Playmobil Castle Gate with Troll – Kids Toys Video

Playmobil Castle Gate with Troll – Kids Toys Video

Hi Everyone! Let’s build the castle gate together Now, let’s build the basic structure of the castle gate Keep watching to see what is attached to this chain Add the castle flag This is the sacred ruby sword anf shield which sits behind the castle gate The sword is able to destroy evil spirits And the shield will protect you from the fire of dragons These knights protect the castle gate Let’s give them some armour A cape Weapons Helmet The knights can use the ladder to climb up the castle gate Now let’s give them some rocks to throw at the enemies We can also add a swinging Rock Place the toggle in the middle of the jibarm to make sure the rock stays in the air Now the knights can swing at the enemies Add a spear shooter Remember this chain? Now let’s see what what will be attached to it *troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll* attach the troll And give him a baton *troll troll troll* The castle gate is almost complete but we must add the castle shield And here is the completed castle gate with troll If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see more videos like this one

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