PLC Training: Troubleshooting PLC Circuits Training Software

PLC Training: Troubleshooting PLC Circuits Training Software

Welcome to Troubleshooting PLC Circuits. This program will help you to develop the
skills to begin troubleshooting electrical equipment and systems containing PLC controls. This program is going to help you get to know
the PLC better, be able to interpret ladder diagrams which control its operation, and
provide you with a variety of techniques to help you diagnose and repair PLC circuits. Included are numerous simulations where you
will be able to explore the operation of the PLC as well as its characteristics. You will be able to take meter readings, change
software programs running in the PLC, and even adjust the parameters of its operation. Several complete troubleshooting simulations
are included in this program containing dozens of faults for you to diagnose and repair. For more information on all of our computer-based
training titles visit

18 Replies to “PLC Training: Troubleshooting PLC Circuits Training Software”

  1. Can I build basic circuits using the +A +B -B -A….or + A +B -A – B type of lessons using this software? I mean to fully practice PLC programming from the beginning?

  2. I must say this is what ive been looking for. Im still a student in mechatronics technology. We're working on slc 500 and 5000. Which one would fit my needs? There are a few choices with the given link. I dont know which ones for me. I need to learn how to troubleshoot everything.

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