Ponderosa Fence Install

Ponderosa Fence Install

congratulations on your preferred Ponderosa fence purchase this instructional video will show you how to properly install your fence ensuring that the structure and the appearance of the fence continue to look great for many years to come [Applause] now let's look at some items you'll need a tape measure a can of marker paint some string fifteen sixteenths and 3/4 inch wrenches a reciprocal saw an impact drill fitted with 9/16 and three-quarter inch sockets a level a sledgehammer and auger a post hole digger a shovel and a steel rod or t-posts when your fence is delivered it will be packaged so that all the hardware materials arrived as ordered this could include switch post connectors your decorative clamp hinges lag bolts age braces with connecting brackets welded on each end these will measure nine feet six inches in length rails measuring either 14 or 16 feet in length along with your solid and drilled wood posts the first thing we will need to do is prepare the ground mowing the grass where the fence is to be placed will help keep the work area manageable if possible cut along the path of the fence this gives a clear line of sight where the fence will be placed next stake out a string line along the fence path depending on the length of the fence you may need to use several stakes to keep the string taut and accurate grab your marker paint and tape measure to mark the location of each post the post will need to be set approximately 10 feet apart from one another and the marker paint will be sprayed 3 inches offset from the string line it's now time to dig the holes grab your favorite tool and set it directly over the marked area keeping in mind to stay vertical as you dig if you're using a machine auger you might need some help to clear away the excess dirt let's speed these guys up a bit after you've successfully dug all the holes you're ready to start putting up your fence place each post in a hole making sure to stay on the same side of the string line the material used when setting the post will be determined by the type of soil in which the post will be anchored this is especially important on corner posts and any posts that will carry heavy weight or withstand high wind pressure it might also be important to place two or three shovels full of gravel at the base of the post hole to provide proper water drainage for this installation we used a premix concrete using a level make sure to plumb each post to the side string as another person pours in the dry concrete mix now measure the distance from the ground to the top of the post this measurement needs to be approximately 56 inches it might be necessary to use your post hole digger to get the post at the right depth using t-posts and string you can now set up the top line the top line will ensure that even overall flow of the fence allowing a smooth transition with the terrain once you set the top line go to each post and pull the post upward toward the string and have someone use a steel rod to pack the dirt in around the post be sure to use your level to check the post of club as you feel dirt and concrete in around the post once finished all the posts should line up beautifully under the top line now since we used a dry concrete premix it's time for the water using a portable water tank garden hose or bucket add enough water to bring your concrete to the desired consistency once the concrete has set around your posts the fun part begins connecting the rails your Ponderosa fence rails are designed with an 8 inch swedge allowing the ends of the rails to slide effortlessly over one another to ensure a nice clean fit let's see if we can speed these guys up again when arriving at the end of your run you will need to cut the rails to fit using a reciprocal saw and a tape measure cut the rail approximately one inch short of the last post with your tape measure mark three and a half inches down from the top of the end post then place the tape measure at your first mark and measure down one foot to make your second mark continue down and place a mark at the two foot and the three foot line using a swedge connector slide it into the end of the rail now Center up your first mark on the post with the top hole of your sweat connector using the supplied lag bolts and an impact drill screw the switch connector into the solid post if your fence design happens to have a curve there are a few things we need to talk about if your curve has less than a 100-foot radius you will need to use solid post set on approximately 10 foot centers attaching them with rails and swedge connectors if your curve has more than a 100 foot radius you can use the pre-drilled posts and rails the 8 inch wedge connection makes assembling this curve a breeze let's talk first about curves with a 100 foot radius or less using a reciprocal saw and tape measure cut the rail approximately 1 inch short of the post using your tape measure mark three and a half inches down from the top of the end post you will then place the tape measure at your first mark and measure down one foot to make your second mark continue down and place a mark at the two foot and three foot line Center up your first mark on the post with the top hole of your switch connector using the lag bolts provided in an impact drill screw the connector to the post now let's talk about curves with more than a 100 foot radius for these curves you can use the drilled posts and rails set on approximately 10 foot centers when connecting on these curves it's easier to start several posts back and run the rails through the post as you connect more rails now if your fence project includes a gate you will need to set the gate opening to the specified length of your gate the gates are designed to be four and a half inches shorter than listed for example a 12-foot gate actually measures 11 feet seven and a half inches in length allowing it to fit inside a 12 foot opening leaving room to operate for added strength h braces should also be placed at your gate opening these braces measure nine feet six inches in length with connecting rackets welded on each end h braces should be positioned on the hinge side of your gate to increase the strength and integrity of the fence where the gate is to be placed placing the h brace on the ground adjust supposed to fit snugly against the connector the measurement between these posts should be exactly nine feet six inches this will ensure a proper fit once the poster secured in the ground use your tape measure to mark three and a half inches down from the top and continue marking your posts as we did before make sure another person is at the end of the H brace to help you hold it level once the H brace is complete you are ready to attach your gate remove the 12 inch all thread and replace it with your decorative clamp hinge remove the bolt and center white bushing place the bushing inside the small pipe connected at the end of the gate this should have a snug fit now secure the clamp hinge in place with the same bolt and nut repeat these steps for the other hinge now with some help place the gate on the desired post from which you would like it to swing raise the gate to the correct height to match your fencing using a level be sure the gate is plum then use the same lag bolts to secure the hinge next take your open wrench to align the gate adjust the pitch with the alignment bolts located at the bottom on top of the gate just in front of the hinge adjust the desired position on the opening side of the gate we will need to secure the supply chain with a lag bolt make certain to leave enough slack to easily latch the chain around the gate connection now that you're done sit back and enjoy your handiwork I hope you're as proud as we are of the beauty your new Ponderosa fence adds to your property for any questions or more information go ahead and give us a call at one eight hundred five two seven eight six one six or visit us online at 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  1. did I miss something or did you. Setting the post all well and good but no comments where made of lining up the holes from one post to the other. Simple as it may sound but that's a critical part. I plan on buying and installing myself

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