50 Replies to “Playful Stray Dog Interrupts Professional Soccer Game in Georgia”

  1. Those ass holes don’t know how to handle dogs like jeez jack ass it’s not a human, not even an “it” the playful little Guy is a dog like show some sim pithy

  2. If you see carfully at 0:54 you see the dog has the tail under his/her leg, and that means he/she was afraid. No wonder why the dog bit them, and they did hold the dog very wrong

  3. 95% of the comments is about how they held the dog, 4% of the comments is saying that they would have played with the dog, 1% of the comments is anything else

  4. Ok 0:57 that's nots how to hold a dog that most likely hurt him that's why his bit them jerks make me so mad 😡

  5. grabbing anyone like that is going to get you bitten. such a friendly dog didn't need rough handling.

  6. Terrible narration horrible title and the phoniest enthusiasm. The wench said if it were just a game.. guess what soccer is… a… game. Mora talbatano thanks for indicating who the wench is so I can avoid her.

  7. 0:54 😡😠 Poor Dog Just Wanted To Play Because He Has No Owners And The Guys Grab The Dog Like It's A Toy! Ofc The Dog Bit Them Because There Hurting It. Poor Thing I Hope Its Ok.

  8. 0:54 like omg that not how u hold a dog no wonder the dog bite dang like omg i was about to cry

  9. The way they grabbed him was really bad they could have broken his leg.Its also very painful if you grab him there.

  10. 0:58 that’s not how you hold a dog if i could i would hit those people so freaking hard!!! like if you agree

  11. They don’t even know how to hold a dog?! I thought they were security not silly old 2 year olds

  12. The dog obviously but then because the way they were holding it like how would you like to be dragged like that

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