43 Replies to “Polish Kid playing ping pong (table tennis)”

  1. My skl have a table tennis set and we have a router so it's fair and I'm good but those kids are better than me

  2. Gra jak ja a mam 13 lat…. co będzie gdy on będzie miał 13 lat ?! 😱 Można tylko brawa bić! 😉 Tak trzymaj!!

  3. he dies play better Them some People's but NOT me NOT even close but he is still good with that talent

  4. I can't imagine people will dislike this video! Great job! I wish my kids learned table tennis as early as 3 or 4.

    Great technique with singing rhythm.

  5. if u don't have a ping pong table, use a table and a ruler and gets some ping pong paddle and a ping pong ball, THUG LIFE

  6. Hey congratulations for your kid and his progress, so are you a full time ITTF Trainner? i have a 22months baby and i want to start playing with him this… there is other good videos for table tennis for babies!! What i like from you is you "sing" with every movement or sound with the paddle and ball.

  7. He's not doing anything but the same movement and the dad is just hitting it to him in the right spot

  8. The practice is good. But, please tell the kid how to play forehand roll correctly. Otherwise, when plays developed strokes later, he may find it difficult to perform. He is playing forehand moving his shoulder. Please guide him to play with elbow, which is good for speedy recover. His concentration is very good. All the best!

  9. ciekawe jak teraz gra?ma rączkę chłopak. Brawo dla taty, pięknie trzyma młodemu piłeczkę na stole.

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