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  1. My son just tried out for the travel team in the area. He was one of the more skilled and fastest players out there, but his hight makes his balance, agility and quick movements more difficult for him. This tends to make him more timid. The coach after the first day told him to be much more aggressive, get in the play more and fight for it. We came home and found this video and watched it several times, especially the opening speach. He went out today and absolutely kicked butt. For the first time he used his body with power and was able to do things that even surprised him.

    So thank you for making videos like these. You do make a difference in kids lives when you give them that little extra or that confidence to go out a do their best.


  2. Man the intro was spot on.. that’s the problem with my son his really good when he wants to be but there’s time when he just wants no part of the ball doesn’t play aggressive let’s players run right past him even though his usually the fastest kid in pretty much every game and just shows no effort. What can I do to change this he has real potential it’s just a matter of bringing it out of him consistently.

  3. I am the most aggressive player i bowl kids over all the time but fairly. If I’m near the ball I will run up and push hard and fight for it.

  4. Those shorts you’re wearing bro, while instructing a child, is borderline indecency with a minor..WTF dude!

  5. I am a 11 year old every time I play a game in a club I get send off and it was shoulder to shoulder this video doesn’t help at all

  6. I'm not the best at every thing in soccer I'm just the best in playing aggressive and dylan is saying the true if you can't dribble or if you can't shoot very well and you are aggressive your team will love just see ONGOLO KANTE what he is good at . Thanks for the video you are really the best couch I wish if I can see you one day I Live in Germany

  7. Great video! In my youthteam everyone is kinda short, I am gonna make them be more aggresive thanks to this. Thank you!

  8. 2:26 I think it’s an exception to cry when I get hit in the face and get a bloody nose. I’m also 12

  9. I was always this little skinny kid who just was fast and wimpy, but one day i decided to be Really aggressive! I started being Really though, training strength and being all around stronger and more mad! Im now 3x better than before and i can say one thing; do not be Nice to your opponents, be mad at them and you’ll get better at the game!

  10. Thank you Dylan Tooby. I didn't know how and what to do when my opponent shoulder pushes me . But I have known it now.

  11. This is soooo important. I coach a club team now, and I am constantly preaching, get focused and make an impact. When I was young player, I was never the most skilled, but I was fast and super aggressive… my teammates called me "the mad man" because I was so intense…. and the best club teams in my area all tried to recruit me…. I can still clearly remember one high school game where the 9 from my club team was on the opposing team and I was playing left back. He was about 6' 175 lbs, he had huge legs, and I was 5-10, 160…I can still remember stepping on the field, glaring at him, thinking "there is no way he is beating us today…no way"…well, he got a pass through the middle from about 45 yards out and beat our our center back… he took one more touch toward the goal and started to accelerate. I came closing in from the side at full steam. I got the ball and him… he went flying over me as I slid through… the ref blew his whistle and called me for a foul. I got up, and I am saying "what foul"…apparently, even though I definitely got the ball first, it was just too violent to let go… Because a lot of players from that high school were on my club team, the parents on the other side knew me as well…. I can remember one mom screaming, "Jack, was that necessary!" I looked at my teammates, and they are all just smiling, one of them says "Jesus Christ, Jack"…. I looked over at my coach as I am returning to my position and he is chuckling, shaking his head and mutters "madman"…

  12. Work on your tan on your own time dipstick. Oh yeah, quit taking on little kids, what a tool. The woman or the baby is your next opponent i am guessing.

  13. "Bumping shoulders" well I play in america and referees here trash and dont know bumping shoulders is legal! (I still do it though)

  14. good advice and tips.im gonna try these drills with my son.thanks and keep up the great work on the channel

  15. Yall, i got a yellow card just by pushing someone with my shoulder… tell me how messed up that is… saw this video and all i know is i got that dam yellow card for no good reason

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