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  1. Athletes, like celebrities, need to know… we don;t care about their political ideologies. They're not politicians.

  2. My viewership of ESPN has gone WAY DOWN. I only ever watch it if there's a game I ABSOLUTELY have to watch. Don't watch sportscenter at all anymore. My life is better because of it.

  3. The thing about sports is that most don't even think in terms of race when watching sports. It's the closest realization of MLK's colorblind society that we've ever seen. And that's why the left hates it. It threatens their identitarian power play.

  4. So true I didn't watch one second of Super Bowl this year do to this political crap in my own form of taking a knee.

  5. If I ever own a professional team owner my rules will be if you don’t respect the anthem you will not play if you have a problem you can leave and lose your millions dollar pay check

  6. What a galaxy brain take to point out how the similarity between sports teams and governments makes sports inherently political, then say that sports aren't political.

  7. Maybe prager-U should stop politicizing my sports. Pretty pretty please. Both left and right should stay out of my sports and that includes you prager-U yes people should be able to talk about it, but I don't want businesses like you go telling me what to support in sports.

  8. Same happen on south korea media
    comedians no longer make people laugh just they want clapping
    Movie,drama,news,yutuber act like leftest propaganda and government regulation free speech

  9. You complain about sports becoming politicized, but praise the fact that games are started with the anthem? Pick a side

  10. 4:27 I don't think there are that many journalism schools… I mean, more than one type of journalist will go to the same school… I don't understand people's logic sometimes… If you look to the left, ignorant… I don't have a word to describe that actually… and if you look to the right… straight up idiots. How has humanity striven as a species…

  11. Ok… I'm honestly hoping that they had to pull "Robert Lee" because.. to be honest, most jocks and people really interested in sports aren't the brightest. On the other hand, saying players can't have opinions is kinda dehumanizing, I mean, if you want to know an actor's political beliefs, why not a sports player? You will listen to any other pop media person, no matter their reasoning, or if you agree, just to see what they think (though it might piss you off from time to time). I just think it's not quite a straight-forward conversation. And where did you get "they dont want to be seen as racist or sexist"… But…. what… why… that wouldn't ever be an issue… it wasn't…

  12. A sport I enjoy with little politics injected is horse racing. Still love football and basketball, just turn off the major media sound or play local radio announcers, particularly my favorite college stations

  13. Sports also point out the inherent relative nature of morality.😁 The fans of the team that win are happy, it was a good day! The fans of the team that loses are unhappy, it was a bad day! Who's perspective on the game was absolute good or bad? It's entirely dependent and relative to what team you root for and if that team wins or not.

  14. So he explains the political utility of sports and then says sports shouldn't be political? Someone just sounds triggered to me lol :p

  15. My family stopped watching the NFL at the onset of all of this and I can honestly say we miss it terribly. But none of us can stomach the garbage being flouted, so we no longer tune in.

  16. Screw the NFL and ESPN.  I have not watched a game in going on two years.  I MIGHT start watching next year.  After 22 years in the military will you knell during the national anthem it is offense to me.  I don't care that "that's not what its about, etc." That gesture is offense to….ME.  You do something offensive to ME then I will not support their organization.  Accordingly, I have not watched an NFL game, listened to it on the radio, or watched any Sports programing on the NFL going on two years.  They can pound sand.  Roll Tide! (Oh….before you ask, if college football players start taking a knee during the national anthem…I won't be watching their ass either).

  17. Everybody that makes the claim that ESPN and the NFL are losing ratings because they are left leaning should answer one question….. Why is NASCAR losing ratings ??? THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT LEFT LEANING.

  18. Nice video kind Sir. Agree 100%. My son Derek, who is 12, loves your channel, Mr. Prager. He actually introduced me to you guys!

  19. Saw this as a commercial and just had to say… athletes have ALWAYS made political statements. I imagine this would've been the same sentiment when Jackie Robinson played major league ball in a previously whites-only league, or in the 1968 Olympics when Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists on the medal stand. (Or maybe it's just because black Americans had a point to make and a platform to make it on that white Americans were paying attention to).

    This video's disingenuous "oh it was always awesome BEFORE an athlete had something to say" tone is insulting, especially when I would LOVE to see an add or video about how Ted Nugent should shut the hell up because, after all, HE'S AN ENTERTAINER TOO. Maybe get on that one and I'll give you some props, but until then, your out-and-out stupid propaganda meant to stir up some anger in – let's just say it – WHITE PEOPLE is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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