Pope & Young recurve bow kill

Pope & Young recurve bow kill

you stop oh my god oh my god shut up potato jump feet everybody they just killed the time with the recurve god we killed that grandfather you did you down yeah town right there have we got it on video oh my god you just cover him with the recur what a beautiful day Oh tell me about it small corner came in this way and came right in dude right underneath the tree came right in sir she ID'd the tree right when he got in he looked at this one and it was pinned on another deer we looked out barrels grandpa rode in Cuba and came in all Sparta right to the right time to kick them off and freaking 15 article LuAnn dies it's not possible this just happened yeah you know I can't believe this is happening my knees are shaking oh my god Peter I think so I'm gonna take that we're gonna go up try the camera

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  1. I was into it until I seen that you baited them.
    Not quite sure how many goofballs got into this sport that don't know how to hunt.

  2. Reaction is so f…ing annoying,congrats though. But in the future please be excited but don't be a tool like shooting it was luck.

  3. Super nice buck. If you actually killed it, why not film the recovery? Just sayin' . Invest in a tree mounted support for the camera that swivels, and as exciting as it is when you bust one, try not to sound so much like girls when you squeal. (just kidding, it's impossible to do).

  4. When you're a little more experienced you'll knock off all of the childish, emotional reaction to what appears to be a marginal shot at best.   Lousy camera work, too.

  5. 2 bad you actually shot about 6 inches to high and didnt "kill" this buck like you video says. if you pause the video is shows the arrow is wayyyy to high when it strikes the deer. thats why there is NO footage of the recovery or him holding the rack at the end.

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