuit see you in a second not baggy or anything yes it's calling your a penis huh ready you'll go in so it's not quite going to plan and I feel really bad because I brought it down here to go wakeboarding bar I wanna I wanted to get some time on the waters I think I'm gonna take her out and it's going to be a sick one are you ready to do some flips Georgia it's George's first time it was at this moment that he knew he up the you I decided that I was gonna try and take Georgia over for a little box just she was she wasn't doing very good on her own so I I thought you know I'm gonna take on my board of me and decided to try and take her on the box poor girl slammed like I landed on top of the box bless her I felt so bad after that me and Rocco decided to go for a little shred at JB's ski rocker had a sick ride boy you shoulda do today you're trying to infiltrate water hello yeah we got a couple clips [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh then from there we decided to head over to liquid to join the rest of the crew over there for plastic playground plastic playgrounds that was a crazy event I actually went into it with an injured back so I was riding with that back injury throughout the comp so if odd of B and Nico who I was up against I would have gone into the top eight but unfortunately couldn't quite put it down and ride him with that injury even though Lin was out of the competition that did not mean that the fun ended there some of you may have seen in the previous videos my infamous card Merc the luxury wagon a few years ago Rocco and Liam some stupid reason decided to stick a sticker which says shoplifters will be prosecuted on the back and you actually put enough on in there it's just said poop but I think I had to say oh no oh yeah I was sorting out all of Rocko stuff because he decided to move out of our house now and I came across a drawer which had some of his old things in there and let's just say it was the perfect opportunity for some payback we would've out hey the peanuts are my that was not me no you got to leave it on there cuz remember yeah but yours remembered remember your system are different your said shoplifters will be prosecuted mine says eat the payments out on my whilst we were out plastic playgrounds that we decided that we would play a little prank I guess on some of the boys Matt came up to me asking how I got my piece and I told it was free for the competitors Matt Muncie being the gullible guide is ended up walking up and ask him for it so Matt goes up asked for the pizza and the woman says yeah it's gonna be four pounder he goes I'm a competitor but yeah plastic playground for Liam obviously was pretty unfortunate I had no right one actually managed managed to coming in third place first prize position all right yeah yeah so that was that was good and of course the after-party got pretty wild let's just say Poole peacock came down the legend he's not just the stunt coordinator in this in this crew he's also a bit of a party man you know dad was really trying to make friends with my good friend Ian waddle but he just kept calling him Lee the whole time what where did that come from dad kept calling poor old Ian Lee and every time he did it even was not enjoying any was not it was not he was not happy man hello dad miss miles and of course the after-party yeah got pretty crazy [Applause] [Applause] which will conclude our week from liquid leisure it was a pretty wild run I'm fortunate for Liam that he didn't make it through the quarterfinals but these things happen we'll get in the next one and don't forget to subscribe give us a big thumbs up and we will catch you guys in the next video you

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  1. Some really nice clip as always 🀘 When can we buy some merch like stickers, t'shirt or posters ? See you soon on youtube and hello to Paul πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

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