22 Replies to “Pontoon Wakeboarding – How to get up for Beginners”

  1. i wakeboard off my seadoo and not my boat because the boat is too big and i also keep my arms straight

  2. the most helpful vid I found.
    the heels behind the toes tip got me standing on the first time… didn't dare to keep my arms braced though

  3. Awesome video, I'm 55 and tried wakeboarding for first time after watching vid and I got up like instantly. Thanks

  4. Bro this is so wrong for 1 if you keep your toes down that you are going to facplant when you get up, you need to have your arms straight, and why tf did you put behind a pontoon boat ugg!! You should also keep your hands faced the same way because you are going to mess up your wrist like that

  5. Dude is al wrong like a mf arms should be strait off the start with your arms bent like that you’re fighting the pull of the boat wasting to much energy

  6. But in my case I have a 26ft boat that produces a big wave so I don't have to go fast to jump from side to side of the wave

  7. It will help you get your balance if you put your arms in but if you put your arms out you can get fastest to jump the wake

  8. STOP THERE YOU ALL…….. this guy takes his time to help people out there to enjoy it ….. thanks mate.. i go today and test this and come back and tell these pros to go to hell. thanks again…. ps love the craft

  9. All the people with the criticism probably are wake boarding behind their parents $100,000 boat……… lol This May be the pontoon answer and what works for some folks!! I’m giving it a 👍

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